The Redskins could cut the next Andre Johnson

M. Kelly.jpgBack in March of 2009, Albert Haynesworth was asked to explain why his agent met with Redskins owner Dan Snyder at the NFL Scouting Combine, which appeared to be a crystal clear case of tampering.

The official explanation at the time: Haynesworth’s agent Chad Speck and Snyder were discussing wide receiver Malcolm Kelly.

“Chad told me he met with the Redskins at the Combine,” Haynesworth said. “But they were
talking about Malcolm [Kelly] and how he could become the next Andre Johnson and stuff like that.”

Well, the rest of the NFL may get the chance to sign the next Andre Johnson shortly.  Ryan O’Halloran of Comcast Sportsnet Washington predicted on Wednesday Kelly won’t even make the team because of his injury issues and lack of special teams value.

That information makes it all the more ridiculous the Redskins got off the hook for tampering using the Kelly excuse.  It also points out how Washington bungled the second round of that draft.

The team selected Devin Thomas 15 spots ahead of DeSean Jackson, and tight end Fred Davis one spot ahead of Jackson before grabbing Kelly three picks later.  (We like Davis plenty, but they still passed on Jackson twice.)

Vinny Cerrato may be gone, but his legacy continues to live on.

46 responses to “The Redskins could cut the next Andre Johnson

  1. The Danny/Vinnie brain trust messing up the draft? What are you ‘Skin haters or something? The L’il General started poor and worked his way to being the best owner in sports… (sarcasm flag to you idiots who don’t know better)
    That being said, no team gets their draft choices right all the time.

  2. They needed bigger possession receivers to complement S. Moss that year, but you’re right. They could have taken Jackson and added Davis and Thomas.
    Total bungle job by Cerrato.

  3. This is just plain stupid. He’s 6’4, fast as hell, great long speed and the best hands on the team – per Chris Cooley and the old Jason Campbell. We all know that Mike Shanahan loves big receivers. Keep in mind that he’s working in AZ with Donovan, Santana Moss and Thomas. I don’t think there’s many 6’4 dudes playing ST’s in the NFL. Also, we already cut a 6’4 WR who didn’t play ST’s and that was Marko Mitchell.

  4. “That information makes it all the more ridiculous the Redskins got off the hook for tampering using the Kelly excuse. It also points out how Washington bungled the second round of that draft.”
    Why is that ridiculous? Shanahan and allen were not the ones meeting with MK’s agent proclaiming him to be the next AJ. Shanahan and allen are the ones who are supposed to be cutting him. Shanahan and allen had nothing to do with AH. Just becasue Cerrato claimed that MK was the next AJ means nothing and should not be connected to a new regime cutting him

  5. Don’t forget that Vinny also paid Brandon Lloyd $500k per catch. They’ve been terrible at identifying quality WR’s.

  6. Not to make excuses for the Redskins, but every team passed at least once on the headcase that was the NCAA version of DeSean Jackson.

  7. LOL @ “the next Andre Johnson”. But absolutely zero chance we cut Malcolm Kelly.

  8. (We like Davis plenty, but they still passed on Jackson twice.)
    Why did they pass on Jackson?
    Answer: They already had to small Wr’s at that time.
    Moss and Randle El.

  9. DeSean Jackson’s frame/speed prototype doesnt mean that they will perform that way. There are TONS of players with his stature that are lucky to even make special teams. He is just a freak of nature.
    However, I think if M.K went to a different team he could potentially be a good player.
    Look at Nate Washington, he played approx 5 -6 years with pittsburgh sitting on the bench, had two good seasons as a clutch performer then GOT PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Perception is everything… If Kelly leaves Washington, some team could land gold.
    it wouldnt be a Moss(oakland) to Patriots for a 6th round pick.. but it could be close.

  10. Im Counting down the games before DeSean gets bamboozled. That guy weighs 153 pounts soaking wet with a brick tied around his neck. runs his mouth like hes 6’4 225

  11. I wouldn’t cut him. He still has great potential maybe the changes this offseason will finally enable him to perform to expectations.
    Plus who’s gonna hold it down for the Redskins in a freestyle battle if MK leaves?

