Saban compares NFL agents to pimps

Former Dolphins coach Nick Saban, who now profits from the free labor of football players (but for the room, board, and tuition that many of them wouldn’t want anyway) as the coach of a program he said he wouldn’t be coaching, has applied a strong label to agents who give the one thing to players that the college football system, which earns billions from their blood, sweat, and ligaments, won’t.


“I don’t think it’s anything but greed that’s creating it right now on
behalf of the agents,” Saban said Wednesday.  “The
agents that do this — and I hate to say this, but how are they any
better than a pimp

“I have no respect for people who do that to young people.  None.  How would you feel if they did it to your child?”

Nick, you’ve lost us on this one.  First of all, these kids aren’t children.  They’re old enough to vote for our president, and they’re old enough to die while carrying out his missions.  So they’re old enough to take responsibility for the decision as to whether they should take money under circumstances where they know that they shouldn’t.

It’s Saban’s job to educate them that taking money will destroy their eligibility.  Their eligibility to continue to play football for room, board, and tuition that many of them wouldn’t want anyway.  Their eligibility to continue to help Saban’s family, not their own.

So, Nick, who’s closer to being the pimp in this situation?

Look, we believe that agents and players should follow the rules, and that the colleges, the NCAA, the NFL, and the NFLPA should step in when they don’t.  But Saban has no business acting like an innocent bystander in this process. 

Greed drives the entire college football system.  The schools and the coaches bankroll millions, and the kids pocket peanuts in comparison.  At least once agents get involved, the vast majority of the NFL money ends up in the players’ pockets.

So, we’ll ask it again.  Who’s closer to the being the pimp in this situation?

49 responses to “Saban compares NFL agents to pimps

  1. Hilarious. Nick Saban was probably wearing his platform shoes with goldfish in them while giving the interview.

  2. Saban is the greediest pimp there is. Why did he leave the ‘Fins?
    What a f-ing turd. This site needs a turd watch for people that DON’T break the law but instantly qualify.

  3. If the “agents” are the “pimps” than the players who demand money are the “whores”!

  4. Ouch, what a scathing article. Well done Florio, you’re the best in the biz…

  5. The only thing worse than Saban spewing his garbage, is those who give him a mic and ask him questions.
    The man should be ignored completely and forever.

  6. I usually like yall’s scathing stories and stuff. But you guys are officially unhinged on this one.
    How can you possibly say a coach (who ‘left of the money’ after saying he wouldnt) is WORSE than the agents who knowingly jeapordize ammature athletes playing careers???
    Are you f’ing serious? The NFLPA and every other orginization agrees this rampant and consequence free environment where agents have being trying to get the jump on the top new talent has to to stop.
    Look no further than Marcel Dareus whos MOM JUST DIED 3 days earlier to the alleged “agent party”. The kid was probably in a world of hurt few can imagine. Then he was whisked away by friends and agents to a party in miami which was likely a welcome distraction from his own misery.
    These KIDS, yes KIDS, are not always in a the best position to understand every consequence. The agents, however know full damn well.
    You wanna bash Saban, bash him. But dont confuse your Saban hate with real life issues and necessary enforcement of already existing policy reform. Quite being clowns.

  7. I’ve heard the argument that these kids should know better,but a fistful of cash,nice watch and jewelry,or sweet ride seems to be more than enough temptation for the players to handle. Whether it’s family tuggin them one way or maybe they didn’t have the most luxurious upbringing or the agent or agent crony whispering sweet NFL nothings into the players ear I’m not sure they care of the ramifications
    I think it’d be in the best interests of the schools to really keep this trash away from these “student” athletes at least to be proactive against a possible P.R. nightmare or worse.

  8. All of them are pimps from college coaches with high school kids to agents around college players!

  9. Not that Saban is any kind of example of good ethics, but you’ve lost it on this one, Florio. College football’s driven by greed? Not even close. The NFL is the greedy organization in the football world.

