With Phillip Merling out for the year, Fins could go after Marcus Spears

NFL_merling.jpgWe reported earlier today that Dolphins defensive end Phillip Merling has an Achilles’ tendon injury.  Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Merling will miss the entire season due to the injury.

Jackson also reports that the injury was suffered during football-related activities, which means that Merling will receive the full amount of his $600,000 base salary, if/when he lands on injured reserve.

Of course, that amount could be reduced if/when Merling is suspended by the league for violating the Personal Conduct Policy.  He faces felony charges after allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend.

Salguero also reports that the Dolphins may eventually make a play for Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears.  Selected by Dolphins V.P. of football operations Bill Parcells in the first round of the 2005 draft while Parcells was working as head coach of the Cowboys, Spears could be on the outs in Dallas.  Which could put him on the ins in Miami.

24 responses to “With Phillip Merling out for the year, Fins could go after Marcus Spears

  1. parcells knows exactly what to do in these situations. Expect {if needed} spears to be brought in soon.

  2. Unless it’s a third round pick or better, Dallas won’t give him up. As unspectacular as his play has been, he’s very good against the run and is part of a solid rotation. With that said, this is probably his last year with the Cowboys.

  3. Everytime a dolphin is injured someone brings up a cowboy Parcells drafted. Armando you are so predictable.

  4. Dolphins might as well just forfeit. They’re going to lose all the games anyway. This way no one gets hurt.

  5. I love when you have stories like this and the ability to repeat things like “allegedly beating up his pregnant girlfriend” on an @sshole like this guy that deserves it.

  6. The Skins have done a lot of stupid things over the years in the draft, but in not drafting Merling, when there was pressure in the DC media to do so, was a lone good thing done in the draft by the skins.

  7. Poetic justice is good; low life Merling is out and now the Dolphins have an opportunity to get a real DE. It should happen soon.

  8. Dolphins might as well just forfeit. They’re going to lose all the games anyway”
    Leave it to the njmut to show his growing stupidity/ignorance with each new post. Typical from the jet scum- still stinging after 3 losses in a row to the Miami Dolphins (and 1 pass away from 4 in a row) Wrecks can’t beat the Dolphins. Cry on!

  9. This hasn’t changed The Dolphin’s defensive plans one bit. I am sure Parcels and Nolan have been talking about a replacement for Merling ever since he got arrested. Let’s get Jared Odrick signed and move on. With Mike Nolan at the helm of the Defense The Dolphins will come close to sweeping the AFC East this year.

  10. @Securb
    “The Dolphins will come close to sweeping the AFC East this year.”
    Wow, dude. Look down at your feet and then move away from the vertical pedal on the right and depress the horizontal pedal to it’s immeadiate left firmly. I’ll give you 2-0 against the Bills, but 4-0 versus the Pats and the Jets ain’t happening. (3-1 ain’t happening either)

  11. “Fins could go after Marcus Spears”
    Given that Spears signed his tender and is under contract with the Dallas Cowboys, doesn’t that mean the Dolphins would have to, you know, offer a trade for him?
    Unless you’re suggesting that the Dolphins can simply ‘bring in’ any player from any team regardless of their contract status?

  12. “robert ethen says:
    July 23, 2010 12:11 AM
    Hey Phil, can we recommend the Achille’s Heal surgeon down in Bossier Louisiana?”
    Wow, you really nailed that one, huh? Making a joke about a guy in his 30s that died suddently and left two young boys to grow up fatherless. You rock.

  13. Guess they better get a little more serious with the Odrick negotiations. But then, they’ll still sweep the jests.

  14. There really are a bunch of idiots on this site….anyone who actually pays attention to the game understands how competitive the AFC East is. Even when teams are bad, they always play each other tough.
    For anyone interested in facts – the Dolphins have the EXACT same record vs each of the AFC East Teams over the past 5 seasons. 4 – 6. This Includes playing the Patriots during their best seasons, suffering through the 1 win season of the Phins in ’07. And sweeping the Jets who were given a free trip to the playoffs last year.

  15. Dolphins might as well just forfeit. They’re going to lose all the games anyway”
    Typical idiot Jets fan. I hope your Jets suck this year!

  16. Keep dreaming of a jets championship, it won’t happen this year either!!! enjoy the cellar this year because the jets wil suck this year, over rated piles of poop!!! Spears needs to be picked up we need D line people NOW!!! Fins will STILL own the junk jets!!!

  17. why do so many jets trolls have to comment on doings with the fins? scared a little im a thinkin.

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