PFTV looks at the AFC West over/under

We’re working through the various NFL divisions for our second annual over/under quasi-predictions thing. 

So far, we’ve looked at the AFC East, AFC North, and AFC South.

We’ll wrap up the AFC with a look at the division that the Chargers have owned for the last four years.


45 responses to “PFTV looks at the AFC West over/under

  1. “the Chargers have owned”
    and have done NOTHING with
    “the last four years.”…..The usual for them.
    Hope their fan isn’t too upset.

  2. Can’t stand the Raiders, however I say 8 wins easily! Should get 2 or 3 wins in divison, rams and seahags are winnable, indy at end of season they bench everyone, texans and miami at home..

  3. WOW I could not believe it, I had to watch it twice…
    I am still confused…. Did Mike actually show some love to The Raiders?
    OK maybe it wasn’t love, but maybe a little lust…..

  4. Outside of BB nobody has made more money off of Tom Brady than Weiss. The only time I am hanging my furture on him is it it involves a pie eating contest.

  5. San Diego has reigned over the weakest years of the AFC West. King over weaklings is not an honor, but it is preferable. However, as INVAIDUH points out, what have they done with a free pass to the playoffs the past several years? Anything of cherished importance to show for it? Maybe this year, but the window is closing because the weaklings are all working-out and it’ll be a tough division again soon when the Chiefs and Raiders, in particular, build back up to prominence.
    The Broncos’ greatest question mark is McDaniels’ wisdom and ability to handle all the responsibilities he apparently has. The team should’ve limited his roles a’la Davis/Kiffin – but for whatever reason they thought he could run the whole show. I think they’re learning otherwise.

  6. There’s a better chance Al Davis will work as beer vendor than the Raiders winning 8 games!!!!!

  7. Chargers 9 wins and win division. Raiders 8 wins KC 6 wins Denver 5 wins
    Raider Nation rebuilding back to greatness!

  8. The Chargers haven’t owned anything, they merely took over payments for a little while. Then they found out they couldn’t afford the payments. No improvments, no success beyond the division title they are borrowing. Chargers are chokers.

  9. Okay, here’s my prediction and I’n not sure it matters but it just proves I can do Florio’s job and I have better hair; well at least it’s real..
    1) Broncos – 10/6
    2) Chargers – 10/6
    3) Raiders – 8/8
    4) Chiefs – 7/9
    Now, this is more accurate and based on factual information such as the Chiefs and Raiders both suck.. The Broncos will finally sweep the Bolts and will make the playoffs where they will lose in the first round but would have gotten there which in McD’s 2nd year is an accomplisment. In other news, Brandon Marshall is arrested by mid-year after a domestic dispute with a Wendy’s hamburger wrapper. I might also point out that the wrapper whips his ass and he sustains multiple life threatening hip injuries which cause him to throw massive tantrums on the sidelines.

  10. Broncofanman – You are aware that the bronco’s have pulled the biggest choke move in the last few years and with Orton as the QB i would watch what I say.
    On a side note that team that you say sucks has beat you the last two years in your house!

  11. I love the Faider fans coming out in droves. it’s the same nonsense year in and year out.. Come on, I can appreciate your undying devotion to your team but I think it’s time to remove yourselves from Mr. Davis’s butt and come up for air; your team’s claim to fame was 30 years ago. What have you done sense 1983, wait for it, I know, nothing…. There, now shut up and move over, there’s a new “Holy” powerhouse in the AFC West and they are a mile closer to god than you are.

  12. @Broncofanman….
    You should be so lucky to have “droves” of fans….
    Elway and T.D. are not comming back…
    You’ve had a FEW good years….
    We’ve had a great franchise…
    R. Nation….GFY.

  13. People in glass houses Broncofanman. What have the broncos done lately. That’s right they only needed to win one of there last 6 games to make the playoff and they wait for it…. choked yet again. Denver is far from a powerhouse! For those keeping score raiders 56 donkeys 41. Powerhouse my ass!
    There is nothing greater then an Oakland Raider!

