Adrian Peterson will be at Vikings camp on time

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reiterated Sunday that his contract status is not a major concern.  Approached by Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune at a charity event, Peterson confirmed that he will be at training camp on time.

Peterson also “seemed somewhat annoyed” by speculation he might consider a holdout, and expressed confidence that his agent and the Vikings are on good terms with regard to contract-related matters.
As pointed out by Mike Florio earlier this month, escalators in Peterson’s rookie deal have been activated by his playing time and performance.  He’ll earn a $3.64 million base salary in 2010, not the fourth-year minimum as the basic rookie contract normally dictates for a fourth-year player.
The situation could get interesting next offseason.
Peterson’s salary spikes to $10.72 million in 2011, and could get even higher if he hits more escalators this season.  While Peterson is arguably worth it as the best running back in the NFC, the Vikings might want to move some of the money around instead of being on the hook for roughly $11 million guaranteed — or more — once Peterson makes the Week One roster.
Peterson’s contract is also set to void after the 2011 season.

9 responses to “Adrian Peterson will be at Vikings camp on time

  1. “Adrian Peterson will be at Vikings camp on time”
    and this is news to who???
    if you want a story, tell us johnny jolly will be showing up at packers camp or that ted thompson and aaron rodgers were seen at a club watching female strippers.

  2. Here’s a guy you can really rally around Viking fans. A guy who realizes how close they were last year and will actually show up on time to build that chemistry with teammates and put in the long hours to try to get over that hump regardless of his superstar status.

  3. Packer fans must be at Old Country Buffet or something because this post is like 15 minutes old and it isn’t flooded with homoerotic, fumble, and diva comments from our envious meat head rivals across the border.

  4. How about referring to him as O.R (over rated) or B.F (Butterfingers)?
    Either way, the Saints were rumored to have considered giving him a cut of the Superbowl bonus money since they know that they owe a small debt of gratitude for his performance in the NFC Championship game.
    And Lovie Smith thanks him, that win at the end of the year went a long way in helping him keep his job for at least another year.

  5. Ok.
    In other news…this happened:
    Tony romo will show up on time.
    Joe flacco thought about showing up on time and later confirmed he will.
    Jamarcus Russell will not be in an NFL training camp.
    Water, it appears, is wet.

  6. Until his sorry ass can learn to hold on to a football the thought of getting more money should not even enter his mind. Can they restructure so he has to pay them back for every fumble?

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