Bradford's deal continues to loom large over the last days of the offseason

As the July calendar moves closer and closer to the final day of the month, no first-round pick has signed.

The guy at the top, Rams quarterback Sam Bradford, continues to be the focal point of this 32-man class of eventual millionaires.

To discuss some of the dynamics arising from the Bradford deal, we give you a little PFTV.

Meanwhile, we’re working up a compelling (at least we think it’s compelling, you might think it sucks) take on the first-round contracts and the concept of collusion, which was inspired by a Thursday morning segment with our good friends in San Diego, former Pitt standout Scott Kaplan and former Chargers star Billy Ray Smith of XX 1090.


7 responses to “Bradford's deal continues to loom large over the last days of the offseason

  1. Talking about collusion is silly. That’s like saying all the American businesses that aren’t hiring right now because of the uncertainty the government (healthcare, financial overhaul, lending standards, etc) has created are colluding not to hire. No they aren’t, they just will not do it until they know how it will impact their business. Same thing for the NFL teams. Uncertainty is the worst thing for business there is. Period. One can plan for bad times. One can do nothing in uncertainty.

  2. Man that is stupid 45-50 million on a player that you have no idea will be any good in the NFL.
    You talk about a system geared to price your business out of business this is one, wait a minute, have no fear the fans will pull them through, they may have to sell their homes, car, cash in their whole life insurance policy, any stocks or bonds they may have left, sell a organ or two but what the hell it’s the NFL, just can’t make them pay can we.

  3. Well if I were the Rams I’d just pass the choice and play without him, as I would on all the 1st round choices until there is a rookie pay scale.

  4. Don’t give in Rams! Hold out cause this is just stupid to pay these unproven players that much money! Teams need to start thinking about the FANS who, without us, don’t exist?? maybe.

  5. Collusion my ass. Weren’t there only 2 second round draft picks signed by this time last year and 0 first rounders? Last year was doing business, this year it’s collusion?

  6. Sorry, correction. There were two first round draft picks signed by this time last season- Stafford and Sanchez.
    I still maintain my “Collusion my ass” statement.

  7. Bradford should sign for the exact same amount as Stafford. Rookie scale established. Done.

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