Another Ravens secondary problem: Cary Williams suspended

The Ravens have evolved into a trendy Super Bowl pick, but first they have to survive September with many members of their secondary potentially missing.

Ed Reed has no clue when he’s going to return, while cornerbacks Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington have uncertain situations while recovering from torn ACLs.

The Ravens got another dose of bad news Thursday when they learned cornerback Cary Williams would be suspended two games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, according to Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times.

“Over a year ago while Cary was a member of the Tennessee
Titans, he was involved in an incident that fell under the NFL
conduct policy,” his agent Marc Lillibridge said.

Williams wasn’t a lock to make the Ravens roster, but losing him hurts the depth of a secondary that already had plenty of issues.

54 responses to “Another Ravens secondary problem: Cary Williams suspended

  1. Carson Palmer to Jermaine Gresham for a TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Carson Palmer to Antonio Bryant for a TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like AP says….”ALL DAY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Williams wasn’t a lock to make the Ravens roster”
    He had a pretty good shot with the lack of corners we have.

  3. so what situation would you rather be in : a bubble player getting suspended (williams) or the main cog of the offense being suspended (Benson). Silly bungal fans. Win something important for once then talk crap.

  4. Where is penismuscle with one of those clever comments? No trolling your own teams bad news? Tool!
    “Doug Dieken, that is the 3rd TD that Delhomme has thrown on this Ravens secondary”. LMAO

  5. That defense just keeps getting softer in their ripe old age. I dunno but sweeping the AFC North gives bengals fans the opportunity to talk all the crap they want… At least we aren’t using things that happened 5+ years ago to boost our egos… Another sweep of the North. And I believe we will see today if Benson gets suspended or not.

  6. I had them as a Super Bowl favorite but they are in a world of hurt if that secondary doesn’t hold together. This is a pass happy league now.

  7. Everyone within the AFC North knows the Ravens D is on the ropes. That secondary is swiss cheese and even Jake the Snake is excited about the opportunity to pad his stats.
    An overweight draft choice, and rusher with bad knees, and a free agent that averages 8-10 games a year isn’t going to change much. And the growing tension at QB should be a eye opener to those pundits. But ey, they are the Superbowl favorites….

  8. Little too much smack/trolling from cincy fans over a guy suspended for only two games that was only going to be a backup/plug in player anyway.
    Ravens247, Ced isn’t suspended yet, keep YOUR panties on too. And even if he is, we apparently won’t need to run much against you anyway, at least in week 2, great take though, way to rep.
    All that said, can’t help an already ailing D-backfield. If I were a Ravens fan I wouldn’t be panicking just yet, but I sure would be concerned, especially with all the media fellatio thrown the team’s way so far this offseason. OT depth problems, serious concerns in the defensive backfield, those don’t typically bode well once the season starts.

  9. wow. Since the bungals are such a crappy franchise I guess all you have to hold on to is division records. Tell me when you swept the division how many playoff wins did that lead to. In 10 year no one will remember the sweep.

  10. As a Steelers fan, my hatred is for the Ravens, first, then the Bengals and Browns next. However, even I have to side w/ the Ravens on this argument…..At least they’ve won playoff games…..Winning the division is not newsworthy…..Sorry.

  11. WVUColumbus says:
    July 22, 2010 12:06 PM
    Winning the division is not newsworthy…..Sorry .
    That’s what Steel city will be telling themselves for the next decade. As they try to keep the city positive, as their beloved team fights to break .500….

  12. An overweight draft choice, and rusher with bad knees, and a free agent that averages 8-10 games a year isn’t going to change much. And the growing tension at QB should be a eye opener to those pundits. But ey, they are the Superbowl favorites
    Rather have 2 underrated draft choices picked in the second and a top 15 WR that plays more like 14 games a year than a WR who takes off every other play, a WR who isn’t anywhere near as good as he is funny anymore, and the starting RB at home.
    The secondary wasn’t any better last year and that didn’t force the opposing teams to the air either.

