Saints re-sign Bobby McCray

The Saints surprised the football-following world not long ago by abruptly cutting defensive end Bobby McCray.

The Saints have done it again; McCray has re-signed with the team, per a league source.

According to the source, the deal has a base salary of $1.5 million, with another $1 million available in incentives.

The move tends to confirm the notion that the Saints made the move in late June because McCray was due to receive a roster bonus of $1.25 million in early July, along with a $2 million base salary.

The team took a risk that McCray would sign elsewhere.  And, just like it did with safety Darren Sharper, everything worked out for the defending champs.

20 responses to “Saints re-sign Bobby McCray

  1. Eat your heart out Florio…McCray’s back to make Favre match the color of his jersey once again!! You’re beloved Vikes don’t stand a chance come September 9th!

  2. this just in, Favre has said he won’t be ready for the season opener… WHO DAT!!

  3. Saints not only have a way of taking risks and it works out but also good at making the numbers work. I think they finally deserve a SB victory… oh wait… YEAH!
    Cue Vikings…

  4. I am still trying to find anyone that saw a Saint’s fan post……. ever…… anywhere…… before they suddenly became the most feared and winningest franchise of all time.

  5. …yep & i hope shiancoe is the doormat he wipes his cleats on while on his way to flattening favre…

  6. ozzie41 says:
    “I am still trying to find anyone that saw a Saint’s fan post……. ever…… anywhere…… before they suddenly became the most feared and winningest franchise of all time.”
    I have been posting on this site for years, just ask Florio. I was on here before the vast majority of people knew who Florio was.

  7. Same thing happened at our household. We stuck a ratty old sofa and a broken microwave in the alley for a few weeks but no one took them. So now they’re back in the house. You know how much it costs to get junk hauled away these days?

  8. We were actually quite active….Viqueens fans just didn’t notice cuz they weren’t trolling our blogs before the ’09 NFCC.

  9. EDIT: I will call them Vikings…for the few classy Vikings fans I have come across….but they are few.

  10. We resigned McCray so he can finish off Favre…….ha ha…..old man Favre won’t survive another contest with the Saints and his wussy a$$ knows it…..even his agent bus Cook threw his hobbling old a$$ under the Bus saying he was nothing but a great big ole drama queen…….ha ha ha……its so great to be a Saints fan…..ha ha……favre the interception king……thats what he is, plain and simple…..a broke down old grandpaw lawnmower driver…….i stopped in Hattisburg at Favre’s big fancy gate to his mansion on highway 98 and danced and sang into his camera mocking his pants on the ground routine this past Mardi Gras season…..i sang “Favre’s on the ground, Favre’s on the ground, lookin like a fool wit cha Favre on the ground”…..because Bobby McCray and Darren Sharper took turns puttin his old a$$ on the ground…….ha ha….Saints are the ruling NFL Champs…..!!…ain’t life great if you’re a Saints fan……..ha ha ha….

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