Carson Palmer has pushed for T.O. signing

Following a TMZ report that T.O. was “very close” to signing, a source close to the situation told PFT that it wasn’t true.  Carson Palmer reportedly hopes that changes soon.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Palmer and Owens have been working out regularly together in California, and Palmer has been “highly impressed.”  The quarterback reportedly told the Bengals that Owens could be an asset to the team.

(Apparently Palmer just doesn’t have enough reality show divas in his life.)

It sounds like the Bengals are at least contemplating a move. Perhaps they want to see how Antonio Bryant and Matt Jones look first.

Jones resides squarely on the roster bubble, and ESPN’s Chris Mortensen writes that Bryant’s knee was still a problem during the offseason.  Should Bryant’s knee not recover, perhaps the Bengals would be ready to take on another problem waiting to happen.

41 responses to “Carson Palmer has pushed for T.O. signing

  1. Carson Palmer should be pushing the Bengals hierarchy to buy him a new arm, seeing as his doesn’t work any more.

  2. Rosenthal sounds envious of Carson Palmer or T.O. Rosenthal, envy is a sin and just because these guys get paid millions to entertain doesn’t mean you need to be so jealous.

  3. For such a cancer, his teams sure have done a lot of winning. Sure has.
    ~Buffalo Bill 6-10

  4. Having T.O. would be a good choice. He’s still a great #2 receiver. He’ll get the Bengals touchdowns and he’ll take some of the attention from Ocho. It’s a smart choice. Carson just want some weapons to work with. The Bengals have a running game and defense now.

  5. I’m still LMFAOing about T.O. calling Jeff Garcia gay, BWAHAHAHA. Oh Carson, when will you realize who you’re dealing with……

  6. The sticking point is T.O. is refusing to legally change his name to OchoCuatro.

  7. The Bengals are just a halfway decent passing game away from challenging for the AFC Championship so I would not blame them for signing T.O.
    They have a top 5 Defense with a couple of big-time starters returning from injury in Odom and Roy Williams plus a great running game. They already added some nice pieces to the passing game in the Rookie TE Gresham, Bryant, Shipley and Jones. This would be a great time to sell out and go for it.

  8. Carson throwing to Chad, T.O., Antonio Bryant, Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham and Andre Caldwell, who Marvin Lewis is calling the most improved player on the team this year. who is going to stop that?! the two things Carson and company were missing last year would finally be addressed: options (talented ones, anyways) outside of Ocho and depth. especially in the red zone with 6’3″ Owens and 6’5″ Gresham. backed by a solid running game (assuming no suspension for Benson) and a top-5 (and improving) defense, it’s curtains if this happens.

  9. This would be awesome because then we can see 2 loudmouths that have no championship experience (yet think teams can’t win without them) fail together.
    Tired of these punk ass diva recievers. What are the 2 biggest wins TO and Eight Five have anyways?

  10. Btw –
    We need to make a list of the douchebags who actually watch these reality TV shows, and have an intervention – so these poor, poor folks can regain their lives.

  11. Had something to say, but after reading the first comment, can’t remember what that was …
    I don’t know or care who T.O. dates … and from the female perspective, wouldn’t complain about him removing his shirt. But he’s brought his problems on himself by making a team sport all about him, undermining the authority of his coaches, and publicly shredding his QBs. He didn’t cause problems in Buffalo because the team was out of contention, therefore, he was out of the spotlight. But Cincy is the defending division champ, the Bengals will contend, #85 will tweet for attention, and if Palmer fades–as he’s been known to do–so will all this affection.
    I hate the Bengals as rivals, but Palmer’s an okay guy and Marv used to be with the Steelers. Wouldn’t want to see decent people throw themselves in front of a bus. Can’t stand the Cowboys or the Eagles. But McNabb deserved better than he got from this guy. His experience should be their guide.

