Norv Turner has a message for a Merriman

S. Merriman1.jpgThe Chargers have become resigned to Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill holding out of training camp, but linebacker Shawne Merriman’s situation remains less certain.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune writes Merriman is likely to show up to training camp “at some point” but skipping any time doesn’t make much sense.  Sure, the Chargers can’t fine Merriman or reduce his contract offer.

But Merriman must realize he needs the work to regain his pre-injury form.  And there’s no chance he’s getting a new contract until that happens.

“Because of the things he’s been through, he would benefit greatly from
having a full, great training camp and getting back to doing the things
he does healthy
,” coach Norv Turner told Acee.  “I don’t care who you are, if you’re not 100 percent . . .
there are thing you can’t do that you used to do, you’re not
instinctive. The way you get those things back is by going 100 mph and

The Chargers haven’t seen Merriman “for a while” but logic indicates that will change early in training camp, if not the first day.  Otherwise, Merriman is getting some bad advice.

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  1. Lights Out on Shawn’s career and LT isn’t far behind! (even though he’s a Jet) AJ Smith isn’t dumb, the guy can draft and build a team.
    One would think that Merriman would be in working out, getting ready for his next contract?
    What’s he been doing?
    Meanwhile guys like Wes Welker and Tom Brady have been working out on their own to get ready for camp…
    Last thing I read about Merriman he was involved in a domestic dispute.

  2. Since when can’t you fine a player, who is under contract, for missing mandatory training camp?

  3. This guy’s a clown in the vein of Larry Johnson..
    His NFL career is over.
    Mark it – unless, however the finds some designer steroid stronger than HGH (which is sill not tested for in the NFL and he almost surely takes)
    He dances like Ray Lewis but plays like Tia Tequilla.

  4. bling… hangers-on… big houses… lots of cars… legal problems…
    millions of $ just dont go very far anymore. these guys dont need better financial advice per se. they need brain transplants.

  5. Pfft…”sorry” Norv, but if you want the man in Camp, then pay him, if not STHU, with the coming labor strife, Merriman’s interests are not in playing the good soldier via signing a one yr tender.
    The Bolts don’t pay their stars, very much like the Cheapriots, why play along? Even Tom Brady has learned that taking the discount merely allows the Team to chisel your teammates contract number and does not guarantee a larger contract down the road.

  6. Merriman, IMO. Goes down as one of the most overrated players in NFL history. No steroids, no sacks. The guy is a joke.

  7. He’s just another one of these primadonna morons getting piss poor advice. There are going to be 4 veteran players in the entire league to hold out of camp….and 3 of them are Chargers!!!! (Jackson, McNeill, Merriman….the other one is Logan Mankins for NE).
    WTF is wrong with this picture!
    You would think Merriman would be smart enough to realize that he needs to put in a full camp and prove that he’s still a relevant player in the league if he hopes to get any sort of contract offer after this season. But, then again this is a guy who goes out partying 5 nights a week, dates Tila Tequila and tests positive for roids.

  8. Don’t you think it’s strange though that the years that Merriman had his best sack totals he had Wade Phillips coaching him. Now, allofasudden Ware turns it on and now Ware looks like the better player. I’m starting to think that Wade knows how to make a pass rusher.
    Plus, Since Wade it’s been one failed attempt at a DC after another. Ted Cottrell sucked and Rivera is building his defense on speed and substitution, so where does Merriman fit in? I guess we’ll see. But there’s still no doubt that he’s still the best run stuffing LB in the league currently. He just needs to get that explosion he once had.

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