Jeff Fisher "very disappointed" in Lane Kiffin after RB coach leaves for USC

Well, Lane Kiffin was overdue to piss someone off.

Titans running back coach Kennedy Pola has left the team one week before training camp to take a job as the USC offensive coordinator.  Titans coach Jeff Fisher is a former Trojan, but he’s not happy with USC’s new head coach.

“I am very disappointed in Lane Kiffin’s approach to this,” Fisher
said to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Typically speaking when coaches are interested in
hiring or discussing potential employment from coaches on respective
staffs there is a courtesy call made from the head coach or athletic
director indicating there is an interest in talking to the assistant.

I am very disappointed in the lack of professionalism on behalf of
Lane, to call me and leave me a voice mail after Kennedy had informed me
he had taken the job. It is just a lack of professionalism.”

Pola arrived in Tennessee after coaching the Jaguars running backs and there were reports weeks ago that Kiffin was trying to poach him for a position coach job.  Pola denied interest, but the move up to coordinator was apparently too good to pass up. 

And Kiffin has long since shown he doesn’t care what people think of him, especially in Tennessee.  Even if it’s a well-known USC alum.

62 responses to “Jeff Fisher "very disappointed" in Lane Kiffin after RB coach leaves for USC

  1. oh well, its pretty irrelevant. i still am not sure why you would leave an nfl team for a college team, regardless of a coordinator position, particularly given that usc has been bamboozled by all those ncaa punishments.
    at what point will lane kiffin have burned enough bridges?

  2. Kiffin is such a turd. I’m so glad he left UT NCAA and will take years to rebuild. Karma is a bitch, ain’t it Lane?

  3. lane kiffin is such a little baby. good thing USC can’t play in the post season thi syear, because they probably won’t make it.
    kiffin is going to ruin a powerhouse.

  4. And everyone wonders why this guys is such a tool. It will be funny to see how long it takes for him to leave USC after the wake Carrol left. I say two years tops and ol lane will be gone!

  5. Lane Kiffin is a classless douchebag. The proof just keeps pouring in. His time as HC @ USC will be short.

  6. Mr. Fisher, welcome to the new generation of workers. Organizations have demonstrated a lack of loyalty when it doesn’t work for their bottom line, so we won’t show loyalty when it doesn’t work for ours.

  7. Monte is so cool too. What did he do to deserve a douche like Lane for a son? Kind of like the Mora family.

  8. USC’ s program is going back into hibernation immediately so this is a dumb move on this guys part…..Lane the loser will be the laughing stock.

  9. Memo Jeff Fischer:
    It is my understanding that you are somewhat perturbed that I hired your RB coach to flee that wasteland called Tennessee to become my OC in sunny Southern California, without asking your permission or giving you a couretesy call.
    For future reference please understand and remember that my job is to produce championships for whichever program I decide to coach at. Furthermore, my priorities do not include extending courtesy calls to has-been coaches running mediocre football clubs. I am Lane Kiffen, and I do what I damn well please, when I damn well please, and to whomever I damn well please, and you would be wise to accept that and keep your kool-aid hole shut in case you ever need to come begging me for a job in the future.
    Yours truely;
    Lane “only my rules matter” Kiffen

  10. Lane Kiffin obviously got an F in Ethical Conduct 101.
    @M. Transit: a lack of loyalty is one thing (and should be the rule rather than the norm these days), but fleeing to USC a week before camp opens? that’s just outright douchebaggery.

  11. You know, the more I see Lane Kiffin do these kinds of things, the more I like him. He’s an asshole, he knows it, and he doesn’t care. Keep it up Lane, you’ve got one fan!

  12. NOTE: Al “Crypt Keeper” Davis will have a 3 hour press conference covering the matter at 4pm EST

  13. Lane Kiffen is unethical?
    I’m not a fan of Al Davis, but isn’t that exactly what he said when he fired him.

  14. Kiffin has proven over and over again, that he is a professional scumbag. Let him sink with the ship. Wait……..Rats jump. What an A## Hole

  15. Kind of classless on Kiffen’s part, but still, its more douchey of Pola. When you interview for new jobs while still at your old jobs, regardless of the time of year, the new place doesn’t call up the old place to ‘make sure its OK to hire you’. Thats not up to the new employer. Thats up to the employee to let it be known he is seeking other employment, and maybe, I dunno, give some sort of notice.

