Six years, $61.5 million for Dumervil

The early numbers on the Elvis Dumervil deal have begun to trickle out.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Dumervil’s new contract from the Broncos has a base value of $61.5 million over six years.

The deal carries $58.332 million in new money, and an injury guarantee of $43.168 million.  Skill guarantees apply in 2011 ($28 million) and 2012 ($12 million).

The compensation for 2010 remains the same, with Dumervil getting $3.168 million.  Dumervil’s base salary was dropped to the minimum, with the balance paid as a signing bonus.

On the first day of the next league year, whenever it may start, $14 million in base salary becomes guaranteed for skill.  At about that time, $6 million of it will be paid out as an advance.

Also in 2011, $14 million in base salary for 2012 becomes guaranteed.  In early 2012, $13.3 million of it will be paid as an advance in March of that year.

In 2012, $12 million in base salary for 2013 becomes guaranteed.

The remaining base salaries are $10 million in 2014 and $9 million in 2015.

So much for teams not doing long-term deals worth big money.  Then again, the fact that one team did a long-term deal for big money doesn’t mean that the rest of them aren’t colluding.

Then again, the Broncos arguably had no choice but to pay Dumervil, given the manner in which the team has handled quarterback Jay Cutler and receiver Brandon Marshall.

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  1. The BIG difference being that neither Cutler nor Marshall wanted to be in Denver – and even those reasons were different from each other (contrary to the prevailing perception).
    Doom WANTS to be in Denver. It’s not so much a “no choice” choice for the Broncos, but simply a choice by Dumervil… to play for the Broncos and not make a stink of things.
    Oh, and he thinks McDaniels is a genius too. Plus, Tebow revealed that he’d play for a bag of peanuts and a pat on the back so they gave his money to Elvis. True story…

  2. One day you people will understand how people in the media like Florio get information. Most of it comes from agents, and agents tend to be nice to you when you scratch their backs. So im sure good ole mike has been keeping the shafts of many an agent slobbered up good over the years. Hence the pro player/agent bias.

  3. my employer just agreed to a 1 year- $140k deal with me but they can terminate it with 2 minutes notice w/o cause so I don’t feel that great about it.

  4. I’m glad Florio makes a strong effort to probe what NFL contracts ACTUALLY say about what a player is likely to receie in a deal. He hands out a lot of fluff, but this is the only place I know of that will take a deal that has a high dollar amount then do the work to show that nowhere near that amount will ever be paid.

  5. More money than Terrell Suggs was guaranteed by 5 million but 2 million fewer total dollars.
    I don’t know if that’s over-paying or not. I guess he deserves it though.

  6. Maybe the Broncos are just paying Players in which they know, won’t be blowing their paychecks on Alcohol and Legal Consults/Fees….

  7. So the same rolling skill guarantee that D’Brickashaw Ferguson got and all guaranteed for injury. My understanding is that such portion of this as is fully guaranteed now needs to fit under the 2009 cap. I can only guess that the rolling guarantees mean that those amounts are not considered as fully guaranteed now, so this could be a template for a Revis deal.
    In doing the Ferguson deal the Jets applied the same rolling skill guarantees so that whilst money will become guaranteed in the future, it is not guaranteed at this point. What the Broncos have done is take this principle and add in a full injury guarantee. The effect seems to be that though the sums are fully guaranteed for injury now the fact that they are not fully guaranteed for skill yet means they do not come under the reallocation provisions.
    It may be that this is a way forward for the Jets and Revis, though whether he would reject the rolling skill guarantees anyway and demand a large signing bonus is unclear.

  8. Where are all the turds who were claiming that McD was gonna run Dume out too?

  9. Wow! 6 Years $61M! And they called Al Davis crazy when he locked up the best defensive player in the NFL for $45M. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!
    I guess that makes Davis crazy like a fox!