  10. This type of high dudgeon is unintentional comedy at its finest when emitting from a snake oil salesman like Saban.

  11. Tom Brady: “I thought you were taking me to the theater.”
    Agent: “B*tch I thought I told you to shut up and look beautiful.”

  12. Why doesn’t he, or the university, just sue the agent for damages?
    Because neither he nor the U of A, nor any other coach nor any other university wants to have to take the stand, or give a deposition, and answer questions under oath.
    Because college football is corrupt to the core.

  13. He left the Fins because he couldn’t handle the pro job, not because of money….believe it or not, he made more at Miami than what he left for….
    At any rate, I have to agree with Saban on this. These agents know the rules as well and still purposely try to corrupt the kids and circumvent the system. Are the youngsters partly responsible, sure, but if an agent or alumni booster is whispering in their ears with their fists full of money, given that the majority of these kids families’ are not very well off, what would you do ?? Bearing in mind that the kids don’t know all the ramifications of their accepting this money. It’s a difficult line between wrong and ignorant….

  14. hi pot i’m kettle. you’re black!
    saban has about zero credibility on this subject.
    besides isn’t the entire country driven by greed and money? it is very sad to say but as a society in general we are not the greatest about doing the right thing when money is involved

  15. It’s ALL about money in college sports. I do feel for the athletes because so much money is made off them and they’re scrutinized for receiving any sort comp in return. However, this is how college sports are, you’re an amateur. Even though the money these players bring in FAR exceeds the cost of their room, board and tuition, nothing is going to change. This whole conference realignment is the strongest proof for this case…however i’m all for it if it blows up the BCS debacle.

  16. This assclown is going to make Lebron look humble and self-aware by comparison.

  17. Still he has a point. These really are kids (no matter their voting or military status) and what kids can pass up someone waving 6 figures in front of their face? Not many. It is like asking what 5 yr old would resist getting in the car with someone holding out a handful of candy. Talk all you want but those things are hard to resist for most kids.

  18. Of course every major sports/news network is fully complicit in the whoring of kids that is major college football, so this thing will get buried almost immediately.

  19. I swear up and down, if someone can justify the NCAA and college football – they need to change their name from whatever it is, to “GOD”!
    Nick Saban gets the “F” you shout out of the day. These kids that play college football, for big time programs generate millions of dollars.
    College football is big business! Especially at places like Texas, Florida, Michigan and Notre Dame!
    You have the NCAA receiving billions of dollars from ESPN, ABC and NBC just to issue rights to show games!
    But these kids are supposed to just dumby up and be glad with tuition, meals and housing! Yet academic scholar students, can receive actually salaries, for doing research and work, can actually get hired by a company prior to graduation and receive a salary, just to maintain a GPA while finishing school!
    These kids get soooooooo screwed over, because of perception and control! The whole system of college football, is about pimping those young men, whether its the agents, the schools, or the NFL meat market!
    I would love the opportunity to make this argument on a grand stage!

  20. We all know the greed of college football is the reason we have to deal with the BCS every GD year. If it weren’t for greed, we might have had a playoff system by now.

  21. So NFL eligible players are silly Hoes who need a strong hand to guide them to quality tricks?
    What does that make Saban then?
    College players should be allowed to have agents. They should be allowed to sit down with a parent/guardian/ coach or uncle and listen to legit offers from licenced agants who will market them and advise them about when they should declare for the draft. Like any other scholarship student who may be recruited by a professional company while still enrolled.

  22. and Saban…. we all compare you to an ASSHOLE!!!!
    NO ONE in the NFL gives a rats ass what you think or say!!!!!!!

  23. The real question is which one of those Pimps… er Agents is Dez Bryant’s Mom?
    In all seriousness, the schools profit heavily from their football players. They should compensate them a bit in a form of monthly allowance so they can eat, go the movies, etc.
    One thing you can do is take away an agent’s license for 1 year and also suspend the incoming rookie for his rookie season. That should deter any more incidents.

