Philip Rivers scouted Ryan Mathews on YouTube

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers may have been sorry to see his teammate LaDainian Tomlinson go this offseason, but he thinks the Chargers’ running game is going to be just fine this season, thanks to the addition of rookie Ryan Mathews.

Rivers tells Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that watching Mathews’ highlights online got him excited about what Mathews can add to the Chargers’ offense.

I YouTube all our draft picks to watch them,” Rivers said. “It gives you a feel for them. . . . I don’t like to ever make any predictions for a guy because that’s unfair, [but] you can just tell that guy has a presence about him.”

Mathews will have big shoes to fill in San Diego, but from what Rivers has seen, he thinks Mathews is ready.

“He has a demeanor about him,” Rivers said, “that says, ‘Hand it to me.’ “

20 responses to “Philip Rivers scouted Ryan Mathews on YouTube

  1. Youtube has all the fanboys fancying themselves as NFL scouts these days, and now Philip Rivers…

  2. Wow, great news story…. He likely sandwiched scouting Chargers rookies in between illegally downloading music files and searching for free porn… earth shattering news, really!

  3. San Diego’s best shot at a run was 3 years ago..
    They should have never dropped Michael Turner and kept Merriman, Jackson, and half of their defense..
    Rivers and Sproles are their only two gamers..

  4. i’ll hand it to you rivers. you have everyone fooled.
    By far one of the best regular season QB’s in the league. but what happens to you in the playoffs. who is takin them snaps.
    Rivers might as well stay in the locker room with the way he performs in the post season. && how come no one ever brings this up.
    this guy trudges through the regular season then just shits the bed in the playoffs. yeah he’s gotta deal with the Pats and Colts everyyear, but come on..

  5. Philip Rivers also thinks that the numerous vids of a gray big eyed alien peeking through the second story window of a Montana or whereever home is totally for real too.

  6. Wow myeaglescantwin … sounds a lot like the older Manning brother …. who the Chargers have pretty much owned for the past few years.

  7. It’s funny to hear some wannabe Mel Kiper say they saw “game film” on YouTube for a prospect. The clips shown are nothing more than game highlights thrown together by a player’s representation to make them seem better than what they are. I guarantee every player in last April’s draft has a highlight package on YouTube that makes them look like the next Deion Sanders or Lawrence Taylor.

  8. too bad San Diego passes the ball 65% of the time……”he has a demeanor>>”?
    yea, ok…..maybe Mr Rivers should exhibit a demeanor that shows he isnt a choker…….stop getting happy feet in the pocket and throwing ints in crucial spots…..COUGH COUGH!!!!!

  9. Great information!!!!
    This just in Phillip Rivers looked at porn on xtube to scout his wife/girlfriend.

  10. myeaglescantwin aka asswipe, Rivers took them to the AFC championship on one leg 5 days after having surgery. This past year the running game was non-legit (bye bye LT), missed Field Goal, or they’d have gone on. And where did the pansy Eagirls end up? Or the dysfunctional Raidumbs? Wiping the Chargers a.., because, as we remember, the Chargers beat EVERY team in the NFC East last year, Eagirls, and the Raidumbs, oh what, like 10 games in a row? As long as Rivers is healthy as their QB they have a chance to win any game.

  11. “texline says:
    July 23, 2010 10:10 AM
    Ha ha, wannabe Mel Kiper. Wtf would want to be him? He misses more than the weather man.”
    Who would want to be him? Are you kidding? How about everybody on this site.

  12. heOne says:
    July 23, 2010 9:42 AM
    I dont line Rivers, but Mathews is going to be a stub!!
    a stub for sure. especially with pass happy Norval Turner running that offense and hating FBs.
    Matthews will barely get a chance to shine but when he does the kid should bring something to the table.

  13. jj jones says:
    “Who would want to be him? Are you kidding? How about everybody on this site.”
    I just wanna be me.

  14. It doesn’t matter what Rivers thinks…… Drew Brees has a healthy Reggie Bush……and a Super Bowl ring.

  15. Got’em on Youtube cause the Bolts don’t have a pharmacy or a film room apparently.

  16. What kind of a guy gets on the internet to watch clips of other football players instead of porn? And he dares to call himself a leader of men? No wonder the Chargers always flame out in the playoffs.

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