  16. Pete Carroll, Lane Kiffin, Reggie Bush, Mayo . . . the beat goes on at USC. Kiffin’s interview skills must be off the chain because his actual results are pitiful. Here’s to a lousy season so new AD Pat Haden can clean out the garbage. Also, enough of the Monte Kiffin apologists – he was a great coordinator with Tampa, but he has now followed his piece of crap son through the gutter. Retire, Monte, before your son makes your family a complete laughingstock. Hail!

  17. Clearly not the brightest guy around. Sometimes bridges get burned, but to do so needlessly is just stupid. And any bets that Lane will be up in arms the first time one of his people moves on to some other job?

  18. what a friggin ASSBAG! god, this guy SUCKS! i mean, seriously… i actually have to APOLOGIZE to friggin al “freddy kruegger” davis!
    dear mr. davis: i’m sorry i took lane douchebag kiffin’s word over yours. i figured in your senility you were mistaken. however, on this occasion, you were correct. i’m sorry for blasting you as incompetent. please forgive me.
    signed, me.
    p.s. i still think you’re old and dumb, but on this one occurrence, you were correct.
    god i hate you for making me do that, lane!

  19. yes fisher just let byner go.
    in the real world, new propective employers dont have to call someone’s current boss before offering one of their employees a job.
    maybe pola is just a ho. then, he WAS offered a promotion.
    maybe turner is just immature. this stuff happens.

  20. hahaha im not a lane kiffin fan and i like jeff fisher but maybe he shouldnt have been so quick to fire ernest byner after he helped CJ gain 2,000 yards. Life’s a bitch and maybe its that time of the month.

  21. Lane must be adopted or never spent any time with his dad, because Monte was all class while with Tampa Bay. His son is dirt.

  22. You all are a bunch of F’n idiots.
    Fisher fired Earnest Byner as RB Coach after CJ ran all over the NFL. Now HE wants to cry foul? Shut your dumbass up Fisher. Have another 8-8 season and convince your bird flipping POS boss to keep you around for yet another season.

  23. I like kiffin….he doesnt care what anyone thinks…
    does what he feels he needs to do and everyone
    else be dammed……

  24. Jeff Fisher needs to call Layla Kiffin up and see if she would like a mustache ride. Let’s see how ol’ Laney would like having someone on his team getting poached.

  25. Jeff Fisher knew about this, weeks ago when it broke as the story says… unless Jeff had his head burried in the sand. If Jeff took exception to it then, he should have called Lane and chewed him out about it THEN. Now, weeks later after the deal is done, Fisher cries about it to the press. Lane is a Jerk of the highest order for sure, but Fisher is crybaby and should have done more weeks ago to make sure Pola stayed put, if indeed that is what Fisher wanted. Fisher dropped the ball, lost his guy, and is only left to whine like a big baby. STFU Jeff!!!
    BTW Lane, watch for oncoming Karma Trucks while driving to work. Your time is coming buddy, real soon, and don’t look for any sympathy when it happens.

  26. @ onlymyopinion
    I have to disagree with your assertion that Jeff Fisher is a washed up has been.
    He puts out competitive, very dangerous teams year in and year out. This guy is a true pro and good for the league. Simply put, his problem the past 3-4 yrs? No QB.

  27. UCLA and the rest of the PAC 10 are gonna run all over USC. Norm Chow is gonna lick his chops and destrop the Trojans. lol

  28. “oakraid says:
    July 24, 2010 4:35 PM
    I love this little prick”
    This just in: oakraid admits publicly to loving little pricks!!

  29. “jimmy_b says:
    July 24, 2010 4:37 PM
    Just goes to show that USC was, and still is, a rouge football program.”
    USC uses makeup on their cheeks? WTF?

  30. the last time I checked the NFL Owners weren’t going to do a damn thing for their assistant coaches if/when there’s a lockout/strike.
    An NFL assistant coach would be smart to consider going to the NCAA, especially if their responsibilities are expanded. I’m guessing O-Coord. at USC pays more then RB coach in NFL Tenn.
    Plus, I’m pretty sure he was already tired of the C. Johnson whining…. I know I would be.

  31. Fisher knew about this three to four weeks ago when Pola rejected the offer. How he wasn’t aware strikes me as a mess up on his part…
    Ass an alumni he should not air his dirty laundry.
    Can’t wait til SC faces an SEC team so they can show the whole conference who is the boss of college football.

  32. Bob Buckowski says: July 24, 2010 3:18 PM
    Uncle Al warned us Lane was liar and could not be trusted……..
    Al Davis saw Lance up close and didn’t like what he saw.
    A HC who was hurt, like a spoiled little brat, because AL Davis wouldn’t hire his daddy.
    He got his revenge by literally sabotaging 2 games for all to see. He’s pure scum, plain and simple.

