Cortland Finnegan wants "no" part of T.O.

NFL_finnegan1_250.jpgThe Titans are one of the shrinking number of NFL franchises that have yet to slam the door on signing receiver Terrell Owens.

Cornerback Cortland Finnegan has spared the front office the trouble.

In an appearance on 104.5 The Zone’s 3 Hour Lunch, Finnegan fielded a question about the possibility of T.O. landing in Nashville.

“No,” Finnegan said, even before the question had ended.  “No.  I don’t . . . no.  No.  No.  Not gonna happen. Jeff Fisher wouldn’t allow it.  The guys . . . no.  He wouldn’t be part of the Tennessee . . . no.  I’m just gonna say ‘no’ and just keep on pushing.”

Last week, Panthers linebacker Jon Beason offered up similar sentiments about Owens, a day before reversing course.  A difference?  Beason and Owens are represented by the same agent, Drew Rosenhaus.  Finnegan isn’t.

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  1. He doesn’t want any part of him on the field either.
    Finnegan had one decent season in 08′ thanks in-large to Haynesworth, kyle vanden bosch & CO. Last year he was exposed.
    T.O. would/will eat Cortland Finnegan’s lunch.

  2. Maybe someone should remind Beason that Rosenhaus works for him and not the other way around.

  3. That is fine with me. Tenn sucks anyway they got lucky last year with CJ, that will not happen again. Also the current WR’s in Tenn suck and so does Vince Young.

  4. Finney is the unquestioned leader of this team, so no, it probably will not happen.
    Interestingly, Finney was probably in junior high when other big time receiver “busts” occurred in Tennessee, Carl Pickens and Yancy Thigpen. the track record is not good here.

  5. I’m surprised the Raiders have not landed T.O which would be significant upgrade than what they have on the current roster.

  6. Finnegan is an idiot!!!
    He’s just pissed at T.O. cuz T.O. beat him for 85 yards receiving on 3 catches!!!
    So the old man does have speed. He just needs a real QB, not VY!!!!

  7. Why doesn’t he just admit he is done in the NFL and tries to get something going in the UFL?

  8. It is always important to consider the feelings of players like Cortlant Finnegan, whose skills are stuck at the practice squad level.

  9. …I bet he wants back into that 7 year, $49 million dollar contract he signed with the Eagles that he cried his way out of right now…

  10. ” # FastEddy415 says: July 22, 2010 3:52 PM
    I’m surprised the Raiders have not landed T.O ”
    You’re surprised because you know nothing about the Raiders.

  11. Can we just re-visit these “Cortland sucks” comments later in the year. The Titans DEFENSE Sucked last year. But were significantly better when he was back. Titans D will be significantly better this year. Mark It

  12. Isn’t Cortland Finnegan the PM of Ireland? Why the hell would the PM of Ireland care where To plays this season.

  13. Thanks so much for saying that O.J. (1st comment). I’ve been saying that about Finnegan for the last 2 or 3 seasons. Haynesworth was the one making him look good but Cortland is overrated. Cortland is just mad at the fact that he looks like a 4th grader standing next to T.O. I remember that jawing match they had last season when the Bills played the Titans

  14. “No. No. Not gonna happen. Jeff Fisher wouldn’t allow it.”
    As he’s proven that he has the final say, just like he did in the Collins/Young debate.

  15. Apparently,
    Cortland was named after the fact that his mom’s water broke while on an outdoor basketball “court”. Outdoor basketball courts are on “land”, hence you get “Cortland”.
    Even so, T.O. would school him on the field and on the court!
    Case in point, last night’s episode of “Pros vs. Joes”!!!

  16. It’s sad that TO’s football talent has been far surpassed by his acting talent. I do remember back when he was still good during his last full season with the eagles though. Man that seems like so long ago.

  17. He belongs on the Bengals. B.O. and Ocho Stinko. The two most self serving DIVAS in the NFL.

  18. all of you saying CF wants no part of T.O because T.O burned him in the Titans-Bills game, are idiots. T.O burnt NICK HARPER.

  19. Bunch of dumb comments in here, so I signed up to set the record straight.
    Here’s a 3.5 minute clip on yotube with Finnegan wired for sound during the Titans Bills game. It’s clear Finnegan was in TO’s head and TO was mentally out of the game.

    Yes, he had the one big catch, but it wasn’t on Finnegan you idiot. TO blew up on the sideline this game because he was so frustrated. And watching that clip above, it’s clear TO was frustrated with Finnegan.
    Finnegan was exposed last year? LOL… Dude had 5 interceptions when he missed a quarter of the season, and had to deal with working with 4th string CB’s due to injuries and no pass rush.
    By the end of the season, he was mirroing the other teams top WR and doing a pretty good job of it. Is he in Darrell Revis category? Hell no… But he is a top 10 CB.
    Other teams may not like him, but as a fan of the Titans I love him. He is feisty, he has attitude. For a little guy, he’s like a pit bull out there.

  20. Where can we send a food basket to T.O. ?
    He’s getting EXACTLY what he deserves.
    How’s that bus feel now that it’s running over YOU Owens ?

  21. You know you’re a dirtbag when Cortland Finnegan won’t play with you. Who’s next, Rocky Incognito?

  22. Owens burned Finnegan for a 37 yarder. I love how the idiots who are talking about his 46 yard pass not being on Finnegan somehow missed that. He didn’t only catch 1 deep ball in this game, morons. The Bills weren’t getting Owens the ball most of the year…had nothing to do with the journeyman drunk driving loser that is Cortland Finnegan.

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