Rams in "serious pursuit" of T.O.

In a recent interview with Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Rams running back Steven Jackson sung the praises of a couple of the team’s young wideouts. 

Unfortunately, Jackson didn’t know their names.

Jackson likely knows the name of a veteran wideout who could soon be joining the team.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports, and we separately have confirmed, that the Rams are in “serious pursuit” of Terrell Owens.

Owens has talked openly about playing for a contender.  In recent years, the Rams have contended only for the first overall pick in the draft, finishing at No. 2 twice before finally applying that extra effort required to climb that specific mountain.

Along the way, the Rams have won a total of six games in three seasons, bottoming out at 1-15 in 2009.

The competitive limitations that the Rams are experiencing likely means that T.O. will want more money from the Rams than other teams would have to pay.  It has been widely believed that Owens seeks $5 million for 2010.

The Rams’ interest proves that not every member of the 2004-05 Eagles coaching staff has adopted an N.F.W. approach to a reunion with T.O.  Head coach Steve Spagnuolo served as linebackers coach and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmer was the quarterbacks coach in Philly when Owens had a great first season, followed by a Year Two nightmare culminating in a four-game unpaid suspension and an invitation to get the hell out for the rest of the campaign, with pay.

In contrast, Spagnuolo and Shurmur had no interest in trading for long-time Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

The Bengals also are interested in Owens, and it’s expected that the situation will heat up this week.  Apparently, it already is.

36 responses to “Rams in "serious pursuit" of T.O.

  1. Owens, do not go to the Rams! Keep trying for a better team and if Cin does make an offer take it, even if it’s less the the Rams offer. Rams are nothing without Jackson. Even if they get Owens Bradford still sucks, Avery is fast but kinda a bust. Owens I would rather see you play with Oakland and Jason Campell then the crappy Rams!

  2. Very few teams are even interested in TO and the ones that are probably don’t think he’s worth 5 million unless they had some training camp emergency where their number 1 went down.
    6 mil and he signs with the Rams.
    And Florio, you are too hard on the Rams. They will be better this year.

  3. That will REALLY aid in the development of Sam Bradford…??? He certainly will not get $5M.

  4. That would be a good pick up for the Rams. Bradford needs someone to throw the ball to and it should stop opposing teams from stacking 8 men in the box to stop the animal Jackson. If TO goes to the Rams I will choose S.Jackson in all of my fantasy drafts because having a legit receiver will help out their running game big time!

  5. I absolutely love this.
    It’s nearly perfect.
    The only way that this could be better is if the League had already added those two more regular season games so the Rams could go 0-18!

  6. The great thing about this is it’s a win win situation for the Bengals. If he choses Cincinnati, they win. If he doesn’t, they win.

  7. Putting TO with a rookie quarterback is like Manny Pachiaio going against Richard Simmons.

  8. It’s a perfect fit!
    Owens is so good at helping quarterbacks mature and develop, so they can reach their full potential.
    Owens is such a calming influence in the locker room and in the huddle, he can’t do anything but help Bradford.
    I don’t know how to type the tongue-n-cheek symbol, or I would.

  9. They made a mistake Drafting and Paying Bradford..
    Now they’re making a mistake considering this Bozo..
    This organization should go back to LA..
    What a joke..

  10. As a Rams fan, I am open to the idea of T.O. as a 2nd or 3rd read for Bradford. I’m not sure how rookie Mardy Gilyard, who happens to wear #81, feels about the prospects of a T.O. signing.

  11. Too hard on the Rams? Florio is a major douchepuppet, but really? The Rams have been one of the worst teams for years! What exactly is wrong with saying the truth?

  12. Ochocinco and TOO OLD on the same team…what a circus that would be. Carson Palmer would need 6 footballs to keep those cry babies happy.

  13. The ONLY way that the Bengals are interested in T.O. on any level has to do with the *real* health of Antonio Bryant. They just will NOT pay both of those guys to log jam the developing WR’s they have …and that would be a deep one.
    Bryant’s knee had problems and it is probably what will be the lynch pin in any interest in Owens.
    The Ocho, Caldwell, Gresham, Shipley, Simpson, Purify and Quan Crosby would be plenty of targets in my book….and don’t forget Chase Coffman. He will be back from the foot injury.

