Marty B starts 2010 on the non-football injury list

M. Benett1.jpgCowboys practice started on Saturday without one of it’s most vocal players.

Martellus Bennett was placed on the non-football injury list with an ankle problem, according to multiple reports.  He reportedly suffered the injury in workouts not under the Cowboys’ supervision, according to Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News.

“MartyB” enters a crucial third season where he needs to turn his potential into production or John Phillips could pass Bennett on the depth chart.

Perhaps this has forced Bennett to give up some other interests.  It is with heavy hearts we tell you that he announced on Twitter today that his personal station MartyBTV is no more.

At least we’ll always have the memories of his Osama Bin Laden impression.

9 responses to “Marty B starts 2010 on the non-football injury list

  1. “I’m just me… and I don’t care what you think.”
    Good, because mostly everyone thinks you suck.

  2. 2009 stats
    Martellus Bennett 15 159 10.6 21 0
    Staggering, I don’t think the Cowstains will miss him while he rehabs.

  3. Damn. This was going to be the year he challenges Jason Witten for the starting TE job.

  4. Marty B starts the season as usual a Smart-assed hoodie and not as a football tight end.
    Go Dallas Cowboys

  5. That’s a damn shame MartyBTV is over, who’s going to host the next Black Olympics? Maybe Jamarcus Russell and Johnny Jolly can do it with purple drank instead of Kool-aid.

  6. I heard everything on the Cowboys website. It is not a serious ankle sprain they were just holding him out as a pre-cautionary measure. Wade Phillips said he would back back in a few days. And @Dakotah, there is no way in hell Marty B could challenge Jason Witten for a starting position, as a matter of fact, I don’t think any other tight end in the league could start over Jason Witten.

  7. In order to be hated and called names, a team has to be very successful. All of the sports sites have haters against the Cowboys, Lakers, Yankee’s, etc. You don’t ever hear anyone saying they hate the Detroit Lions or the Kansas City Royals. Every great organization makes fans from other teams jealous and they resort to name-calling. Whatever. Like the saying goes…sticks and stones will break our bones, but names will never hurt us. Go Cowboys! Get used to it America, the Boys are back and they aren’t going away anytime soon.

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