  13. @ WVUColumbus and ravens247 – beg to differ
    Sweet Sweep!
    Sept 27, 2009 – Bengals 23, Squeelers 20
    Oct 04, 2009 – Bengals 23, Brownies 20
    Oct 11, 2009 – Bengals 17, Ratbirds 14
    Nov 08, 2009 – Bengals 17, Ratbirds 7
    Nov 15, 2009 – Bengals 18, Squeelers 12
    Nov 29, 2009 – Bengals 16, Brownies 7
    A sweep of the AFC North IS newsworthy. Especially when your defense only allows an average of under 14 point/game.
    Can’t wait to dee how many TD’s Palmer throws on the Ratbird’s depleted secondary. Ha Ha Ha.

  14. Whether we won a playoff game is irrelevant. Unless you win the SB we are all losers. Had you played us in the first round we would have beat you again, for the third time. You lost to Indy we lost to the Jets, doesnt matter. So you cant say anything unless its related to when we played each other- and we beat all of you last year. We havent won a SB, I know this. But you cant go around saying that you were better because you made it deeper into the playoffs, unless, maybe Id give you the AFC champ game, and thats a big maybe.

  15. Can’t wait to dee how many TD’s Palmer throws on the Ratbird’s depleted secondary. Ha Ha Ha.
    . . .
    Probably no more than the two last year.
    Oh, and the only thing worse than bragging about beating the Browns by 3 in the last seconds of OT is losing. Come back when you can beat them by nearly 25 points a game.

  16. michbengal says:
    July 22, 2010 12:33 PM
    @ WVUColumbus and ravens247 – beg to differ
    Sweet Sweep!
    Sept 27, 2009 – Bengals 23, Squeelers 20
    Oct 04, 2009 – Bengals 23, Brownies 20
    Oct 11, 2009 – Bengals 17, Ratbirds 14
    Nov 08, 2009 – Bengals 17, Ratbirds 7
    Nov 15, 2009 – Bengals 18, Squeelers 12
    Nov 29, 2009 – Bengals 16, Brownies 7
    A sweep of the AFC North IS newsworthy. Especially when your defense only allows an average of under 14 point/game.
    Once again, congratulations on the most successful season in franchise history.

  17. i think michbengal is drinkin that purple drank. ru as retarded as jamracus? seriously?

  18. You’re right 247, winning the division isn’t newsworthy at all, teams don’t strive for it EVERY YEAR TO SECURE A PLAYOFF BERTH do they? Oh they do!?!? Well then, that settles that. Keep the playoff wins argument coming, it’s a hard fall from such a high horse there guy, and i won’t be the only person that remembers your trash after week 2. I’m sure you’ll change your name by then though, that’s what shit mouths like you do right? Wear it out and then pretend you’re someone else right?

  19. This is hardly season endign news. Even with all the injuries, this guy may not even make the team.
    And Bengal fans, for god’s sake. Your team has not had back to back winning seasons in decades. We all know you won the division last year but give it a rest already. Steelers have won 2 Super Bowls and Ravens 1 sinec your hardwareless team even made its last Super Bowl. With your team’s track record, I would not be quite as confident as you are.

  20. I think the Raven’s secondary problems are blown way out of proportion. Foxworth was a starter last year and is this year. The other starter was Washington/Webb/Carr depending on what part of the season it was. Do you know who the starers are this year? Foxworth and Washington/Webb/Carr depending on what part of the season it is.
    The Raven’s pass defense gave up 207 yards per game, 17 tds and 22 ints. The “almighty” Bengals pass defense? 203 yards per game, 18 tds and 19 ints. Not much of a difference.
    And just because you swept a division the year before doesn’t mean it will happen again. If that were true the Steelers would’ve swept last year since they did in 2008. Most of you people (Bengals, Ravens and Steelers fans) have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  21. People keep saying that the Ravens defense is “on the ropes”, but they still managed to be the 3rd ranked defense in the NFL last year with their two starting CB’s with ACL tears. The Ravens may only have one Superbowl ring..but how many rings do the Bengals have? How many Playoff wins do the Bengals have? when is the last time the Bengals have had back to back winning seasons? Sweeping the division last year meant absolutely nothing….one and done in the playoffs!
    The Ravens have gone to the AFC Championship and the Divisional round of the playoffs the last two seasons with a QB that has only been in the league for 2 seasons and a # 1 WR that is 37 years old……Not hard to imagine them going to the Superbowl this season.