  14. You raider Fans prove my point. The Best thing about a Faider Fan is watching their Pre-Season Bliss turn into thier mid-season nigthmare.. By week six you’ll be calling for Cable’s head, Bey is a Chump and Al Davis has dymensia; it’s the samething each and every year.
    Now, Raidertg, your right we did choke and lose those games as well as a chance at a playoff game but we had that change, something the faiders haven’t had in a long time. Your teams glory dies in the mid 80’s face it.
    As for you Inviaduh, you have a great franshise? Really, how many games have you won sense 2002? What like 3 or something? That’s a great franchise, being the laughing stock of the NFL doesn’t make you a great franchise it makes you a seconda rate Detroit Lions.

  15. Aaaaaaaaahahahahhhh
    @Broncofan… need one more title just to tie us….and Elway couldn’t do it without T.D….
    You should be so lucky to be in the Nation.
    There was tons of life before 2002…pup.

  16. Broncofanman – you can turn the sats anyway you want. Look back before 2003 and it is a totally differant story. When is the last time the donkeys were in the SB? And if the Raiders are suck a joke since 2002 how come we own you in our own house the last few years?

  17. Easy Nation, you forget that the air is thin in denver and the people are idiots. So cut the moron some slack. He obviously lives in a fictional reality that is being a bronco fan.
    Hey Broncofan, its gonna fun this season when the donkeys get one division win over kc in kc. You poor bastards suck and are only gettin worse. Tebow the salvation? hahahahaha freakin crapped my pants its so funny. But hey man its okay, you showed your stupidity with your predicitons of the AFC West. You could be the dumbest person to post on here in the last week and that my nonexistent friend is a HUGE insult!
    And please feel free to explain how we (the Raider Nation) prove your point? Ill be in denver with ya when we stomp your throats at home…. Again!!! Go eat some yellow snow you loser…
    Nation Out!

  18. Faider fans, it’s ll good, we’re all Gods creatures.. You’ve owed us in our house the past fews years, did you guys sweep us last year or the year before, I think not.. God your team and your fans are so pathetic; in reality your team hasn’t done anything sense 1983 and that’s a fact, wait for it, I’m wrong, your team has finished last in our division more than any other team in the last 30 years and now that’s domination. Al Davis for President…
    On another note, Todd Marenovich called and wants a try out with your team, he heard there was a vacancy after disposing of another catastrophic failure JeMarcus..

  19. ‘When is the last time the donkeys were in the SB? And if the Raiders are suck a joke since 2002 how come we own you in your own house the last few years?’

  20. Hahahaha, and the worst thing that could have happend to you is the departure of Russel. You guys are so screwed and you know it. Its gonna be a fun season. And Ill be here all season to watch the horror that is the denver broncos

  21. Orange dump….
    you had 4 good years of service.
    lemme know when your team does something more.
    R. Nation.
    You should be so lucky.

  22. 2 losses to the Chiefs
    2 losses to Chargers
    1 vs Broncos
    @ Tenn=L
    @ Cardinals=L
    =5-11 season for Jokeland

  23. you have to love all the other AFC west teams. The chargers who have no rings, the broncos, who nhave dies with elway, similiar to how we have died w/ gannon, and the chiefs, who went south when Marty left, only to go to SD to point them north. For the fact the raiders are the only afc west team that has been to the superbowl in the past decade, only to lose to gruden. The afc west use to be the best, and now is one of the worse…but the raiders, and the chiefs are the only teams heading north this year…In all reality chargers are still the best, but the gap has closed.
    If the skins really have had enough w Haynesworth and the raiders get him then it’s all raiders. As much as he has a bitter taste to the guy who gave him his first head coaching opportunity in the nfl, he hates the guy who stabbed him in the back more.