  24. NFL Agents are making college players perform sexual acts for money?
    Nick Saban is a product of the metrosexual movement in America. He looks it, he acts it, therefore he is.
    Im glad the mainstream media is presenting him as some good guy who took a stand against the disgusting football agents who offer money to guys over 20 years of age. They are kids for crying out loud, disgusting. Its not ridiculous or anything. We are in trouble as a country.

  25. Saban is a beauty. So when they are recruiting kids out of high school they aren’t doing the same things these agents are?
    His players are making good money on the side as it is at Bama. He should stay quiet but he can’t.

  26. I don’t know about using the word “pimp” in this case. All of this is legal.
    The agents, for their own benefit, are trying to poach players using the one thing colleges can’t offer them, which is money. The colleges and their coaches, for their own benefit, are trying to keep players in their programs for as long as possible to maximize their own investments and win games and ultimately, make money.
    So we have one entity implicitly promising money and success in return for work (the college) and one entity explicitly promising money by handing it over in exchange for a slice of future earnings (the agent).
    We’ve got two methods of effectively doing the same thing here. And neither has the player’s best interests in mind.

  27. @ Harm City Homer
    Dude, say it again! Say it again my friend! In the words of the great Martin Luther King say it loud from from the mighty mountains of New York, from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania, from the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado, from the curvaceous slopes of California, from Stone Mountain of Georgia, from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee, from every hill and molehill of Mississippi, From every mountainside, let there be a College Football playoff system for Division one football! To let college players meet and greet with agents, just like any young college scholar would do with a perspective employer, prior to graduation!
    It’s time to fix this shiggity and time to get all these pimps in check! These college kids need to wake up and say hey, I am the one on the field making it happen! Where is my due!

  28. “I have no respect for people who do that to young people. None. How would you feel if they did it to your child?”
    I guarantee that Saban helps his child(ren) avoid the temptations by giving them monies. How about the “children” out there earning him those monies be given some also.

  29. The market would not be there for the pimps (agents) if the players were not the whores accepting the money and so it goes. Could the University and boosters be considered the Brothel owners who facilitate everything?

  30. They’re all culpable in this mess – the athletes, the pimps (errr, agents), and Saban. What a penis wrinkle. This guy should be selling used Buicks in Kalamazoo, and dating some fat broad named Bernice.

  31. Saban leaving other programs after recruiting these young men (not children) to his “former” programs, not living up to his commitments to both college and pro football, shows exactly the type of person he is.
    Saban is a whore first, then a pimp.

  32. # burntorangehorn says: July 22, 2010 8:16 AM
    Not that Saban is any kind of example of good ethics, but you’ve lost it on this one, Florio. College football’s driven by greed? Not even close. The NFL is the greedy organization in the football world.
    The colleges make millions off of the players – the BCS series is a flat-out money grab by the schools. At least the NFL pays their players.
    BTW, the pimps resent being compared to agents.

  33. Saban …. if agents are pimps & players are whores, does that make Saban a Madam?

  34. Ridiculous comment by Saban; esp. since what he’s really burned about is that the punishments for these violations land on the college programs and not the violators. Waah! I won fame by drastically underpaying for top-flight talent! Waaah!
    But there’s no evidence that the NFL players get the “lion’s share” (whatever that is) of NFL revenue. They get 60% of the revs. that the CBA makes owners declare. But that’s it. If non-shared revs. were negligible, the NFL would have every interest in giving fans real numbers. They don’t. Draw the obvious conclusion…

  35. Or, as Travis Bickle stated in a not so famous line from Taxi Driver, “Pimps are like sports agents!”.

  36. As I’ve said before, the system is flawed but it is the system.
    Saban might be a scumbag, but he isn’t jeopardizing careers by being a coach.
    Listen to what he is saying instead of just banging him because he beat your team somewhere along the line.

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