LeCharles Bentley sues the Browns

nfl_a_bentley_275.jpgNearly four years ago, center LeCharles Bentley suffered a ruptured patella tendon on the first day of his first training camp with the Browns.  He never played again.

Bentley’s recovery was marred by a staph infection that destroyed the replacement tendon, requiring multiple additional operations.

Now, in the wake of the settlement of a staph suit filed by former Browns receiver Joe Jurevicius against the team and related entities, Bentley is suing the Browns, too.  And he has hired the same lawyer who represented Jurevicius, Shannon Polk.

“The Browns convinced LeCharles to rehab at their facility,” Polk told Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “Nothing
required him to do it.  That wasn’t part of his job.  They told him their
facility was the best and that they had successfully helped others.  But
they never told him about a host of unsanitary conditions there, and
they never told him about the list of others who contracted staph before
he chose to rehab there.

“Had the Browns disclosed that stuff to him, had they been straight
with him, he would have never agreed to rehab at their training
facility.  The man nearly died from the staph infection he got there.”

Bentley’s case arguably is weaker than the claim filed by Jurevicius, given that Jurevicius was the last in a line of players to contract a staph infection while playing for the Browns.  Before Bentley, there arguably hadn’t been enough staph cases to put the Browns on notice that they had a problem.

The bigger problem for Bentley could be the applicable statute of limitations.  For fraud and negligent misrepresentation claims (counts in the complaint mentioned in Grossi’s article), the case must be filed no later than two years after the date of the alleged misconduct.

It’s possible that Bentley had decided long ago not to pursue the matter, and that he changed his mind after he saw that Jurevicius secured a settlement.  It’s possible that Polk has concocted an argument to get around any statute of limitations issues.  There’s a chance, however, that the delay will be fatal to the case.

27 responses to “LeCharles Bentley sues the Browns

  1. He should’ve signed with the eagles when he had the chance, he’d still be dominating the league (and staph infection free, i might add)

  2. It’s sad to think that Bentley was probably living his childhood dream when he signed with the Browns.
    And then on his first day of training camp, his career is over.

  3. The man blew a knee at his first practice, collected his contract and now wants to sue the Browns?

  4. The Browns need to counter sue. He never played a down. His patellar tendon was blown before he got to training camp, and rumor has it that he blew his knee the night before playing basketball. He got staph from Cleveland Clinic, not the Browns facility.

  5. give it up, your radio show sucks and the court case is riding coat tails of a former teammate. go out blame your agent for not finding you a better team to join 4 years ago and not worry the browns paid you dearly for sitting at home and rehabbing, while eating bon bons.

  6. LeCharles Bentley is a piece of crap though. When he left the Saints, he took several shots at the organization in the press.
    Karma is a bitch.

  7. Art Modell should sue the Browns for the way they treated him and forced him out of town. I can’t wait to come to Canton with Raven Nation and cheer for Art when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame and kick the living sh#t out of any Browns’ fans we see.

  8. Its a shame that I have to slam this guy because he’s a local high school product of St Ignatius and he’s a Buckeye. But if he was serious about the damages, he should have taken action years ago. This seems desperate and bitter.
    To make matters worse, the local radio affiliate gave this guy a show from 7p-9p and he’s terrible. For whatever reason, he tries to play the “I’m with you, I’m a fan” role. No one is buying it – but if he wants to distribute the millions he made as a player to all the little people like myself, I’ll gladly accept him as a part of my group of laymen..

  9. “and kick the living sh#t out of any Browns’ fans we see.”
    Yeah sure, Skippy. The internet is full of guys who are tough as long as they can do their talking anonymously.

  10. Cleveland is a jinx
    Everyday he prob wakes up kicking himself in the butt for choosing Cleveland.

  11. show sux!!!! he is not a homer, he is not a fan he is a player in and out never siding with the fans always player side of the story.

  12. Good for him. The clowns have been an expansion team for a decade and they have the same level with their facilities. How does one team stink for soooooo long?

  13. Because our Art ART let a big FART, took the team in the middle of the night and left!!
    those kinda wounds dont heal in a decade ya know?!
    (when they arent cheering their own Players injuries)

  14. Bentley was caught between a rock and a hard place. Not enough staph cases, and now the time limits?
    Mr. Lerner, you have more money than God, you can afford it. You brought in Big Mike to build a legitimate professional football organization. Show the class and dignity to pay all those players who suffered from the staph infection that plagued the Browns facility for several years. Mr. Lerner, be big enough to treat these guys in a professional manner…then move on.

  15. ThePlainTruth says:
    The man blew a knee at his first practice, collected his contract and now wants to sue the Browns?
    Sure, he collected his initial contract, it was a football related injury.
    What he’s suing for is the loss of his career and all future contracts as a direct result of the cess pool of a training facility the Browns were running.

  16. @Ravenmuscle
    Dream on, son! Art Modell is not worthy of the HOF; which is why he hasn’t made it so far. He won’t make this year or any other year.

  17. Cleveland seems to be unlucky with professional athletes whose first name starts with “Le”; I’m just saying.

  18. Can’t say I blame him. He isn’t suing because of the injury, but the Staph infection is something totally unrelated to the injury and the Staph infection may have been what actually ended his career. It would have been damned near impossible to come back from that injury, but extreme hard work and dedication have beat “nearly impossible odds” plenty of times before. But after the Staph infection ate through the replacement tendon that was it.
    I hope he gets paid.

  19. That’s what happens when you sign with an absolute joke of an organization. Why do you think nobody ever wants to go there? It’s not like that shitbox of a city helping at all either.

  20. Ravenmuscle, Canton won’t be a long trip for you, since you live in the Cleveland area but claim to be a part of “Raven Nation”, you douchebag troll.

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