  22. I love how the Ravens and Steelers fans sit and whine about how sweeping the division isn’t newsworthy. Yet if their team did it they’d be splattering that ish all over the net. Yes we swept you guys last year. Yes we will dominate the division again. Yes we will make it to the playoffs again. Thank you come again. Ced will be out 2 games tops (if any at all) and we have Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard waiting behind him chomping at the bit to prove themselves. As if they hadn’t already. Our running game will not hurt at all if Ced misses. Besides, we have a top notch receiving corp so if for some reason we can’t run, we’ll just throw on you all day long.

  23. I’m glad the Ratbirds are the media darlings this year. It will be that much sweeter when the Bengals sweep them again.

  24. So much talk from the Bengals…really?? Your team will choke again as it always does. Last year was an anomoly. Let’s just say your best WR is playing Flav on TV and Carson can’t win a play off game. Case closed

  25. 6 rings here in the Burgh speaks for itself. How’d the playoffs work out for ya the last few times you made it? 05 Steelers =SB Champs, 08 Steelers=SB Champs. The Steelers are 6-1 overall for SB appearances, Cinci is 0-2, the Ravens 1-0 and Cleveland, well, it’s Cleveland… Keep hatin on the Burgh and we’ll see you on the Stairway To 7 bitches!!!!

  26. I thought the Ravens’ secondary was loaded. Why else would they keep a spare player like Jared Gaither, rather than trading him to a team like the Bills who are loaded in the secondary. They could probably trade him for CB Drayton Florence and FS Donte Whitner. If they wanted to package Gaither and Troy Smith, they could possibly get CB/KR Leodis McKelvin and FS Whitner. They could probably get one or two CBs and a FS from the Bills for Gaither and a D-line player like Arthur Jones.

  27. @ RavensFan4Life
    Yes Really! It’s preseason baby. The case is still wide open. See you back here Sept 20th. (The day after the next time the Bengals wipe the floor with your Trashbirds again.)
    Enjoy the media lovefest while it lasts, the Ratbirds are over-rated this year. And oh, by the way, while we Bengals fans might be basking in the glory of sweeping the division, the Bengals players aren’t. Their eyes are on the prize.
    “We swept our division and not once has it been mentioned. Our mindset (is) that we failed, we didn’t accomplish enough.”
    – Andrew Whitworth

  28. And, of course, someone is gonna scream about the “hit” that Carson Palmer got from Kimo in the 05 playoffs. Seriously, if you watched the game you know it wasn’t intentional. The same goes for Tom Bray in the 08 season. Accidents happen, and, with all due respect, you weren’t beating the Steelers anyway.

  29. 6_Lombardi’s:
    I just toungepunched your moms fartbox.
    Get a life douche you weren’t a fan when your team won any of those chip’s you bandwagon jumpin fannylancer.

  30. Not saying the Ravens are going to win the super bowl this year, but if they can win one without an offense, why can’t they win one without a secondary…cincinnati and cleveland are nfl jokes

  31. @ 6_Lombaris
    No one outside of Pittsburgh really cares what you Squeelers did in the past. The 6 rings thing is old news.

  32. @ 6_Lombardis
    Actually, you’re the one living in the past. I guess that’s all you’re left with this year.

  33. @Tits
    My mom thanks you. Says no one is better at it than you. I’ve been a fan my whole life; granted, I only truly remember 2 of the 6 games, but that doesn’t take away the fact that we won.
    If the Bungles had a past to talk about I’m sure there would be plenty of talk about it. Don’t be mad bcause your team can’t close.
    It doesn’t matter when or how we won them. Everyone HATES the STEELERS, which contributes to our success. The more you hate , the better we do. Let the analysts keep projecting a terrible season. We went 10-6 in 05 and won it all.
    I couldn’t agree more. Our only threat this year comes from Baltimore.