  12. hindsight is always 20/20. There was so much negative publicity on DeSean that every team passed on his first round talent.
    This site bashes teams for making personnel decisions based on talent alone (eg. cincinatti), but then you also bash the redskins for staying away from a troubled player who turns out to be a superstar (eg. DeSean Jackson). It really is nice to play monday morning QB all the time huh?
    Don’t forget Thomas was the number 1 WR in that draft according to the analyst.

  13. Kelly will be gone. 6’4″ and soft as charmin. Also, not as fast as advertised. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. It was fine that they took Davis, he is a really good TE. DeSean Jackson had 1 ok season so far, and that was with a vet QB. We will see if that happens again. Also they should keep Kelly, it is good, just give him more time and McNabb time to move the ball around. The o-line has been the Redskins issues for some time, they never gave Jason enough time to make something happen with the ball, he was always running for his life.

  15. Desean Jackson
    2008- 62 rec, 912 yds, and 2 TD’s
    2009- 62 rec, 1156 yds, and 9 TD’s

    Malcome Kelly
    2008- 3 rec, 18 yds, and ZERO TD’s
    2009- 25 rec, 347 yrds, and ZERO TD’s

    Devin Thomas
    2008- 15 rec, 120 yds, and ZERO TD’s
    2009- 25 rec, 325 yds, and 3 TD’s
    What a joke to mention any deadskins receivers and DeSean Jackson in the same sentence.

  16. I’m a Malcolm Kelly supporter but this is the second coaching regime that apparently doesn’t have confidence in him. There HAS to be something to say about that. Either that or this article is completely bogus! Unfortunately his injuries have set him back and now he’s climbing out of a deep hole. I just don’t get how a Bobby Wade and old ass Joey Galloway could possibly beat him out for a roster spot. I concur that if he indeed get’s cut he could end up being a teams lucky day. Unlike one poster suggested he isn’t “fast as hell” but he has decent speed, excellent hands, and a knack for coming up with the ball in jump ball situations. I personally think he and Devin Thomas should be starting with Santana Moss in the slot. Add that too an unbelievable two tight end set with Davis and Cooley and this offense could be very dangerous. That’s just my opinion though…

  17. No argument about the continued legacy of Lil Danny’s lapdog, Vinny. You need look no further than Haynesworth. But, the new regime will give Kelly and Thomas every opportunity to show what they can do in an actual pro offense. Plus, McNabb has this tendency to make no-name receivers appear pro-worthy all of a sudden. That’s as close as I get to a compliment to Andy “Waffle House” Reid. Hail!

  18. If Malcolm Kelly is the next Andre Johnson, I am the next Brad Pitt.
    All you hear about it potential and he never delivers. Thomas has done more for the team than he has.

  19. Okay, the conversation took place before last season when Kelly had only a single year (mostly injured) under his belt. And in defense of “brain trust”, Kelly’s college numbers were much more solid than Andre Johnson’s when he came into the league. So, it actually could have been a conversation about not giving up on Kelly since he was injured early. Agents almost always play up their clients and he was comparing one big, fast receiver against another already established in the league.

  20. No NEws is Now News…
    O’Hallaron is just filling space and going wild because it is July and there is nothing to write about if you are a Beat Reporter, but make wild guesses at who makes th 53-man sqaud….
    And every team had a chance to pick DeSean JAckson…..2, 3, 4 times over….What’s the point?
    Every team passed over Tom Brady like 6 times. Woulda Coulda Shoulda……Malcom stays and will be Andre Johnson Lite…

  21. Kelly was great his sophomore year, but he disappeared almost entirely his junior (final) season once they got past the non-conference schedule. I really have no idea why the Redskins felt that was worth a second-round pick.

  22. Boy, those freakin Redskins just get more impressive every day.
    Washington first in war, first in peace, and last in the NFC East.

