Lane Kiffin poorly tries to explain poaching Fisher's coach

Jeff Fisher ripped Lane Kiffin earlier Saturday for a lack of professionalism while hiring away Kennedy Pola from the Titans.

In typical fashion, Kiffin has responded with an empty statement.

“We reached out to Kennedy Pola [on Friday] to gauge whether he had
any possible interest in returning to USC before we moved forward with
the process,” Kiffin said.

“Kennedy said he would think about it and get
back to us today. Once Kennedy did call back earlier today, out of my
great respect for Coach Fisher I immediately reached out to Coach to
make him aware of the situation.  I have spoken with Coach Fisher and he now has an accurate understanding of the timeline of events,” Kiffin said.

Luckily, we found our Kiffin translator gathering dust in the garage.  It spit this out:

“Everyone knows I’ve been trying to hire Kennedy Pola for more than a month.  Heck, Kennedy basically listed his job requirements on the record.  Hopefully, this statement will satisfy the brain dead portion of the USC fans out there.  But really, who cares?  Fisher already knows I’m a weasel and I got what I wanted.”

37 responses to “Lane Kiffin poorly tries to explain poaching Fisher's coach

  1. “mike florio, objective journalist”
    in the real world, mike, nobody who wants to hire one of yer employees has to tell you jack. theyre not trying to hire you.

  2. who cares..Kiffin’s done nothing if note, save moving from team to team and having an attractive wife..

  3. And this is the guy that usc hired to rebuild and bring respectability to their football program. Go “trojans”, and hope this one doesn’t leak.

  4. Lane Kiffin Rules!!!1 He is the best coach since the existence of the AFL… Why should we care about dear Fisher got his feelings hurt, ? I certainly couldn’t care less. Lane got what he wanted and so what? isn’t that what you want in a coach? The sad part here is that he is wasted on a College team..

  5. If he would have asked permission it would have been denied. He got what he wanted and obviously Pola got what he wanted. Fisher is douche and should have better things to worry about than RB coach.

  6. Never has one done so little, yet received so much attention.
    Charles Barkley when asked what he thought about Lane Kiffen:
    “Dude must have pictures of somebody having sex with a monkey to keep getting jobs handed to him”

  7. Face it. Kiffin is just a bad person. He’s an egomaniac that almost probably never considers anything or anyone else besides himself.

  8. What Lane Kiffen wants, Lane Kiffen gets.
    USC program is the dream landing spot for coaches, unlike the Titans coaching gig.
    Hail to the Trojans, and their fearless, unrepentent, and unapologetic leader.
    Fear the USC program on their way back to the collegiate football top, and fear the man all coaches wish they could be…….Lane Kiffen

  9. Thanks for Earnest Byner, We hope that Kennedy Pola works well for you.
    The Jacksonville Jaguars

  10. Good luck to Lame Kiffen if he ever wants another NFL job, people don’t forget s*%t like this easily. Moot point though as he did nothing with the Raiders and Tennessee, and will no doubt suck at USC as well.

  11. This is a big deal why? Coaches have even less loyalty than players. Atleast when players have contracts they can’t sign with another team, coaches sign 10 year contract, and after year 2 sign a bigger one with a different team/league.

  12. We present item # 537 to the court of public opinion why Al Davis was right about this moron, lol. Too bad it took the rest of the world all of these incidents to get past their hatred for Al to see this.

  13. nobody would eve know who this guy is if Al Davis hadn’t decided to hand him the Raiders job and lift him from relative obscurity.
    It’s becoming apparent it was a bad decision to give him a head coaching job in the NFL, and everything he’s done since just compounds this. The problem wasn’t just with Al Davis in Oakland.
    Among the coaching fraternity this is a definite ‘don’t-do’. This is the fastest way to get yourself turned into a pariah in that fraternity.

  14. It’s amazing to watch how quickly Kiffin burns his bridges.
    First it was Al Davis. A year later it was the University of Tennessee.
    Now he’s alienated one of the most respected coaches in the NFL. I don’t know what kind of contributions Jeff Fisher makes to his alma mater (financially or otherwise)….but for Kiffin to go behind his back and willfully poach a member of Fisher’s coaching staff is disrespectful to the point of being insulting. I seriously doubt Fisher will be lending any support to the USC program with Kiffin at the helm.
    The real funny part is going to be down the road, when Kiffin finds himself needing a favor from one of the scores of people he’s alienated. This guy better be absolutely lights out at USC….because with the ruthless manner in which he has operated in recent years, he’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who will have any trust in him whatsoever.

