Browns sign Colt McCoy

ESPN’s James Walker reports that the Browns have agreed to a four-year rookie deal with third-round pick Colt McCoy.  McCoy received the “quarterback premium,” so he’ll be eligible for as much as $5 million over the contract’s life.  The No. 85 overall pick usually receives about $3.3 million.
Browns president Mike Holmgren is on record as saying the team has no intentions to play McCoy this year.  Otherwise, McCoy could’ve used this serenade via country singer Aaron Watson to pump him up before games.

38 responses to “Browns sign Colt McCoy

  1. Well deserved for McCoy, I hope he gets his shot because he will blow Tim Tegay out of the water.

  2. Excellent work nice cheap contract and a solid potential starting QB with time to learn. Glad we didn’t mortgage the farm like we did with Quinn. Now we just need to get Hardesty signed.

  3. Gee, I wonder how many INTs or bad games Delhomme will have to have before the more idiotic of Browns fans start screaming for their new mancrush, Colt McCoy. My guess is… 1.
    Browns fans were, for many years, one of the top fanbases in the NFL, but with what that fanbase has turned into over the last few years, it makes me glad I don’t live in the Cleveland area anymore, lest I have to put up with these nimrods. Very few of them understand that, just maybe, the reason recent Browns QBs have a bad track record could be, in part, because they’re made to be paranoid by Browns “fans” that are ready to throw them under the bus the second any little thing goes wrong… and in turn, they wind up playing scared or paranoid that they’re gonna get the hook any second.
    Here’s to Delhomme shaking off the last 1.5 seasons and returning to being a decent QB, ’cause his ass will be on the fast track to Hateville if he screws up AT ALL, thanks to fat, drunk, idiots (especially the ones who have mancrushes on the fresh-faced college boys. There are *still* grown men crying over that shitty-but-oh-so-handsome bust Brady Quinn).

  4. It’s been a tough year for Cleveland sports fans.
    This is good news and possibly a bright future for the team.

  5. Once again, just a rehashed video that has been on several other websites for several days. Yawn…where is the credit?

  6. Trickbunny…I agree with you about fans wanting the back-up quarterback in the game…the new regime has to stick to their guns and not listen to the fans as it pertains to quarterbacks.
    I DO NOT agree with your assessment that the fans are idiotic and find your “because they’re made to be paranoid by Browns “fans” that are ready to throw them under the bus the second any little thing goes wrong”. These are PROFESSIONAL athletes…if they are worried about the fans, they don’t need to be in the NFL. Donovan McNabb has been dealing with this for a few years, yet he was rather successful. Kurt Warner had to deal with that on several occasions…I think he was pretty successful.
    Cleveland Browns fans are, without a doubt, venomous…they love you when you are doing well and are some of the first to kick you when you stink…as a lifelong fan…it is about time for the organization to do something about it….WIN!

  7. Trickbunny – It’s not like the quarterbacks the Browns have used lately were great after they left Cleveland…they just weren’t good. Charlie Frye stunk in Cleveland is now 3rd or worse on the Raiders depth chart. Derek Anderson was a one year wonder who is 2nd string for Arizona. Brady Quinn stunk and is a backup in Denver. Tim Couch, our highest drafted QB, didn’t do crap after leaving the Browns either. The Browns have just not found a good QB since returning to the league, plain and simple.

  8. Colt McCoy.
    I’ll take it.
    We REALLY did Brady Quinn wrong though no matter what.
    I can’t stand Notre Dame and never was a fan of his,
    but Cleveland was a total disaster while he was here.
    I wish him all the best as mismanagement here cost him years on his learning curve.
    He never got a fair shake.
    He just didn’t.

  9. @Trickbunny…
    Got to disagree with a couple of your points.
    First, the reason that recent Cleveland QB’s have had a bad track record is simply because they were BAD quarterbacks. I saw nothing at all redeeming in the play or game management of ANY QB since, probably, Kelly Holcomb. The rest were/are terrible. You can’t blame the fans for that.
    Can you really blame them for being impatient? I’ll answer with this question…Why should they have to be patient? Patient with a shitty ownership, who continually straps them with amateurish, at best, management, who compounds that with an endless parade of rookie coaches? And that whole “braintrust”…year after year…can’t put together an intelligent draft. Who’s fault is it? Is it the fans’ fault?
    You can’t blame Clevelanders for being frustrated over what’s happened to the Browns these past 10 years.
    And those same Browns fans deserve better than what you gave them, my friend…a kick under that same bus. Lighten up, dude.
    Just hike the damned ball…

  10. i agree 8man, my dad has been an indian/browns fan since the 1950’s and i feel awful for Cleveland sports fans.

  11. I like what the Browns have done this year.It’s there turn to sweep the Rats this year….Pitt,Cincy…now the Browns.Don’t sleep on the Browns and there additions.

