Chris Johnson got a raise of only $1.25 million

It widely was believed in the days and weeks preceding the negotiation of a new contract between the Titans and running back Chris Johnson that as much as $2.5 million in future money to be paid to Johnson under his current contract would be moved into 2010.

In the end, only $1.25 million was accelerated from 2012.

A league source with knowledge of the new deal, and the old deal, tells us that the Titans moved $1.25 million in escalators triggered by Johnson during the first two years of his career into 2010, reducing Johnson’s 2012 base salary from $2.210 million to $960,000.

The $1.25 million was paid to Johnson as a signing bonus, due most likely to the realities of the 30-percent rule, which limited the Titans to a salary increase of only $165,000.

So, in the end, Johnson will still earn a base salary of $550,000 in 2010.  But Johnson received $1.25 million to add his John Hancock to the new deal.

The fact that the Titans robbed 2012 to pay 2010 suggests that both sides contemplate that a new deal will be done before Johnson gets to 2012 and wonders where in the hell his $1.25 million in base salary went.

UPDATE:  The contract also includes incentives that total of $235,000, based on rushing for 700 yards and averaging 4.5 yards per carry.  If reached, Johnson’s total compensation would be $2.035 million.

24 responses to “Chris Johnson got a raise of only $1.25 million

  1. If a team buys and pays the premium on an insurance policy covering and for the benefit of a player for a career ending injury does that premium count against the salary cap as compensation for that player?

  2. Horrible deal for Johnson. I would have sat out till week 10 with the Titans treating me this way.

  3. Meanwhile, a few thousand people lost their jobs today and have to worry about putting food on the table for their families for the next few weeks/months
    But as long as some crybaby asshole NFL player got paid more money because he didn’t want to honor what he already signed and agreed to, well…..I guess it’s ok
    (I’m seriously starting to hate the NFL and the sorry, greedy motherf’ers who play in it)

  4. The headline should read “Florio Tries Really Hard to Stir Up Some Shit When News Is Slow.”

  5. Thats a joke and CJ went up 10 notches in my book at this point.
    I hope yall lose everygame, so CJ can tell them 7 mil per year, or ill see you later next year..
    Damn!! Thats a cheap deal..

  6. Bad agent, if he couldn’t get more than that for Chris Johnson…Although I can see a team always being hesitant about long terms with RB’s, he has to get the money, if not the years… He IS the most important weapon in that offense, at least in 2010..

  7. NFL clubs try and be as fair as possible to players while at the same time they deal with the restrictions and uncertainty of the uncapped year. Neither player or team needs a wiesel like Florio who tries and make it seem that the player got less than he deserved. Johnson seems happy with the compromise, wich means he is more intelligent than Florio in his understanding of the situation.

  8. Wow! Listen to all of the liberal bedwetters that want everyone eating from the same pot of soup.
    Bullshot! Capitalism reign’s supreme. This kid’s shelf-life is 5-6 yrs at most. He was underpaid.
    Now, get back to the drive-thru, I’m sure you’re waiting for Obama to save your day.

  9. @ jaydub.. u think the titans would have honored the contract if he stunk the place up?

  10. Only 1.25 million? Someone needs to be bitch-slapped.
    And, I don’t think the slapping would be based off the fact you feel 1.25 million is an “only” amount, but because only a fraction of a percentage point of American employees ever get the privilege of first being able to sign a contract, and then having YEARS left on their contract and demanding more money and getting it.
    Not that I have a beef with CJ – I am a capitalist and understand that the cream that rises to the top gets sucked off first.

  11. Dealer, sit out til week 10? You mean like Jackson from the Chargers? He can’t do that because CJ is actually UNDER CONTRACT. Jackson isn’t. He never signed his tendered and is only required to play in 6 games.

  12. Those are joke incentives, that’s just a clever way around guaranteeing a contract for injury without guaranteeing the entire contract for injury.

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