  24. My God, you Faider fans need an education; go back to school will ya? Okay for the record on who’s been more dominating since the 1980 season, let me break it down for you.
    YRS: Broncos wins Oakland wins
    00-09 93 62
    90-99 94 82
    80-89 93 89
    based on the number of wins, who’s dominating between the Broncos and Faiders, I can tell you it isn’t the Faiders. During that almost 30 year span we have 280 total wins and yours are 233 for a difference (for those of you who can’t count) of 47 games or if you look at it this way, we have 3 more seasons of wins compared to your pathetic Faider Nation. I will also add that during that span we have been to 5 Superbowls, numerous championship games and countless playoffs whereas your team is warming the couch. Enough said, now shut up.

  25. Facts don’t lie, looks like your team has been on a slide for sometime now. Hell, I I should put Al Davis on my Christmas for all those games you’ve given us in the past 30 years. Thank you Al, how about drafting another Jamarcus Russell of Todd Marinovich… God, I could go on all day long.. How many busts have you had over the past 30 years?

  26. Hey, Broncofanman, your team has been money over my team for a number of years, especially recently. The win/loss history still favors the Raiders substantially, but that’s “glory days”, right? You get to brag and nag until the Raiders turn it around – every Raider fan ought to get that.
    That said, I think the McDaniel era is getting off to a real bumpy start, and your team has a lot more questions at QB than any team would like to have. Certainly I understand how shaky that makes things for a fan – so glad the JaMarcus Russell era is over. Now, I’d be a fool to write checks in advance of seeing some proof from my team – but your willingness to do the same for this current Broncos roster is likely to proove foolish in short order. All that said, I get it, your guys have owned recent history – so bark all you can while you can.

  27. Broncofangirl how many times can you misspell since? Have you no sense? I thought only the bronco players were dumb but I guess so are their fans. By the way the horse is calling you from your bedroom…Chokers… Russell what joke of a team.

  28. @Broncofanman. You got beat by Jamarcuss Russel, and thats all i have to say bout that

  29. I have managed to quite the Faider nation single-handedly.. Broncos are on the rise and well we know where the Faiders are headed. Can they possibly put together a worst decade than the one we just concluded? Time will tell but I’m betting hell yeah..

  30. Broncofanman-
    Do you have any SENSE? Do you have any idea how long it’s been SINCE the Donkeys have had any success? (see what I did there? I used the english language correctly)
    And you haven’t quieted anybody. But you still haven’t quite grasped the english language. (see what I did there again?)
    It’s easy to see the Raiders have been horrible the last seven years. Even your challenged mind can grasp that. But you keep talking about comparing the last decade. I wasn’t going to bring it up, but do you know who the last AFC West team in the Super Bowl was? Yep, you guessed it, the Raiders. Do you also know what kind of company that puts them in? I’ll give you a hint… There have only been 5 AFC teams to make it to the Super Bowl in the last decade, and guess what? It ain’t the Donkeys. It’s the Ravens, Raiders, Steelers, Colts and Patriots. So keep comparing the wins and losses the last decade all you want. The Raiders are the only AFC West team to win the AFC in that time span.
    Now be quiet. (see what I did there again?)

  31. Hahaha, as bad as the Raiders have been they still manage to beat you guys every year at your home field. I love how you’re a total turd and hide behind stats and not whats relative or present. Just goes to show you are a loser just like the donkey’s you root for! And you keep saying Faiders, we have not gone anywhere and will never go anywhere. No matter how bad our record or team gets. Thats being a fan, something you know nothing about. Your ass of a coach has done nothing but send away any shred of talent you guys had. JOKE, thats the best way to describe you and your orginization. Second rate Lions? Are you seriously and idiot? Wait I can answer that. Yes you are, as you continue to show your incompentence.
    The only thing on the rise in denver is obviously the stupidity of its fans. Go choke on the rockies you moron.
    Nation 4 Ever

  32. If your going to talk about the Raiders vs. the Donkeys then it is 56 – 41 Raiders. Know the facts before you talk out your ass. Yes once again your can make sats say what you want. but head to head vs the Raiders we have 15 games on your donkeys. yes there record was better in the 90’s and 00’s but what did the donkeys do with it. The Raiders were in the SB in the last decade!