  15. onlymyopinionmatters says:
    “USC program is the dream landing spot for coaches”
    You’re exactly right, what legit coach wouldn’t want to take over a program that was handed a 2-year bowl ban and the loss of 20 scholarships?
    There’s a reason Pete Carroll bolted when he did and why USC’s top recruits are withdrawing their commitments at an alarming rate.
    Welcome back to the days of the Coliseum at 40% capacity. Nobody leaps from the bandwagon quicker than So Cal fan.

  16. So the Titans lost the guy who coached up Chris Johnson, found a replacement, and the replacement hightails outta there a couple of weeks before camp?
    lol ouch.
    Jeff (and Tennessee for that matter), yall got PWNED

  17. Oooops–think it’s 30 scholarships lost and Pat Haden’s ass is already puckering up and he hasn’t even taken over the AD job yet……..

  18. Prime example of one Snake screwing another Snake over….At least Kiffin is obvious about it.
    Fisher the biggest phony in NFL…would backstab anyone he could. Talks like he’s a real cool dude…fools some people, but every snake sheds it;s skin.
    I often wondered how snakes have sex..the above looks pretty accurate.

  19. Just more mouthing off by a writer who never coached or played a down of football in his life.

  20. The moral of this story is that coaches leave Jeff Fisher as soon as they find a good opportunity elsewhere. If Kennedy is willing to leave for a program that is on probation for the next two years, what’s that say about about Fisher.

  21. Just a younger version of Pete Carroll. They both register negative numbers on the honor scale. Good luck with that return to integrity thing USC.

  22. I’ve no doubt the new USC AD, Pat Haden, was told of the decision to poach Kennedy Pola from the Titans.
    USC is proclaiming that AD Pat Haden is the man to clean up USC’s cheating and underhanded dealings.
    It does not appear to me that Hayden is off to a very good start considering the fact he must have agreed to let Coach Kiffin steal Kennedy Pola from the Titans. That is, steal him from fellow Trojan Jeff Fisher, no less, without so much as a courtesy call.
    A word to Pat Haden: In my opinion, you are never going to restore integrity within USC’s athletic programs if you let Lane Kiffin continue his devious ways. To rebuild integrity you must first arrest the corruption.

  23. Really???? This is news??? The NFL does this to college teams every year, so turn about is fair play. Jeff Fisher is nothing more then a crybaby and was the leading force behind the Touchdown Celebration ban, I could care less if anyone takes a coach from his team they will at least still have a job at the end of the season.

  24. Lame Kitten is the Amarosa (that gal from Apprentice) of football coaches. She will always make some stupid excuses for her poor behavior. She will always make an excuse for why she couldnt win. You watch. As USC sucks this year and next year, she will blame it on Pete Carroll.
    On another note, Tenn deserved what it got. Al Davis told them She was a snake. They loved her down here and then she turned on them. It’s like dating a girl that has a BF. You can do her but dont make her your GF cuz you know she’ll do the same to you.

  25. True. The NFL takes college coaches all the time, so turnabout is fair play. Also, maybe the fact that USC is trying to turn things around attracted Kennedy. Maybe he wants to go there and try to help out. You can’t fault him for that.

  26. Kiffin’s doing what he thinks is best for USC in this hire. WGAF what Fisher thinks. Seriously? Crying about not getting a phone call? Put your big boy pants on Jeffy. Pretty pathetic.

  27. SeriousRadio……seriously? How many coaches have “bolted” from the Titans. We have two of the best line coaches in the league, and they’ve been with us for YEARS. Others have left after years of tenure, but it is certainly not a “revolving door” as you would have people believe.
    What Fisher is pissed about is 1) professional courtesy and more importantly, the fact that the guy made a committment to the Titans and left ONE WEEK before camp opens. I think Fisher specifically stated he questioned the guy for that in particular. Good luck getting another gig in the big show after leaving one of the most respected coaches in a lurch. Classless and selfish move, and it’ll cost him down the road.

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