Octagon addresses agent controversy

Plenty of agents have been complaining on an off-the-record basis regarding the conduct of agents who pay college football players and the arguably hypocritical comments from men like Alabama coach Nick Saban.

One agency, Octagon, has issued a statement regarding the situation.

“Octagon strongly supports the vigorous enforcement of the rules governing agent conduct jeopardizing the eligibility of amateur athletes and placing collegiate programs at risk,” Octagon president Phil de Picciotto said in a statement provided to Darren Rovell of CNBC.  “We have always held ourselves to the highest standards and have sometimes lost business because of it.  We don’t engage in those situations.  Those agents who circumvent the rules should be punished appropriately.  For the well-being of the young men and women who are making the transition from amateur to professional athletics, the institutions they attend, and those athletes and agents who act ethically, the issue of unscrupulous agent behavior must be addressed and combated with the utmost seriousness.”

Other agents have commented privately on the sheer stupidity of giving money to players who still have a year left to play.  More often than not, that final year of college football reshuffles the deck, with players who go in to the season at the top of the board falling like a rock strapped to an anchor.  Why risk an entire livelihood on handing a bag of money to a kid who may be, when all is said and done, a UFL prospect at best?

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  1. And perhaps that is the best punishment of all; to lose the bag of money to a prospect that doesn’t pan out. Let’s face it, the Coaches and Colleges turn an outright blind eye to these behind the scenes payments. They are happy someone is paying the kids off. After all, the NCAA’s archaic system won’t allow the schools to do it.

  2. WingT,
    Florio has decided that since Saban is paid to coach college football, he’s a hypocrite for saying amateur athletes shouldn’t be paid, and that a free ride to college is a farce.
    It’s quite fascinating, actually. Or would be if it wasn’t all about driving up traffic to the site by constant mention of a lightning rod for criticism like Saban. I’ll hang up and let enraged dolphins fans talk now.

  3. Saban’s a Hypocrite cause he makes money off all these kids, 7 mil a year to be exact. If he found out Ingram or his family got some “help” some how, you think he’s gonna call the NCAA and report him? Yea HYPOCRITE, and I rarely agree with Florio. Although He did a good Job on the DP Show the other day.

  4. Please be responsible Florio and scrutinize Octagon’s statement for self gain before taking and reprinting it at face value. They have unclean hands and should be ashamed of themselves for issuing that hypocritical statement. An Octagon agent was directly involved in activity that led to the arrest of an LSU strength coach in 2006 for violating LA agent laws. Simply put, Octagon Football has not always held themselves to the “highest standards.”
    “Gaines was arrested Tuesday and charged with setting up meetings between at least two LSU football players and agent C.J. LaBoy. Gaines was fired after an investigation into the matter began last week.”

  5. A well researched prospect who recieves a first round grade in their prior to last year rarely drops out of the top 3 rounds.
    However, the problem is when you are out of the first round and a half, the money the agent makes on a contract signing does not justify handing out tens of thousands of dollars to a kid.

  6. Saban is a first class POS, who is worried because the NCAA is sniffing around his program.
    He does have some good points, but I believe it is more from self preservation than tying to do the right thing.
    What’s his track record on doing the right thing? Just ask Michigan State, LSU and the Fins.

  7. Octagon agents have paid Michigan guys for years as well as paying off the LSU strength coach. No wonder Picciotto couldnt get Cowher a big money deal from Steelers.
    What a self-serving joke!

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