Nick Mangold says he won't hold out of training camp

Though Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis still hasn’t made a decision as to whether he’ll show up for the start of training camp, center Nick Mangold has removed a story line from the introductory Hard Knocks narrative by NFL Network that Mangold won’t boycott preseason practice sessions.

“There’s no reason not to be there,” Mangold said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “It doesn’t seem that it would do
me any good to [hold out], so I’ll be there with bells on.”

Holding out would rings the bells on Mangold’s personal cash register to the tune of $16,000 or so per day, the price of staying away from training camp while otherwise under contract.  And if he were to stay out past August 10, he’d lose a year of credit toward unrestricted free agency.

Thus, Mangold’s decision to show up doesn’t mean he’s happy with his contract.  “It’s disappointing right now where we’re at, but it’s one of those
things you go through,” Mangold said.  “I’m a professional, I’ve done
everything the right way, and I’m going to continue to do that, be there
for my teammates and coaches.  We’ll see how it all plays out.”

Mangold is one of three remaining young players who believe they were promised new contracts, but who have yet to get them.

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  1. “I’m a professional, I’ve done everything the right way, and I’m going to continue to do that, be there for my teammates and coaches. We’ll see how it all plays out.”
    Good to see someone on that team isn’t a me-first player. Dude was funny on Total Access in his flip-flops and surfer duds.

  2. The Jets are dumb if they wait too long to extend Revis / Mangold / Harris. Extend your core and do it NOW! These guys are in their prime and are the heart and soul of the team.

  3. Who believe they were promised new contracts? Funny, never remember reading anything about that. The only Jet to refer to this Neil Schwartz fabricated “promise” is Darrelle Revis.
    I just went through a TON of Mangold-contract related articles and NO WHERE does it even use the word “promise” unless we’re talking about Darrelle Revis.
    I think you should find some backup for that assertion and link it or retract that unfounded statement.
    It’s amazing how the same thing can get reported so many times that the story continues to change as it’s reported without any factual basis for the changes.

  4. Thr real lame thing is that anybody is so interested in the financial bull crap.
    I’m more interested in how Mangold deals with Wolfork than his cheesey contract.

  5. @ KoaMisiFan
    Of course he won’t hold out. He’d miss out on HBO being at Jets training camp.
    He ain’t just being a good guy–a team guy. He wants camera time especially in light of the fact that he’s one of the players HBO is using in its promotional ads for the show. They want to focus on him. If he ain’t there, HBO can’t focus on him.
    So much for being a team guy. He’s me-me-me all the way. Just like the rest of the Jets.

  6. @BCGreg & KoaMisi
    I really can’t blame him, he plays center, and oh my god I played center as a kid and it is one of the most booorrrrinnngggg positions in the entire sport of Football, not to mention under-appreciated while I’m at it. He’s a pretty funny guy though, I like him. Answers whoever he can on twitter, ect.

  7. Not dissin’ him. Just saying it’s not a “team” thing that he won’t hold out. He has an ulterior motive.

  8. visited fenway on vacation and walking around the stadium came across these guys with a table about bp and the gulf disaster. the posters i think said it was all obama’s fault (don’t get how that would be) but i don’t usually worry about that stuff. people think what they’re gonna think and good people can have big differences of opinion. then i saw that they had drawn a hitler moustache on the picture of obama. i couldn’t really comment in the moment as i walked on by with my wife and kids. but if there’s someone who wouldn’t mind giving them an earfull for me i would really appreciate it. the highlights would be about the fundamental wrongness of using a symbol for the exterminator of millions to deface a picture of the president of the united states. you might choose to dislike or even hate what he believes and represents but our democracy put him where he is and he’s trying to do good on our behalf. i’m a firm believer in the right to free speech but that goes both ways.

  9. @ monropoobah
    But if you’d like to discuss, while not Obama’s fault, he did OK the off shore drilling, and deep sea drilling in the Gulf is one of the few places it is still allowed. Drilling is like flying. It’s relatively safe in terms of the very small percentage of disasters. Unfortunately, this was one of those times, but we should not stop drilling because of this. For sake of time, I will say that I am an “all of the above” energy guy. Do EVERYTHING. Oil, natural gas, wind, nuclear, solar, water, coal. Eerything. Expand our own energy sources to provide jobs in THIS country. Build refineries. Build nuclear facilities. Put American ingenuity to work. Stop sending our “energy” money overseas, dammit.
    I think the Hitler mustache is more in reference to Fascism than to genocide. No one in his right mind thinks Obama is out to kill millions of people–the American Dream maybe, but not millions of people, but his fascist ways are leading us toward socialism. Look up the definition of Fascism. He is governing more like a fascist as evidence by the fact that the American people are overwhelmingly against his policies yet he does not care. He pushes forward with his “I know what’s good for you” agenda. In a democracy, the leaders should listen to the People. Not the other way around. Yes, we voted him in–well, I didn’t– but his approval rating is now at 44% and Congress’ is at 11% (that’s family and friends territory right there).
    And, monropoobah, I hope that you were just as disgusted at the vitriol and lies spewed toward W by the left as you were by this picture.
    Being from Boston, I hoped you enjoyed Fenway. While they’ve done wonders at the park, to quote Sarah Palin, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. They should have blown that dump up years ago! It’s not “America’s most beloved ballpark”. It’s a DUMP!
    I apologize to football fans everywhere for this political intrusion, but since this is a Jets thread, I suppose no one’s listening anyway.

  10. @BCGreg
    Never accused you of such, just made an excuse for Nick, because from what I see and hear, he’s a great guy.
    On Obama, he’s done some good things and he’s done some OK things and some bad things. I’m confident he’s doing better than McSame would have been, but we’ll never know. I wanted Kucinich to win, even though he’s a little crazy.

  11. @BCGreg
    I’m with you as for the off-shore drilling, but I think they just need to regulate it more. None of this Gulf mess would be an issue had someone followed safety precautions and BP weren’t so greedy with the bottom line profit!!!!
    Other than that, the last paragraph just cracked me up.

    A little crazy is good on the football field, not in politics. 🙂
    Although, anyone who enters politics in today’s climate is more than a little crazy!

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