Keith Bulluck picks Giants over Cardinals

K. Bulluck.jpgKeith Bulluck is coming home.

Adam Schein of FOX reports and PFT has confirmed that the longtime Titans linebacker and New York native has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the New York Giants. Bulluck can make up $2.5 million this season.

The deal came together after Bulluck worked out for the Giants last week and “blew them away” because he looked so good only seven months removed from ACL surgery.

The Cardinals also made a late push to sign Bulluck after Gerald Hayes’ recent surgery, but the lure of New York was too difficult for Bulluck to avoid.  Bulluck was All State at Clarkstown High School in nearby New City

Bulluck played on the weak side in Tennessee, but Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports he will move to middle linebacker in New York.  The Giants only have untested players Jonathan Goff and Phillip Dillard there, so Bulluck could wind up starting sooner than later.

The Giants may also want Bulluck to help fill a leadership void in New York, while  working into the mix as he recovers from surgery.

24 responses to “Keith Bulluck picks Giants over Cardinals

  1. now u know we bout to take it all the way got that last starting lb job filled that was our only weakness on the whole team GO GIANTS!!!

  2. So right now some are saying it’s just a rumor…but we’ll see how this pans out.
    As a Titans fan, I’m sickened! As a Keith Bulluck fan, I’m ecstatic! He deserves to be picked up and kudos to the Giants for getting one of the best! Stats don’t make him the best in the league, but this man plays with all his heart and has the integrity on and off the field of a true role model! Good luck KB53! We’ll miss you in Tennessee!

  3. great pick up G-men as … just like Tenntuxx im a Keith Bulluck fan so im gald to see him go to the Giants and play in that system…But im a Jets fan and this just makes the battle for the Meadowlands alot more interesting this should be a good year in football… the season needs to hurry up and start im slowly melting into boredom

  4. ESPN NY
    “I’m a New York dude — no way I can play anyplace else,” Bulluck said. “New York’s about toughness … the NFC East. That’s where I belong. …”

  5. I guess it was a slow day but after the passing of Bill Cowher’s wife It IS a sad day..Rest In Peace Kaye Cowher! Hate the thought that he will be back but likely in the NFC but what a class act he is!

  6. Well, he had his choice between 2 second place teams (at best). Have fun paying those shit taxes in New York…hahahaha.

  7. Wow! EXCELLENT move! I’m not as concerned anymore about this season with him on the roster

  8. Who is this guy?
    OOOOhhhh yeah, the guy who did nothing as Joe Flacco & Co. showed the world they were nothing more than a ONE AND DONE FLUKE.
    I can’t to see Portis or LJ break this fool

  9. That was a great signing by the Giants. He definitely fills a void on their defense.

  10. Funny how when anything happens with the Jets or Giants in NEW YAWK its the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    I’m sure if Bulluck farts it will make all the media lead stories and its impact on global warming will be given world wide coverage.

  11. I remember watching last year as the Pats dismantled the Titans. What caught my eye the most was the fact that Bullock was the only player on the Titans who didn’t just fold up shop. Not only was he playing all out despite the fact that the game was long since lost, he was desperately trying to get the rest of the Titans to play with some heart and self-respect. Unfortunately, his endeavors fell on deaf ears, but I was impressed nonetheless.

  12. OJ SIMPSON says “I can’t to see Portis or LJ break this fool”
    LMFAO!! Portis! You have to be kidding me? It doesn’t get any worse than Portis. Talk about all bark and no bite. Even without Bullock the Giants owned that punk. Portis he says!! LOL. Wow.

  13. As a Syracuse native, and a Bulluck fan, I’m sad to see him leave the Titans. He was pretty much 0% drama and 100% effort. I hope he does well for the G-Men, and makes his way back to the ‘Cuse someday.

  14. They don’t come any classier than Keith Bulluck…I’m not a Giants fan but I’ll be rooting for #53 with the red gloves come gameday.

  15. I’m def. glad they signed him. The Giants needed someone like him to fill void that A.P. left. I never thought in a million years that I would Keith Bulluck in a Gmen uniform. Hats off to the Giants front office for signing K.B.

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