Charles Robinson takes on Reilly's run with the bulls

We freely admit that this item is unrelated to the sport of football, but for the fact that one of the participants (Charles Robinson) covers football for Yahoo! Sports, and the other one (Rick Reilly) co-wrote the worst football screenplay of all time.

Charles Robinson has taken Rick Reilly to task, Twitter style, regarding Reilly’s recent reporting on the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain.

Reilly, who moves through the streets of Pamplona with all the grace of Buddy the Elf trying to hug a raccoon, had one goal — to “swat a bull’s ass” with a rolled-up newspaper.

And that objective caused Robinson to come unglued. 

Dangerous self-aggrandizing garbage,” Robinson writes.  “Shameful.”  (Then again, maybe it was just a belated review of Leatherheads.)

Robinson explains that the purpose of the newspaper is to distract a charging bull.  Using it as a weapon serves only to piss the bull off.  And thus to endanger the runners even more than they’re already endangered.

“Rick Reilly and ESPN are lucky he didn’t get
someone killed
,” Robinson says.  “Do some research before you endanger other people’s
lives.  Reckless & terrible.”

Thanks to Richard Deitsch of for pointing out Robinson’s tweets, which have spiced up a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Now, excuse me while I swat my bull-sized 13-year-old in the ass with a newspaper.

13 responses to “Charles Robinson takes on Reilly's run with the bulls

  1. Rick Reilly is a pompous jerk. His stuff has steadily gotten more and more crappy over the last several years. I wish he’d just go away…

  2. “Do some research before you endanger other people’s lives”. “Reckless & terrible” …He said with a straight face…. they run with the bulls and your worried about safety?…They use the newspaper as a distraction?…Wonder what the bulls like better, the funny pages or the sports section?

  3. “Now, excuse me while I swat my bull-sized 13-year-old in the ass with a newspaper.”
    – Hello this is social services

  4. Reilly’s a so many other sports “writers”
    I don’t understand how these guys get the egos they get, the jobs they have is a joke.. you’re covering games and grown children. Yes, I love sports, but these idiots have the egos of the players for some reason..The only reason they have any rep is due to the access to players, teams, and personel they gained when newspapers were still relevant and the internet didn’t exist..
    It has nothing to do with their actual wrting ability
    (see Peter King, Mitch Albom, Mike Lupica, Phil Mushnick, Vescey, Mariotti – who’s apparently a sociopath in real life)
    The boys over at Deadspin justifiably take Reilly and others to task on a routine basis..
    Bloggerss (Deadspin, The Big Lead, KSK, DC Sports Blog, PFT) seem to realize that sport is not to be taken too seriously.

  5. The worst football screenplay of all time? Joe Theismann’s Rocket Screen at the end of the first half of Super Bowl XVIII.

  6. Reilly’s always been a smug, self-absorbed asshole. Too bad his sorry ass didn’t get gored.

  7. I know where he’s coming from.
    Whenever we go on a ferris wheel, I rock the cart. My wife gets all mad and is like “This is already dangerous enough! You don’t have to make it slightly more dangerous!” and I’m all “You knew what you were signing on for when you bought the three tickets required for entry onto this ride.”
    So really it’s the same situation if you think about it.

  8. What really enrages them is getting slapped with a rolled up copy of the PFT Season Preview Mag. For some reason they comprehend it as a much greater indignity to their pride. Allegedly a bull slapped with the PFT mag in Pampalona was still mowing down pedestrians on the Champs Elysee three days later.

  9. “# Chiefs2010 says: July 25, 2010 6:16 PM
    no way your married.. and if so, you’ll be divorced soon enough”
    Yeah. I’m sure after 9 years she’ll come around.
    Hey, if I give you her e-mail address could you try and talk her into it? No matter how mean I am to her, she just thinks I’m joking.

  10. In late August they’ll hold the “Running of the Scribes”, where 250 pound bull dykes with tattoos and piercings shove rolled up newspapers up the asses of naked hacks like Robinson and Reilly. Plan your vacation around it.

  11. rsa says:
    July 25, 2010 3:55 PM
    The worst football screenplay of all time? Joe Theismann’s Rocket Screen at the end of the first half of Super Bowl XVIII.

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