  12. T.O. to the Bengals would be a smart move… and would elevate their offense from where it stands now. Palmer and T.O. are developing some off-season chemistry and that could pay dividends if they sign him.
    T.O. is a “hall of fame” receiver that gets all the blame when things go wrong with teams that sign him. Its convenient for the media to throw him under the bus… While he has certainly stirred things up, he alone should not be blamed for teams that fail to live up to their expectations.
    If Cincinnati steps up and adds him to their roster, they will win their division… no question about it. A deep playoff run would also be a possibility if T.O. gets added to the roster…

  13. I would actually be okay with it. I think TO realizes he has a very short window to win a ring and I think he would be more focused because of that. He would also be with his good friend Chad, and since Marvin Lewis has so much experience dealing with Chad, he is probably the most qualified to deal with TO.

  14. BwB,
    Uh…get YOUR facts straight and look at Peyton’s comments after that ’05 playoff game. He definitely threw his offensive line under the bus. This isn’t the only occasion that’s happened, but the most reminiscent for me, since it was sort of important for the team I root for…

  15. paxton says:
    July 24, 2010 12:42 AM
    Carson throwing to Chad, T.O., Antonio Bryant, Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham and Andre Caldwell, who Marvin Lewis is calling the most improved player on the team this year. who is going to stop that?! the two things Carson and company were missing last year would finally be addressed: options (talented ones, anyways) outside of Ocho and depth. especially in the red zone with 6’3″ Owens and 6’5″ Gresham. backed by a solid running game (assuming no suspension for Benson) and a top-5 (and improving) defense, it’s curtains if this happens.
    Who is going to stop that? The Jets would.

  16. I’m a Bengal fan and would have not have favored signing T.O., but if Carson is working out with him and wants him signed then I favor adding T.O..
    It would make the amount of offensive weapons on the team to be absolutely amazing and the issue would become how to utilize so many weapons. We have become a run first team, but the passing game was so terrible at the end of last season that teams keyed on the run.
    We would now have Chad OchoCinco, Jermaine Gresham our 1st round 6’5″ pass catching tight end, along with Chase Coffman who was injured last year who is the same type of tight end, Antonio Bryant, and a very good stable of running backs in Ced Benson (hopefully not suspended), Bernard Scott who is a great talent and will be used as a receiving back too and Brian Leonard who was great on 3rd down and has improved his speed. You add T.O. as well as Jordan Shipley from the 3rd round. It will be a matter of the offensive line improving in pass blocking and Carson being better as he was bad at the end of the year, but his arm should be better.
    The Hall of Fame Game against the Cowboys with the addition of T.O. might be billed as a potential Super Bowl preview. I would also enjoy the amount of National coverage the Bengals would garner and I haven’t even mentioned our Defense which was #4 in the league and is set to improve on that standing and is the strength of the team.
    Florio doesn’t have a clue about this year’s Bengals considering he has picked us 3rd in our division.

  17. Interesting A) Even though I personally think TO has changed with age (see 09 w/ Buffalo) I just can’t see all those egos working on one field collectively B) The potential for problems for the Over the Rhine Convicts is too great as it is with Jones/Bryant/Numero uno doucher C) Uno/Bryant/Jones/Shipley/Caldwell/TO/
    Briscoe/ Cosby/ Simpson / Purify / + a receiving TE in Gresham. That would be awfully crowded, room would need to be made, & the potential to lose a few potential impact guys in the future for TO a year or two isn’t very smart, in my opinion. Uno/Bryant/Caldwell/Shipley is a pretty solid 4some, I really don’t think Palmer & co NEED TO.. Sounds like the guy lacks confidence in his own skills if he thinks they need more WR’s.