  23. @Burgundy&Gold
    Too bad for you sorry Skins fans that Desean isn’t 6’4, 225 or your idiot management would have drafted him. Lucky for Desean, that didn’t happen or his talent would have languished on an ancient, untalented, overpaid team.

  24. MK will be a Redskins this year, and DNabb will make him a great contributer!! This team can only improve in every aspect of the game, defense will be questionable, although good, I am optimistic the defense will even get better also, with Landry moving over to SS and letting Rak be a hawk…

  25. Andre Johnson OT,
    30th pick, First round, 1996 draft by Washington Redskins
    “Not only was he a first-round pick, but then-general manager Charley Casserly traded a third-round pick to move up to this spot to take him. By the time training camp was over, the Redskins knew they had made a big mistake. He never played a single regular season game with Washington, and Casserly would later admit to “forcing the guy up the draft board.” No kidding! He was cut after his rookie year and picked up by Detroit, but his entire career consisted of three games.”
    Yep. That sounds about right!

  26. “The team selected Devin Thomas 15 spots ahead of DeSean Jackson, and tight end Fred Davis one spot ahead of Jackson before grabbing Kelly three picks later. (We like Davis plenty, but they still passed on Jackson twice.)”
    Ya…and every team passed on Tom Brady like 5 or 6 times. What’s your point? The draft is a crapshoot. Hindsight is 20/20. If anyone thought DeSean Jackson would be as good as he is now he would have went in the top ten or top five overall instead of the 2nd Round.

    Statistics No Yds Avg TD
    2007 49 821 16.8 9
    2006 62 993 16.0 10
    2005 33 471 14.3 2
    Career 144 2,285 15.9 21
    Above are Malcolm Kelly’s college stats. How exactly did he “disappear almost entirely”? His avg. per catch increased, he had one fewer touchdown and 13 fewer catches. Most analysts had him going in the first round, some as high as #11.
    Now, no receivers went in the first round that year, but stop and think about some of the receivers that went ahead of Kelly:
    Jordy Nelson, James Hardy, Jerome Simpson…it’s not like those guys are tearing up the league. Only Eddie Royal and DeSean Jackson can lay claim to good numbers so far.
    Kelly was not a bad pick, but it is just notoriously hard to pick WRs.

  28. I’m a Skins fan but LOL at the thought of Malcolm Kelly being the next Andre Johnson I needed the laugh.Devin Thomas is the one who has the chance to be a great WR if ever puts it together.

  29. TheOne says: July 22, 2010 11:25 AM
    It was fine that they took Davis, he is a really good TE. DeSean Jackson had 1 ok season so far, and that was with a vet QB.
    –I guess he is average if you are looking at his numbers compared to top 10 wide receiver’s
    Compared to the Skins WO’s? Hell we better crown his ass, cause they are who we thought they were
    If you still had the chance to get Davis over Jackson? Umm yeah I think you would take Jackson… Hell I don’t even like the Eagles and know who has the best wide out…and 2nd wide out (Maclin)…Which don’t lie you would much rather have Maclin over what you have

  30. The problem with the Kelly Pick was that they should have got a linemen. Offensive preferably but defensive would have been a better choice than another wideout. We needed bigger receivers, but getting three looked rediculous at the time.
    Still, let’s get rid of the 20/20 hindsight. No one was saying that Jackson was going to be as good as he has been, no one. It’s the reason he lasted to where he did. Kelly and Thomas where more highly rated by most draft commentators. The real problem here is that our training staff either failed to notice or didn’t express strongly enough that Kelly’s knees were completely rogered.
    Cerrato is responsible for Thomas. Everytime team-mates speak about him there has been about a 90% chance of them describing him as an idiot. Not in a light hearted, he is a bit of a goof kind of way, but as in “dear god what a tool.”

  31. If the bug eye idiot wanted to draft 2 WRs for the Skins it should have been DeSean Jackson and Devin Thomas. There were questions about Kelly’s knee coming out of Oklahoma but Vinny the “genius” chose to ignore it just like he always ignored our Oline.