  10. When a contract has guarantees for injury, does that mean it’s guaranteed for injury at any time during the contract? So if Dumervil were to have a career ending injury this season, the team would still owe him the money in future years that was guaranteed for injury regardless of whether they cut him?
    This seems like a good contract for the Broncos. They are paying him a RFA salary for one more year before they really pay him. They didn’t even have to give up any up front signing bonus money. Wouldn’t a lot of teams jump at doing deals like this?

  11. What a waste of money for someone who’s nothing better than a situational pass rusher, which you can’t have at OLB in a 3-4. The OLB needs to be good against the run.
    The guy put up less than 50 tackles last year. That’s absolutely terrible for a LB.

  12. Oh yeah, one more thing:
    17 of his 47 tackles were sacks. Which means he had 30 tackles.
    That’s less than 2 per game. Horrendous.

  13. One good year and you get a monster contract? I would have payed and kept Cutler and Marshall. This guy is a situational player and a tweener. As a Raider fan, GREAT MOVE Broncos! Nothing but turmoil over this bad move for years to come.

  14. all that money for 47 tackles 17 sacks ? thats like paying a baseball player 150 million to hit 40 homeruns and bat .175. Now if only san diego give that kind of money to marriman.

  15. Plus, Tebow revealed that he’d play for a bag of peanuts and a pat on the back so they gave his money to Elvis. True story…
    That must be why he told his agent to get a deal done early so there would be no speculation of a hold out. Oh wait, he still isn’t signed? No way TIM does a deal any less than where he is slotted.

  16. just looked into it i see why they sighned him. In last year he had his best game by far against the browns( 7 tackles 4 sacks). There getting a roster together now so when they see them in the playoffs this year there ready.

  17. About time..
    Lil James Harrison Jr getting paid!
    He’s worth that money cause them two guys get HELD ON EVERY EVERY EVERY FLIPPIN SNAP!
    CALL HOLDING!! these two men are leaps n bounds beyond the rest of the league at OUTSIDE LB
    regardless of scheme… (yes haynesworth!)

  18. The 49ers gave Patrick Willis a big new contract as well. Nice try though, Florio.

  19. Non Bronco fans are trolling because Denver is the class organization that they would love to be like!

  20. against the entire afc west last year he had 5 sacks in 8 games, 2 of those were week 3 against oakland (when our first overall pic and huge bust qb started) none against oakland the second time. They must have gave him all that money to deflect passes at the line, oh wait hes only 5’11. Last of all do the math on his high sack total, 2 on a guy high on purple drank, 4 against browns and 2 against eagles one of those was a wildkat vick run of -1 yard. hopefully they sign the great lights out next year

  21. Laughing at the Raider fans trying to parse this as a bad deal. Dude is paid to sack the QB, not amass tackles. Also, he’s averaged more than 10 sacks a year over a four year career. Also love the dude “doing the math on his high sack totals” that doesn’t end up even close to his actual number for the season. Next time, try a calculator.
    In other words, if he was on your team, you’d be screaming from the rooftops that he was the best in the league. Suck on it.

  22. That seems like a lot of cash … I would want him on my team so i guess i can see making him happy where he is

  23. Bronco’s P.R. department is pushing for the club to draft a guy named Glumenbach or something like that, to play the opposite side from Doom.

  24. 2010_DHB_70rec_900yds_10tds says:
    July 23, 2010 10:39 AM
    against the entire afc west last year he had 5 sacks in 8 games………..
    Last of all do the math on his high sack total……
    you might want to check your math skills…they play 6 games in the division

  25. 2010_DHB_70rec_90 0yds_10tds & raiderrob21, If this is a bad deal, where were you two f*cking idiots when the JaWalrus deal was announced?

  26. @# cleanface says: July 23, 2010 1:32 AM
    my employer just agreed to a 1 year- $140k deal with me but they can terminate it with 2 minutes notice w/o cause so I don’t feel that great about it.
    Very funny comment. Probably true and one of those “at will” work agreements, but with a good attorney you probably could have held out for an hours notice. You know, when you’re asked to come into your boss’s office at 4:00PM & shut the door.

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