Saints sign another pick, officially welcome back McCray

The New Orleans Saints have announced a slew of transactions.  Here they are.

For starters, the team confirmed that defensive Bobby McCray has re-signed with the team.  As we reported earlier today, he’s due to receive $1.5 million in base salary, with $1 million in incentives.

The team also announced that center Matt Tennant, a fifth-round draft pick, has agreed to terms on a four-year deal.

Meanwhile, the Saints have said “sayonara” to several slappies, including linebacker Harry Coleman, linebacker Sam Maxwell, defensive end Brandon Sharpe, and cornerback Marcell Young.  All were signed as undrafted free agents earlier this year.

6 responses to “Saints sign another pick, officially welcome back McCray

  1. Mentioning the names of the new Ravens interns yesterday was a nice touch. The kids get to see their names on PFT.
    Calling undrafted free agents “slappies” was unnecessarily mean. WTF are you trying to get all Tod Haley and prove how tough you are by putting down some poor kids trying to overcome longshot odds and play in the NFL?
    No need to keep kicking people when they’re already down.

  2. mccray is gonna cause favre to have surgery on his other ankle after the first game of the season

  3. Hold on, Saints fans.
    Ya gotta admit, this is two articles in a row from Florio about the Saints and not once did he paint the organization in a poor light. So before we give Florio the usual grief that he’s earned so well because of his constant, needless, trashing of the Saints, lets give pause. Maybe, just maybe, he’s seen how utterly biased he is against the Saints and is slowly beginning to leave his hate behind when bloggin about New Orleans.
    And yes, almost everybody is back from the SB winning team. They are still relatively young, they still have the highest scoring offense, and they made several key additions to bolster the defense. Thus, as hard as it is to win a Super Bowl, much less repeat as champions in the NFL, you’d have to give the Saints as good a chance as anybody in the League to win it – again!

  4. Too bad that Harry Coleman didn’t work out. Then again, he had a run-in with the law recently and the Saints do not like drama.

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