  12. @Trickbunny,
    One of the biggest & more knowledgeable Browns fans you will come across here. I hate to say it, but I give your post a +250! Had these guys not booed Anderson & Couch off the field week in & out, one of them may have been something. Unfortunately, as a QB in Cleveland, there is little room for error before the faithful begins to riot.
    I really hope everyone welcomes JD & gives him a good shot. Regardless of the stats he will or will not produce, a career winner can help a franchise that is in mucho need of some winning leadership & spirit!
    Cheers JD, I personally will be rooting for your continued success in Cleveland & appreciate your contribution in advance.

  13. @cidy, we DO have an OLine. One of the best LT’s in the game right now, and the makings of the best center since Nick Mangold. That’s a good start.
    Anyway, I don’t think Browns fans will be calling for Colt McCoy like we did with previous backup QBs. When we clamored for Charlie Frye, it was in part because he was a local boy, and in part because Jeff Garcia threw a 0.0 passer rating game. When we clamored for Brady Quinn, it was in part because we had a big investment in a hyped college stud, in part because he was kind of a local boy, and in part because Derek Anderson was TERRIBLE.
    This time around though… no big investment… no local sentiment… and we’ve got management (that we BELIEVE in) telling us he’s not gonna play. We’ll listen to that. We won’t dare cross Holmgren’s declarations, at least not this early in his tenure.
    Unless McCoy totally lights it up in the preseason. Then, maybe.

  14. Good deal! When I grow up I wanna be like Colt McCoy…I wonder if Brad Paisley will sing this at the concert tomorrow at Blossom Music Festival?

  15. If I remember correctly, Couch took a beating behind a HORRIBLE O-line – so much so, it was damn near criminal. Funny thing is; he got boo’d by a bunch of Ohio fatasses that get winded walking to the mailbox for their welfare checks.
    Stay classy Cleveland. – Steamer.
    Suit up or shut up!

  16. p.s. – stop it with that “we”, “our”, “us” bullshot unless you own the team or play for the team. It screams, LOSERS!

  17. # johnny1979 says:
    A match made in heaven – both McCoy and the Browns SUCK
    You forgot to add your mom to the list.

  18. Glad to see he wanted to get a deal done and considered the fact he wasn’t drafted in the 1st round.
    This draft class is almost complete – I think Hardesty and Ward will be complete by Saturday.
    Haden is a different story, he will wait on Bradford to get his deal done.

  19. If Jake Delhomy turns out to be the routine interception machine he is known for……… Let Colt take a crack at it.

  20. @BAtkins…
    A loser is someone who trolls another team’s posts, making childish comments about nothing.
    That would be you.

  21. The Browns Stadium as become to corporate anymore. those people are retarded and know Nothing about football they are just there for the free ticket and to socialize

  22. As a chiefs fan I identify with DB26. JD has always been a favorite of mine and so has Holmgren. I think browns fans will glimpse a definite turn in the right direction. It will take time but my god this is a very competitive league there are only 16 chances to shine! As a strange linkage that browns and chiefs have is Romeo crennel. As just a defensive coordinator I think he will shine just as Mangini will shine with a solid GM in Holmgren guiding him. BTW Joe Thomas is a stud and that is key to the QB.

  23. Burning River – sweet, sounds just like cleveland. How about you cramming your fatass into your size XXXL bell-bottomed Browns jersey and start your own website. Other than that, STFU.

  24. Trickbunny, I’m disappointed with your post. Usually, you have something a little more concrete to say. Every team has a few a$$holes in the stands. (Go to a Raiders game sometime and wear the other team’s jersey.)
    After winning their lawsuit with the NFL, the Lerner group was rushed into fielding a team. They never got a chance to build a foundation to the franchise. After fumbling around for 10 years, they are finally taking the steps to correct that. That is why Big Mike was brought in…not to GM, not to scout, and not to coach.
    They have had their share of average or even above average talent at QB but, no one can pass or hand off while laying on their backs. Had the Browns drafted McNabb instead of Couch do you really think it would’ve been any different?
    Finally, Big Mike knows a Hell of a lot more about QB’s than any of us. It may take several more years to see the fruit of his labours but, our day is coming, and McCoy is a piece in that!

  25. BAtkins…
    Ravenmuscle, is that you? I thought so.
    You can change your name, but you just can’t stop yourself from talking about men’s “fat asses”, can you?
    Please…don’t ever get in line behind me. It makes me uncomfortable when you stare and smack your lips.

  26. I’m want in the Browns QB debate too.
    Tim Couch: Great QB stuck on a team with no offensive line. After he left Cleveland he was supposed to be the future of the Green Bay Packers once Favre retired by injuries and steroid abuse ended his career. Not lack of ability.
    Kelly Holcomb: Started for the Vikings and the Bills before retiring.
    Jeff Garcia: Lead the Eagles to a superbowl as a backup after he left Cleveland. Something McNabb still couldn’t do.
    Luke McCown: played half way decent as a backup in Tampa
    Charlie Frye: Did OK in Seattle but was 1 of 800 QB’s who made Jamarcus Russell look that much worse by actually doing well leading the Raiders offense (coincidentaly or not only playing awful against Cleveland)
    Trent Dilfer: retired coaching Alex Smith
    Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn: Victims of the prior mentioned Browns fans curse that resulted in neither actually playing an entire season as starter thus neither improving at all as a team leader.
    Keep in mind the only QB that the Browns picked to be a starter who didn’t pan out because of lack of production was Dilfer and Quinn, The rest were just victims of being on a bad team but most were guys who got in due to injuries to the real starters.