  33. Wow. I wonder who’s gonna teach Chris Johnson how to run the ball now. Tennessee might be in trouble.

  34. Now, now…let’s not all lose sight of the real picture here….it’s all Al Davis’ fault. Even though Davis realized he had made a colossal mistake in hiring Kiffin, it’s still his fault….well…because he’s Al Davis, and it’s the Raiders. The real issue here is the last 7 years of losing. That’s all that matters. Those 21 Division Championships, 5 Conference Championships and 3 SuperBowls are overrated. Just ask the Lions, Bengals, Seahawks, Browns, Chargers, Eagles, Bills, Jags, Panthers, Cards, Titans, Vikings and Falcons. Oh, and let’s not forget that it’s in the past. Nobody cares about the past. What have you done for me lately, right? Besides all that, we can’t very well blame Kiffin. Davis wouldn’t even let him make any of the draft picks (even if about 1/2 of all NFL teams don’t let thier head coaches make the picks either has nothing to do with it). Blaming Kiffin would require some research. It’s easier to just blame Al Davis…and…and it takes less brain cells to process. Just ask Mortensen….or even Florio…or any of the other knee jerk haters…Hey, did the Raiders sign T.O yet? I’m pretty sure Peter King said it’s gonna happen…

  35. Uncle Al may have lost some off his fastball, but he still can peg a d-bag when he see’s one…

  36. Every NFL team unilaterally downsized office and other staff this year with very little warning even with the millions they make and even with the fact they have tv money to get them through the lockout that the players don’t.
    Zero loyalty to their employees, the teams can’t complain about getting zero loyalty back.
    Hey Coach Fisher go call the WAAAAAAMBULANCE.

  37. I may not be a Proctologist, but I know an a$$hole when I see one…If we divided Lil’ Lane’s total salary while head coach of the Raiders and the Vols by the total number of victories, we’d all be laughing….What’s this clown going to do when Daddy retires and he can’t ride his coattail any longer?

  38. Let’s see, a chance to coach a guy who ran for 2K, or lets go to a program that is on probation and has no shot at anything. Friggin brain-surgeon in place there.

  39. HAHA!
    The one guy here who actually calls himself a fan of Lane Kiffin refers to Kiffin as an “asshlole.”
    That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

  40. I can see it now… Kiffin gets canned by USC and ends up coaching in the UFL with Jamarcus as his QB.

  41. Somewhere there is a used tampon floating in a toilet thinking “what would Lane Kiffin do?”

  42. CKL says: July 24, 2010 3:15 PM
    Monte is so cool too. What did he do to deserve a douche like Lane for a son? Kind of like the Mora family
    Look a little deeper on that, the apples are right under the trees

  43. Nobody gives a shit what Fisher thinks…he’s a mediocre coach who’s never won anything; and his onlt claim to fame is a fluke play and team that played flat in the big one.
    Kiffin is an asshole, but he’s under no obligation to kiss Fisher’s (AFC Championship) ring to get some hiring done.
    Fisher should work harder at getting that head case Vince on the field and keep him from getting shot by some hooker after a night of boozing…and stop worrying about 3rd rate position coaches and a college coach not giving him his unearned respect.
    I’m no Kiffin fan (and I guess if he raped a few girls most people on here would like him better), but I fail to see where he owes Fisher anything.

  44. I find this quite funny. NFL types tend to bemoan it whenever someone else uses capitalism to get over on them but never mind using such leverage against their players. This is esp. true with so many teams not guaranteeing asst. coaches salaries if a lock out occurs. I’m sure Uncle Scrooge Bud Adams hasn’t promised dime one to anybody but Fisher.
    It’s a free market and Kiffin made the better offer including job security for next year. At least now Bud Adams can save a little extra scratch this year. Coach’em up Lane!

  45. M. Transit has it SO right……. best post I’ve read in a long — long time…. “Welcome to the new generation of workers…. Organizations have demonstrated a lack of loyalty when it doesn’t work for their bottom line, so we won’t show loyalty when it doesn’t work for ours.”

  46. You leave the NFL to get the experience you are not likely to get if you stay in your current position for a few more years. I can’t blame Pola. He can always go back to the NFL as a position coach if he flops as an offensive coordinator in college. He will at least have that. But, if he succeeds as a coordinator he has experience calling plays, maybe not NFL experience, but experience none the less. And that could help him be a coordinator at the next level.
    Experience is funny. They use it against you if you don’t have it, but you can’t get any unless they hire you.

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