  32. We need linemen says: July 22, 2010 1:42 PM
    No one was saying that Jackson was going to be as good as he has been, no one.
    –Actually he had a 1st round grade by quite a few teams, however they either had bigger needs(obviously), or other things in mind. Yes he did drop, but it was more about which teams had lower lower 1st round draft choices then no one thought he would be good….Trust me you pick someone in the second round your not expecting him to do nothing

  33. Who will survive the last cut before training camp begins?
    Maybe McNabb will have solidified on his opinions about receivers’ capabilities during “hell week” and will let his observations be known to the coaching staff.
    Last season, the production of the Skins’ WRs was largely determined on Jason Campbell’s ability to stay vertical and have enough time to let the routes develop. Look at how many times he had to use his TEs as receivers.
    Lousy OL performance = Poor WR stats.

  34. Let’s see why might they cut this 6’4” receiver with great hands.

    1) He turned up out of condition and with a dodgy knee.

    2) He near as damn it missed his entire rookie season, including practices, because his knee kept swelling up, he couldn’t practice and he didn’t know the offense.

    3) Second season, wins starting job with strong camp and pre-season. Hype machine goes into over drive. He catches 25-balls and goes 347-yards.

    Much of that season is notable for Kelly’s ability to go for entire games without ever being open.

    To add insult, a large portion of his yardage comes from a single long reception against the Charger’s back-ups (who incidentally still managed to crush our first string).

    4) Kelly show’s new commitmant, joins new QB McNabb’s Arizona “Hell Week”. Injures hammy. Returns to team for training camp and hides extent of injury from the staff. Manages one practice and is then consigned IR, missing the whole season.

    5) Kelly shows tremendous commitment to the team by turning up to the facility everyday whilst on IR. Great. Everything looks promising for a last shot in 2011, his fourth year with the team. Kelly injures his foot within the first few days of training and hasn’t practiced since then.

    Nope, I cannot see any reason to cut him there, not with such great hands and all.

    Especially, after what happened with Marko Mitchell. Some misguided people pointed out that he’d just had a few good games against bottom of the depth chart scrubs in pre-season, and that probably didn’t mean much. Some pointed out that Shanahan was actually a professional coach and actually got to see him practice, but they should have listened to the shouty types who new he would come back to haunt us.

    Though I don’t think were scheduled to play the Edmonton Eskimos this year. Maybe Kelly can join him to form a ferocious receiving tandem with great size and hands.

  35. @We need linemen says:

    OK, I am betting our usernames are based on the same on Danny Rouhier’s PSA.

    With regards to the 2008 draft, I remember it as:

    1) Wow, we traded down, 3-second round picks.

    2) Devin Thomas, not bad, most draftniks have him as the best receiver and gave him a first round grade. Only 1-year of production, but we’ve just filled a huge need. Vinnie is defying all expectations.

    3) Fred Davis, who the f is Fred Davis. A tight-end, you’re kidding me. We’ve already got Cooley. Vinnie living down to expectations. Calais Campbell is just sitting there. We desperately need a DE, we’ve just signed his college coach, why didn’t we pick him. Never mind, may be he’ll still be on the board.

    4) Nope, Arizona takes him with the 50th pick. Damn it. We’ve picked up two big receiving targets, albeit one is TE. We’ve addressed a huge need, now we need a linemen, offensive or defensive I really don’t care.

    5) With the 51st pick the Redskins select Malcom Kelly.

    Hey, isn’t that the guy who started out as a first round pick in all the mocks and then plummetted because he has a dodgy knee, missed the combine, got into a spat with his College and ran really, really slowly at his pro-day.

    6) Finally, a guard, Chad Rhinehart, with a 3rd rounder. Let’s see what the experts say. Ahhh, they all say reach, about 2-rounds too early. Nevermind, Joe Jacoby went undrafted, maybe Rhinehart will prove them wrong.

    7) and on

    8) and on.

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