  34. To the bunghole fans, SERIOUSLY, sit down, read a history book or something about the NFL, do tell me how many teams that swept teams in their division yet lose the playoff games that matter and BRAG about sweeping a series? I use AFC division winner hats to start fires during the winter we have so many of them. Come on now. Get a grip. Shut up until you win the big one. Better yet, buy a damn ticket to your games you cheap bastards.

  35. @michbengal
    Be that as it may, our past is riddled with Championships as opposed to your heartbreak, letdowns and broken dreams.
    Just tell Ochostinko to Keep On Dancin and Lookin for Love.

  36. Bengals fans talking smack…guys come on. There isn’t a bigger fan than myself. But this article warrants no comment from bengal fans.
    I will say the only team that can talk smack year in and year out are steeler fans. Their team beats all 3 other opponents on a fairly consistent basis. The bengals can never seem to beat them, sans last year.
    To Ravens fans: as crappy as our franchise has been the last 2 decades, I suggest your team actually be able to beat my pathetic franchise more than 3 times in the last 11 games…

  37. @Wegot6doyou – blow me.
    @6_Lombardis – keep living in the past. It won’t help you this year. Rapistburger is out for 4 weeks, Holmes is off to NY. No O-line to speak of. Polamalu and Ward are on the downside of their careers….
    Maybe you two can get together and watch reruns of your 6 SuperBowls to make you feel better after the Bengals sweep you again.
    Why are all squeelers fans so arrogant? They don’t ever get beat, they only let the other teams win.

  38. @michbengal
    Once again, you need to resort to name-calling and trying to point out weaknesses, rather than focusing on the facts.
    1. Roethlisberger has 2 SB Rings under his belt and your beloved Carson has 0.
    2. Ward holds the all time receiving record for the franchise and consistenly knocks mutha-truckas out. (they made a rule cause one of your sissy LBs got his jaw broken… BOO EFFIN HOO)
    3. Troy – You really want to talk smack on Troy? I don’t even need to address that. He’s the best in the league at his position. PERIOD.
    4. It’s funny, but you can turn on the NFL network at almost any random time and see America’s Game – The SuperBowl and see a Steeler victory. And yes, I have them on my DVR.
    5. The Bungles have 1 good season and get beat by a rookie QB when it comes down to crunch time… AGAIN!!!
    6. Holmes going to NY doesn’t matter (Wallace, Randle El, Antonio Brown, HEATH) and Ben has been scrambling behind the O line since he started here. He still wins championships.
    They make SB rings because of the Steelers. Anytime you and your Bungles would like to see one, you can due East 255 miles. We got 6 of em on display all the time in the City of Champions!!!!!

  39. @TheRedBengal
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and the compliment to the best team in the NFL.
    “Their team beats all 3 other opponents on a fairly consistent basis. The bengals can never seem to beat them, sans last year.”

  40. @ 6_Lombardis
    1. Toothlessburgeer won’t help you much the first 4 weeks of the year.
    2. Wines Hard is talking retirement.
    3. Troy has dandruff.
    4. 6 rings blah, blah blah.

  41. All of you steeler fans…..yes you have 6 rings. Quite a great accomplishment to be proud of as a fan. But lets not forget you went 30 plus years without a SB (I believe only 1 appearence in that time)… have every right to brag but just keep it in the back of your mind that the next 30 years could very well not produce a SB win or even an appearence.
    Go Ravens…..SB # 2….

  42. Dear ravenssuck (AKA: tooembarrasedtoletanyoneknowwhoyourteamis)…thanks for being a hater of both the Ravens and Joe Flacco. This just shows how much you fear both of them.
    Let me guess…..a disgruntled browns fan????

  43. The Bengals had one good season. Just one! It’s actually funny hearing Bengals fans talk shit, kind of refreshing. I hope they enjoy it while it lasts…. another month or so…..

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