  33. If your going to talk about the Raiders vs. the Donkeys then it is 56 – 41 Raiders. Know the facts before you talk out your ass. Yes once again your can make sats say what you want. but head to head vs the Raiders we have 15 games on your donkeys. yes there record was better in the 90’s and 00’s but what did the donkeys do with it. The Raiders were in the SB in the last decade!

  34. Oh and here is a fun stat for your narrow minded self. Just thought I would share these with everyone.
    Playoff Records
    Broncos 17-15
    Raiders 25-18
    Now Broncofanman you can clearly see (statistically) the raiders have appeared in more playoff games than the lowly donkeys as well as won more. You make it too easy turd. So you were saying about silencing the nation?
    Nation 4 Ever

  35. Ok, I’m new on this site, but a long time AFC West fan. I’ll jump right in and give ya my predictions for the regular season coming up.
    Chargers 11/5 – still have the best talent at the most important position, and the 3rd easiest schedule in the NFL. Cason is going to be an improvement over Cromartie at CB, Ryon Bingham and Cam Thomas are going to be a solid rotation at NT, and while Ryan Mathews won’t be the LT of old, he will be much better than the 08 or 09 version. If Vincent Jackson holds out look for Malcolm Floyd to emerge as a legit starter and in the second WR position, remember this name. Legedu Nanee.
    Oakland 9/7 – Campbell gives them at least 2 – 3 more wins, just on the fact that he won’t give away as many as JR did. They do have a very tough schedule, but they are a strong, hard hitting team. The rookie LB is going to be a monster. As long as Davis leaves Cable alone (not real sure that’s gonna happen) they should be fine.
    Kansas City – 7/9 – they’re still improving, but still need a signal caller and a defensive line.
    Denver – Broncofanman – 10/6, really? How about we just win 9 games and not collapse in the 2nd half of the season first. Denver has gotten rid of a pro bowl QB, a pro bowl Receiver, and a pro bowl TE in the past two years. They’ve also kept “McDenials”. Seriously, it’s a crime what he’s done to that storied franchise.

  36. Raida fan wow are u f$#kn serious I’m so tired of you pussy cats living in the past but I understand that this your time to shine since the SEASON hasn’t started so keep hoping I do the same when I buy lotto tickets LOL BRONCOS ALL DAY

  37. @LAbroncohol1c
    Living in the past? (See how I used proper grammar you moron) So you forgot about how a turd named Russel beat you in denver the last two seasons? (Again I used proper grammar, the question mark signifies the end of a sentence as well as asking a question)Your right, that is technically in the past. Seeing as it was last season and all. But you orange and blue idiots show you really have nothing on the Raiders. Never do and never will.
    But hey, there is always next year. (I say this because your team will blow this year) Heck maybe you guys even get rid of that turd of a coach and bring some talent back to Denver after you fools end up last in the division.
    Nation 4 Ever

  38. @blk&slvrsoldier
    moron huh, didn’t know i was writting a english report to raida fans, now you guys are teachers as well let’s talk football idiot, you say will blow i guess 6-0 last year wasnt a good enough start of a season for you. i think raida fans would of riot if they started off like that. As far as you winning a game in the last two seasons it was about time, it’s funny how you forgot how we beat you 6 times straight 05,06 & 07 dumb ass you should know the past since you live in it and you want to talk about brining talent back uhhhh like your 1st rnd wr pick last year or javon walker or ja garbage and yeah he beat us i’ll give you that but that “W” alone should of kept him on your SORRY ASS team. let’s get it together solider and get off your knees cause your BLOWING it.

  39. Dear Faider and Donkey Fan,
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about both of you taking a trip down memory lane but as of TODAY… Both teams ain’t sh*t!! Regardless of playoff choking, This is still the BOLTS division and it will be for years to come. I’ll be back to talk with you in 4-5 years when you have a pot to piss in.

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