Pete Carroll continues to ignore his best point regarding the USC scandal

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll launched his Win Forever (hey, we didn’t call it Cheat Forever . . . oops) book tour nearly two weeks ago.  Given the announcement in June from the NCAA that significant sanctions had been imposed against the college program Carroll previously captained, the media was far more interested in asking him about the struggles of USC than the contents of Carroll’s new book.

But instead of trying to float implausible explanations to support his position that USC didn’t know and shouldn’t have known that former Trojan tailback Reggie Bush was getting paid, Carroll should have simply told it like it is.  Yes, guys get paid by unscrupulous agents at every college program and, no, USC and other college programs don’t do enough to police those practices.

If Carroll had followed that approach, he would have come off as a genius, given the subsequent emergence of new investigations involving multiple college football programs.

And even with more and more proof of the widespread nature of the practices emerging, Carroll continues to hide behind the notion — which no one really believes — that USC did nothing wrong. 

“The book had to come out now,” Carroll told Vinnie Iyer of Sporting News.  “It turned out to be an opportune time to
be singing the praises of the history, standards and expectations of the
‘SC program.  So people who want to know can hear the truth of what’s
going on
and not the perception of what they’re hearing.”

The truth is that Bush and many other college football players got paid.  The truth is that Carroll and USC benefited from an environment in which recruits believed they could get paid without questions being asked.  The truth is that Carroll can’t handle the truth. 

(Yeah, it’s a tired old line, but I’m watching a young Jack Nicholson in the timeless One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on AMC, so I feel less lame using it.)

20 responses to “Pete Carroll continues to ignore his best point regarding the USC scandal

  1. I watched it too. Its been so many years since I saw it…great movie..Devito had hair..forgot the chief smothered jack. the nurse was evil. deserved more oscars then they got.

  2. Man Florio, you really chopped that story up on Sporting News. You took one part of it, and made a mountain out of a mole hill.

  3. Pete Carroll looked like a fool on Real Sports. He knew Bush had no time for work but then showed up with a new car. His excuse oh it was a chevy. Really? He went to Reggie’s house to recruit him he knew his parents were broke how would he have money for a car? They couldn’t afford to travel to home games much less make almost all of the away games. It’s going to be hard for him to demand integrity and honesty from the seattle players when they know their coach is a big fat liar.

  4. Yeah, I notice Florio isn’t calling for an investigation about agents giving WVU players free chewin’ tobaccy and couches to burn.

  5. Isn’t there a new college football blog around here that would salivate to have such a huge nobody-cares post?

  6. So wait your saying Carroll should have ratted out all of the other colleges and should have tried to drag them down with him just to take pressure off of himself? No one with an ounce of integrity would do that.
    You dont point out other peoples problems to cover your own. Well maybe you would do, like everytime you talk about espn, but thats why you get no respect.

  7. Florio is so ignorant of college athletics that ignores the fact that the head coach is NOT part of the Athletic Compliance Office at any major university. The Compliance Office watches the players, not the coach. The AD is associated with the Compliance Office, and that is why Mike Garrett got canned at USC.

  8. i dont know how reggies getting a car and his parents getting a house made him any better of a football player at college

  9. Off season or not, PFT should stick to covering pro ball. Florio’s takes on college football are rather unique, not in the best way.

  10. Abe Freshly:
    He knows that. He wasn’t saying it was from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but rather that Jack Nicholson used that line and that he was currently watching A movie with a young him in it.
    Jus’ Sayin”’ (probably the worst expression of 2010, – I wish whoever started this would get a nut punch every time someone used the phrase)

  11. Unless you tivo AMC it is pretty much unwatchable due to the number of commercials. Seems like 5 minutes of commercials for every ten minutes of actual movie action.

  12. You have to wonder how people get scammed into paying for cable/satellite and STILL have to watch commercials – and usually MORE of them than network TV.

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