  18. @ Steelerer
    You really don’t think T.O. would start in Pittsburgh? Who would be ahead of him, Mike Wallace? Child Please…

  19. I think TO teaming up with Ochocinco makes for a deadly air assault, especially from a great arm like Palmer. I think TO at this point has to realize he is a second option. Check out my article to read more about TO and his future

  20. I wanna add Dallas to the teams T.O. Wouldn’t start for. As a matter of fact, counting Witten and Felix, T.O. Would be 6th receiving option there…

  21. T.O. is a locker room disaster. Take him on and you are willing your team to fail.

  22. Who would stop a Bengals team loaded at WR? Ah, well, the Bengals. The tension between Ochostinko and T.O. would be unbearable. They’d be so focused on what each other was doing and vying for attention they’d forget to play the game, as those two losers so often do.
    T.O. a winner? He’s turned every winning franchise he has been on into a stinker. Ochostinko a gamer? He quit in the middle of Cincy’s potentially biggest win in twenty years, contributing more to their playoff loss than potentially the loss of Palmer.
    I could only hope these two fools land on the same team together. Would be as much fun as watching the Jets implode this year.

  23. TO is an ass but Barry Bonds was a bigger ass IMHO. Shirt off or on, white women or not, TO made himself an ass, not the media. They just enjoyed watching the ass implode. Though he never was a criminal, it looks like just being a self serving ass has been the kiss of death for him.
    To bad, he coulda been a contenda.

  24. So Palmer is the straw that is stirring the TO controversy drink….
    Steelerer: as far as what teams TO would start for, I’ll disagree with the first 5 you mentioned. Your own steelers would start him and move Wallace back to the 3, where he dominated last year and would dominate again. GB’s Jennings is overrated, NYGs only have Smith, Minn’s Berrian is an underachiever, and NE misses Welker. The rest I’ll agree with.

  25. For all of the talk about TO being a locker room cancer, there are very few players who validate that rumor. It’s really more of a media creation. Players are resilient; they have been on teams with diva and other strong personalities since high school.

  26. This is very simple. If TO were willing to work for the veteran minimum, he would have a job tomorrow.

  27. Man, people really are delusional on here. I mean you are DUMB. T.O. made every team he played for BETTER. When he left the team it got WORSE outside of Dallas last year every team he has left has gotten worse. So How do you figure he kills the team when they play better when hes there…. and they get worse when he leaves? /boggle
    Your blind hatred causes your warped minds to lose track of reality.
    You are dumb.
    “t.o and chad will be fighting and team chemiustry gone! blabla” They are friends and have been for a long time? You people really really lost track of real life. You do know that all this locker room nonsense you speak of is coming from outsiders who possibly never played on any athletic team in their life and media influenced non sense. They just use the scape goat story.
    Yawn, T.O. is going to make any team better and he is still a top reciever. Oh btw, When he enters the hall of fame and does sit ups on the podium, I cant wait to watch you all cry in jealous hatred. d:?D

  28. your talking out of your ass. He doesnt start in:
    I lol’d
    TO is better than Ward and Wallace

  29. if to agreed to play in cincy for free, they’d still have no place for him. bengals are too depth at wr this season unless there is an injury or contract hold out.
    the bengals will be forced to cut 4-5 wrs before the season begins, 2 of those players are former round 2 picks who will find other jobs.
    as much as palmer might want TO, the coaches and mike brown have no place for TO. nor any use for him currently. bryant ends up on the pup before the season is over with another knee issue and the bengals will call TO. until then, this is just rumor mill trash talking.

  30. @RedBengal
    I think you might be selling Jennings short on bad season & you are forgetting Hakeem Nicks in NY who had a VERY solid rookie campaign.
    I will agree though, TO would start for the Tar & Urine colored team, with Wallace moving back to the slot. Would actually be smart of Stool City to do so since they are really missing a key piece with Holmes. Surprised @ how many shitstain fans are dumb enough to think he couldn’t start for that shithole team.
    Stool City, you better worry the most about A) Getting Woodley resigned immediately B) A RT C) Your QB not getting an added suspension for pissing on a golf course in front of women D) The coach that just was extended not being able to hold together his locker room!

