Falcons plan to take a pass on T.O.

Receiver Terrell Owens has expressed in past years a desire to play for the Atlanta Falcons.  The Falcons have not been interested.

During his ongoing free-agency excursion, Owens has not tried to attract Atlanta’s interest.  As it turns out, he would have been wasting his time.

“I don’t think [we’ll show an interest in Owens],” Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff told ESPN.com’s Len Pasquarelli.  “We like the guys
we have.  No, I don’t see us doing that.”

Though Dimitroff’s words contain a whiff of equivocation, he may not
have time to change his mind.  In recent days, the Bengals and the Rams have emerged as the primary teams interested in T.O.’s services.  It remains to be seen whether other teams get into the bidding.

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  1. A healthy receiving corps should be fine for this season, it’s the pass rush that’s a ?. If the sacks light up the stat sheet the Falcons will take a thunderdump on the NFL, Super Bowl bound on the shoulders of Matty Ice & Michael Turner. There are others who’ll agree.

  2. Other than #85’s tweeting and Palmer’s alleged comments, where has anyone in Bengal ownership/management expressed an interest in signing TO?

  3. The Falcons would have signed T.O. by now if they had wanted him. The fact is that 36-year-old wide receivers are not exactly a hot commodity. The only reason this guy gets talked about is this: he can’t keep his own mouth shut. Any other guy in T.O.’s situation would be retired or signing for mediocre cash just to have a chance for one last shot at glory with the St. Louis Rams.
    (Wait a second…)

  4. I think the Falcons had signed Jenkins to an extension a year or so ago soI could not imagine they’d be interested in TO.

  5. SaintsBucsPanthersSUKK I do remember you saying that the Falcons would sweep the Saints to take the NFC SOUTH last year. Nice Call guy. WHO DAT!!!!

  6. Guys like Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Charlie Frye, and “hands of stone” Braylon Edwards can leave Cleveland and find work elsewhere.
    What does that say about TO? Despite his obvious skills, he is THAT MUCH of a cancer to a team. Jeff George anyone???

  7. For all you T.O. haters out there, just remember that the man made Money. Everyone who hates him payed attention to him. They saw him sign a football on Monday night football with a sharpie, stand in the middle of the Dallas star, do sit ups and push ups in his driveway, sit on a bike in a lance armstrong suit. All you haters watched it happen. Watch something else, he makes for good tv. He makes his life not boring and he don’t care what some think about because you cannot please everyone.

  8. Ok, It looks like TO will go cheap to somebody. The longer it takes for someone to make an offer, the cheaper his price may get. The Bucs may want to give it a shot . If nothing else the man will sell some tickets and might prevent some blackouts! He is better than any of the recievers we have now.

  9. I thought that T.O was going to the Rams?
    Oh well…
    As far as the Falcons are concerned, I think the receiving corps is fine. I think that the issues with the Falcons are the Pass Rush, Mike Turner’ health and Matt Ryan overcoming a second year that was terrible.
    This year will define Matt Ryan’s career with the Falcons. Vick’s been gone for three years. People loved Matt Ryan because he wasn’t Michael Vick (and some people hated him for not being Michael Vick.) But right now, it’s all on Matt Ryan. Will he be able to overcome having all that tape on him in order to be a QB that can take a team on his shoulders and win big games? Or will he have a season like last year and only beat good teams because Michael Turner is getting 378 carries a season?
    If Matt Ryan turns out to overcome last year and become that elite QB, the Falcons will be happy and the fans will embrace him even more than what they are currently. The Falcons might even sell tickets at a rate within sight of the Vick years.
    But if Matt Ryan proves to be mediocre, eventually just not being Mike Vick or having the PR team behind you calling you Matty-Ice won’t be enough. Eventually, there will be calls to get a better QB.

  10. T.O. will not get a last chance at “glory” with the Rams. Even if they sign him, the team will not sniff the playoffs and T.O.’s possibly final season will go down as no more than a footnote on his career stats.

  11. i would love t.o on my falcons roster, lets be honest, the 36yr old can still play better than all these younger guys n prob runs just as fast or faster, keeps himself in shape and he didnt cause no trouble in buffalo at all and got cut from cowboys well cause we all know jerry jones is a moron who thought roy williams is better! rest my case on that argument but i believe u need good guys around him in the locker room and falcons have that with good leadership from the top down. yh we resigned jenkins for 5yr extension for wat? drop passes? plus hes slow…t.o would easily be the #2 wr behind white….just imagine t.o white tonyg turner and ryan with our mean ass oline? its a rap in my books

  12. With a decent season, TO could surpass Isaac Bruce to take have the second most receiving yards in NFL history. It would be ironic to see him do it on the Rams. I think Isaac Bruce moved into that position against the Rams a couple years ago when he first signed with the 49ers.
    But he would need a decent season to do it, maybe the Rams will just sign him and play him until he gets real close to Isaac’s place on the all-time list then bench him for the rest of the season, LOL. I imagine Bruce has some sort of a retirement ceremony in St Louis this year, wouldn’t that be a great gift? 😉

  13. Bengals interested for one reason. Ocho plus Owens = butts in seats. Owens is a problem solver to the Cincinnati economy.
    Plus how good will the td celebrations be with those two?

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