  14. Ravenmuscle
    The depleted Ravens secondary is going to need reconstructive surgery from trying to stop them..Wait a minute… Notice the irony of this ?

  15. i would gain some respect for T.O. if he did go to the Rams and actually be a good teammate. he COULD really help sam’s development as a legitimate target but he could also do what is expected and start talking smack about sam after four games of sub par numbers.

  16. “I’m going in on my 15th season, so I want to go to a team that’s on the cusp of making it to the playoff”
    That’s what TO said. Given that and the Rams haven’t displayed the slightest interest in TO all offseason, this rumor appears to be bogus.

  17. If there is one thing that helps a quarterback develop it’s being screamed at by a lunatic, and then called a homo in the press.
    I think he could really help Sam.

  18. Poor Sam Bradford I hope he has alot of asprin because he is going to need it dealing with a major headache AKA TO!

  19. If the Rams sign T.O. before they sign Sam Bradford, then the Rams will have to pay more for Bradford. Consider it hazardous duty pay; sooner or later T.O. will stab his QB in the back.

  20. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. the Rams are light years away from making the playoffs, why would u invest $50 million in a rookie QB and then stick him on the field with T.O?? thats no way to start your career. Its not like T.O makes them any closer to being a good football team. The negatives far and away outweigh the positives. What a disaster

  21. Does the term “Burying the lead” mean anything to you Florio? Like it or not you are a journalist and you should read a book on how to be one. You might also want to look up “Inverted Pyramid” while you’re at it.

  22. If Owens ends up in St Louis, it means one of two things has happened…1) Sam Bradford has really pissed someone off. 2) someone has bumped their head (or is maybe running a very high fever). This is 1 of the worst ideas ever! T.O.’s declining skills aren’t worth the headache…do you REALLY want him around your rookie franchise quarterback???

  23. cincinnasty
    All this talk about our secondary is just TALK…let’s you and I discuss it AFTER the Jets opener.
    All this national media’s hyping the Ravens as a superbowl possibilty must have really got under a lot of peoples’ skins. Nobody knows what will happen this season. Injuries decide more superbowl winners than any writers or ESPN “experts”???
    If Cedric Benson and Palmer tear their ACLs in the pre-season our secondary will be better than your backfield.

  24. Hell they need someone to go downfield so Sam can throw the ball, T.O. catching the ball now that’s anyones guess.

  25. @ Ravenmuscle – Your secondary really is crap right now. Without Ed Reed they’ll get steam rolled. The offense should be able to put up a lot of points though…
    And it seems like every year people are picking the Ravens as the “sexy” pick to make the Super Bowl, so I doubt it’s getting under anyone’s skin.

  26. Ravenmuscle says: July 24, 2010 7:01 PM
    All this talk about our secondary is just TALK…let’s you and I discuss it AFTER the Jets opener.
    All this national media’s hyping the Ravens as a superbowl possibilty must have really got under a lot of peoples’ skins. Nobody knows what will happen this season. Injuries decide more superbowl winners than any writers or ESPN “experts”???
    If Cedric Benson and Palmer tear their ACLs in the pre-season our secondary will be better than your backfield.
    Ed Reed going to PUP or retiring, a suspended cornerback that sat behind to crappy cornerbacks.. It’s all just talk.. Unfortunately for you it’s reality..
    Ced and Carson going down with ACL’s in the pre-season is hardly reality at this point and until it is reality I would suggest you didn’t use it as an argument. It kind of makes you look like your forming your opinion’s based on speculation.. Usually speculation is just that… speculation..

  27. None of TO’s five kids from five different women live in St Louis. Why would he go there?
    Doesn’t he want to be close to his kids? Oh that’s right, he can’t. They all live in different cities.

  28. Let’s all agree on one thing: No serious contender is interested in this guy.
    He’ll be a 37 year old receiver by the time the season ends.
    There’s a reason every sane organization isn’t returning his agent’s calls. Last season he was controlled by the opposing teams No.2 corner most weeks.

  29. Best possible move. Why? Just think how easy the playbook would be for the rookie. Run, Pass to T.O., Pass to T.O. Repeat next series.

  30. God why? And who are they in pursuit against? No one else wants him. Why doesn’t TO retire already.

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