  31. # ChillyP says:
    For such a cancer, his teams sure have done a lot of winning. Sure has.
    ~Buffalo Bill 6-10
    He was so bad that the team plummeted all the way from 7-9. Edwards started 14 games in 2008 and Losman started 2 while Edwards started 7 games, Fitzpatrick started 7 and Brohm started 1. Problems were due more to other things besides Owens.
    For his career, T.O. has been on 5 losing teams in 14 years and one of them was 4-3 when they suspended him. While everyone and his mother might want to blame him for Philly’s losing season, it’s really hard to blame him for the other 4.

  32. I wish the Bills would resign TO. He has done nothing to hurt their team. Without him, I doubt they would have won more than two games last year.

  33. If they do sign Owens I hope they can get a mic in the huddle…it will be hilarious listening to Owens and 85 trying to explain how they are always open and need the ball. Owens to Bengals is NOT a good fit and will lead to problems down the road. The good teams that Owens was on ultimately failed in the end because the QBs abandoned solid game plans in order to try to get Owens the ball more. He usually got decent stats as a result but the team suffered in the end.

  34. # The Tire Slasher says: July 23, 2010 11:30 PM
    Carson Palmer should be pushing the Bengals hierarchy to buy him a new arm, seeing as his doesn’t work any more.
    Seriously. Dude’s UCL looks to be fixing to get blowed up real good. I have watched him a bit and there is a HUGE difference in his accuracy now and before that thing started shredding. The CP I saw this past year is TOTALLY UNRECOGNIZABLE as far as accuracy. It’s only a matter of time Carson, get that thing FIXED. I know the whole cadaver ligament thing creeps CP out, and they may have to use that since he already has one surgically repaired leg and I believe it’s the left which would be the one they would use to get a replacement UCL made if not using a cadaver ligament because he is right handed and hence right legged so they probably wouldn’t use his own….BUT GET IT FIXED.

  35. I think it’s funny to see all the Steeler and Raven comment’s on here.. It’s obvious this move would really make them uncomfortable playing us and they’re trying really hard to debunk as a bad move by regurgitating the same old things about T.O.

  36. @Cincinnasty …
    Can’t speak for other Steelers fans, but I’d be the first to own up if I were worried about T.O. signing with the Bengals because I perceive him as a threat. Don’t think he’s over the hill, but he’s past his peak and demanding much more than he’s worth. You’ve already got a bigger threat in #85. In fact, if I look at this from a selfish perspective, it’s in our best interest for you to hire T.O.
    With all the factors in play, it’s impossible to predict what type season Pittsburgh might have. But the Ravens will give you fits, and I think the Browns will be an improved team. If the Steelers manage to contend, this will be a tense division. T.O. doesn’t react well to tension. He has a big mouth and needs to own the spotlight. So does #85. Who cares if they’re friends now? He was friends w/McNabb, too? When the going gets tough, he’ll take shots at anyone–#85, Palmer, Marv. Your team will wind up in a public feud, with tension in the locker room and on the sidelines … and reporters might leave my guys alone for five minutes.
    Oh yeah … by all means … sign him.

  37. @Deb,
    Sometimes you make sense, other times you don’t.
    If you say in your post that “it’s impossible to predict what type season Pittsburgh might have………” which is giving a pass to a Steelers team that is in disarray, you can hardly try and “predict” what TO would do while playing for the Bengals.
    Get it together and stop being a hippocrit. Having a big time receiver land on another team in the AFC North makes all other AFC North teams nervous (see Anquan Boldin…..)
    I personally think the winner of the AFC North will be Baltimore. This is there last horrah until most of their players land on social security and retirement.
    I’ll call a wild card berth to Cincinnati, with the Browns and the Steelers BOTH around 6-10.
    And true to form, predictions don’t mean much. Most predictions are like peeing into the wind………sometimes it comes back to soak you and other times a woman living on the golf course watches you do it and calls the cops. Oops, my bad!

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