  27. BAtkins – as a Browns fan I have to say that your anti-Browns posts don’t bother me. That’s because your mom told me after going Hoover on me told me to ignore your moronic posts. At least I think that’s what she said. It was hard to tell with my sperm gurgling in her throat.
    By the way, you may not recognize her when you get home. I shaved her back.

  28. @ J-Lamont
    Apparently you’ve never actually seen the browns qbs play? Otherwise you wouldn’t have brought up half of the qbs that you did. Kelly Holcomb was a 4-7 starter after leaving the browns and is a lifetime 8-16 with a career rating of 79.2 (he had a rating 0f 83 while with cleveland). And i don’t think anyone wants a qb who’s play can be described as half way decent like Luke McCown. And how again was derek anderson on a bad team? the browns went 10-6 that year and missed the play offs due to the fact that DA choked against the bengals at the end of the season to let the titans beat the browns for the final spot.
    And trickbunny, your post almost makes me sick. These guys are PROFESSIONAL athletes. DA robbed the browns for 3 years and 24 million to due what? get “paranoid” because people that were paying his salary to watch the games got pissed due to the fact he couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn some games. the browns beat the bills 6-3 with DA going an amazing 2-17 for 23 yards, which i believe is an nfl record for worst performance in a win by a qb. these guys don’t need our sympathy when they play bad. they get paid to play a game and if they don’t play well then they deserve it. tom brady was booed and he said the team deserved it. get over yourself and the fact that you used to live in cleveland does not mean you know what it means to be a browns fan.

  29. Anderson:
    Amassed a 10-5 record as starter after replacing Charlie Frye after the first game of the 2007 season. Went to the pro bowl after passing for 3787 yards, 29 TDS, 19 INTs
    Started the first 8 games of the season. Faced 4 of the top 5 defenses in the NFL that season (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, NY Giants, Washington), 1 of them twice (Baltimore). He also faced the #8 rated defense (Dallas) and the #12 defense (Cincinatti). The only team that he played against during his starts with a defense not rated in the top half of the league was Jacksonville, which was BARELY out of the top half, rated #17 in a 32 team league.
    Against this competition, he amassed a 3-4 record going into the second game against Baltimore, in which he built a 27-13 lead late into the 3rd quarter, at which point the defense of the Browns collapsed and gave up 24 straight points.
    Anderson was benched for Brady Quinn at this point.
    Quinn subsequently lost to Denver, (defense ranked #29), won against Buffalo, (defense ranked #14), because Buffalo’s kicker missed a very makeable field goal at the end of the game, and lost to Houston, (defense ranked #22).
    In other words, in 8 games, Anderson faced top 5 defenses 5 times, top 10 defenses 6 times, and defenses ranked in the top half of the league in 7 of the 8 games and legitimately should have won half of them. Quinn faced no top 5 defenses, no top 10 defenses and a defense ranked in the top half of the league 1 time in 3 games and legitimately should have won none of them.
    Finally, after Quinn was injured, Anderson was reinserted into the game against perennial playoff team and Super Bowl contender Indianapolis and was injured during the game. The Cleveland fans cheered as he was carted off the field. It was, at this point, I believe that he gave up on the city and its fans and stopped caring about his performance there. He was never given any reason to alter this attitude, especially since during the 2009 season, the only reason he was allowed to even play was so the Browns’ organization could avoid paying Brady Quinn a $10 million performance bonus.
    Between Cleveland’s last winning season in 2002, (9-7), and Anderson taking over the starting job in 2007, Cleveland amassed a record of 19-46. During Anderson’s 23 game run as starter from 2007-2008, Cleveland amassed a record of 13-11. Following his benching in favor of Brady Quinn after game 8 of 2008, the Browns have amassed a record of 10-18.
    Derek Anderson was not the problem.
    If Leinert falters in Arizona, with the weapons and offensive system the Cardinals have, Derek Anderson could very well become a Pro Bowl quarterback again.

  30. ThaDeal:
    No doubt, the Bills game in 2009 was a crappy performance. His entire 2009 performance was crappy and I don’t make excuses for it. My explanation for it is that after his injury being cheered by the fans during the Indianapolis game in 2008 and being used as nothing more than a tool by Mangini in 2009, he simply did not care.
    However, it does bear mentioning that 7 passes were dropped by receivers during that game, which would have put his production at a far more pedestrian 9-17. It does not matter though. He’s gone. Now the Browns have a quarterback who really throws away games. Delhomme does not need a hurricane force wind to help him throw it straight to defenders. In Carolina, he did that all on his own last year and ever since the playoff game against Arizona.

  31. Colt can throw like a girl for all I care. His mom is hot and that’s all that really matters.

  32. BurningRiver = White Trash & unemployment
    I hope you are enjoying the fact that my hard earned dollars are helping you support your fat***. I wish you nothing but failure for the rest of your life.

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