Second-round rookie hospitalized with head injury

It’s been a rough weekend for rookies.  On Saturday, a third-rounder was arrested.  Before that, a second-rounder suffered a head injury.

We’ve confirmed that Ravens linebacker Sergio Kindle has been hospitalized with a head injury suffered on Thursday night.  A league source tells us that Kindle initially had some swelling inside his skull, but the situation has since improved significantly.

“Members of our medical staff, including Bill Tessendorf and Dr. Andy
Tucker, have spoken with doctors in Texas. We understand Sergio is
stable at this time and that he is being tested and observed,” Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said in a release posted on the team’s website.

The team says that Kindle supposedly fell down “two flights of stairs.”  There was some initial skepticism regarding the contention, but apparently no effort will be made for now to debunk Kindle’s claim.

The former Texas standout has yet to sign a contract.  One league source predicted that, given their track record, the Ravens likely will offer Kindle a fair deal based on his slot as the 43rd overall pick in the draft, regardless of the injury.  It remains to be seen whether they do that, or whether they wait to confirm that Kindle will be OK.

51 responses to “Second-round rookie hospitalized with head injury

  1. Kindle has a history of suspicious accidents. From crashing into buildings and dissappearing, to falling down “two flights of stairs”.
    Remember these words……. You will be reading about Kindle being arrested, seriously injured, or suspended within 1 year of today.
    Leave the booze and dope alone Sergio, you can’t handle it.

  2. Another mysterious accident for Kindle. This is the same guy that crashed into an apartment building at 2AM, left the scene of the accident, and when he finally reported this next day said he was not drunk, but distracted b/c he was texting.

  3. how exactly do you fall down TWO flights of stairs. After the first one, don’t you wait for someone to help you up? This guy has a history with booze, and I am so very glad the pats didn’t take the advice of every pundit who demanded they draft him.

  4. “Members of our medical staff, including Bill Tessendorf and Dr. Andy Tucker, have spoken with doctors in Texas. We understand Sergio is stable at this time and that he is being tested and observed,”
    Translation:::: We are awaiting results of drug tests.
    Let me give you the test results. Kindle was drunk, and took a couple big hits off a blunt. Got a behind the whell and crashed a vehicle.
    question is, who’s vehicle and where is it?

  5. I hope that Sergio Kindle gets well soon. He was a fantastic player on defense at Texas.

  6. And the bad news/drama continues to come from the “Superbowl Favorites”….
    I’ve heard reports of uncertainty and buyers regret coming from the increasingly unstable bandwagon.

  7. @onlymyopinionmatters
    So sergio will be suspended within a year of today. Could you tell me the winning lotto numbers for tonights pick 4 when you have a chance also?

  8. They should wait to confirm he is OK before giving him a big bonus…sounds like one helluva concussion.

  9. Still looking solid Ravens lol Keep up the good work towards the Superbowl . Love Steeler fans everywhere .

  10. Bill.Polian says:
    July 25, 2010 4:10 PM
    How big of a dumbass do you have to be to fall down two flights of stairs.
    Apparently, 6’3″ 250 lbs.

  11. Hopefully his noggin is ok, but it would be funny if his already injurred knee was further dammaged reqiuring microfracture surgery to end his season… What a draft day steal.

  12. im going to fall down 3 flights of stairs, to show him up. where is my southern comfort.

  13. Not looking like much of a steal now, eh Ravens fans? Should have known better than to go the injury prone route.

  14. wow. the ravens are supposed to be the overwhelming favorite in the AFC north because of the acquisition of anquan boldin and their “superb” draft. “mount” cody is ridiculously overweight and out of shape and this idiot can’t even walk down a flight (or two) of stairs. give me the bengals in the AFC north this year.

  15. I’m thinking he’s done for at least the year.
    Any identifiable brain swelling after a head injury and there’s no way he’s medically clear for football for a very very long time.

  16. he fell down 2 flights of stairs…as he fought a guy who gave him an upside down longhorn gesture…at a strip club…while drunk and stoned

  17. Ol Serg was known to love his alcohol at UT…no surprise that he’s carried it with him to Bmore. Perfect fit for him.

  18. TWO flights of stairs?
    I fell down one flight of stairs once in my life. I was less that ten years old.
    Even in my various states of drunkeness I can handle stairs, up or down.

  19. Very skeptical about this falling down TWO flights of stairs…what did he do..fall down the first flight…hit the landing…make a left turn …then fall down the second flight.
    Sounds more like a fight involving some booze and somebody bopped him over his head with a pipe or bat.

  20. Sergio fell down two flights of stairs, knocking the door open and causing the doorknob to hit “the other guy” (who was outside) square in the eye.

  21. I think I saw him in that movie “Coming to America.” Wasn’t he Stu? Someone better tell him his rent is due.

  22. I hope he is OK but I don’t buy the story; truth will come out in time. Jumped off the deck or something stupid I suspect… just sayin

  23. I predict the head-swelling of some Ravens fans will continue, and that some will even explode.
    And it’s “stabile”, Mr. Florio. A stable is where you keep a horse.

  24. Anyone who falls down two flights of stairs while not impaired NEEDS to have their head examined.

  25. The first set of stairs Sergio fell down was an accident. The second time he was showing the skeptics exactly how it happened. That’s when he hurt his head.

  26. thank G-d he only hit his head. nothing important. jeezowiz lets get to training camp already. these articles about B.S. are killing me.

  27. Posting comments on a story that contains material that deals with a players injury or death should be banned, judging by these comments people are pretty sick and disgusting.

  28. stable it is.
    the fool also has credibility problems.
    stairs is likely a cover story, but perhaps he was tossed down them…

  29. Anyone who thinks we are SB favorite’s for what this guy will contribute this year must be as stupid as a steelers fan. He was a 2nd round pick and is no T-Sizzle. Get well Sergio!!

  30. steeltown….dont hate….no one expects better that 7-9 for your steelers this year anyway……

  31. Ravenmanic . Maybe we go 7-9 . Maybe worse or hell even better . But we arent picked as SB favorites in the AFC . You on the other hand have to be rethinking all of this ? No doubt about your team ? From the Flacco V Bulger comments . To Ed Reeds comments to the team ? Now this donk rookie not knowing how to walk properly ? Come on now lets get real about this lol Or do you just use blind faith ?

  32. I read your post everyday and have never felt the need to sign up. You have idiots that post replies everyday but I had to sign up just to reply to onlymyopinionmatters I understand you cant censor the idiots that reply on your posts but really ? Sergio is not a rocket scientists, I give you that. He is a 22 yr old football player. The Ravens didnt draft him for his intelligence. They drafted him because he’s 6’4 250lbs and runs a 4.5 – 40. onlymyopinionmatters probably never even played HS football let alone D-1 FB. Why dont you have a coke and a smile and shut the F-up.
    Thanks for listening

  33. @steeltownpride
    all of the obstacles as to which you pointed to have been extremely overblown by the media, not being biased just truthful, all of them with the exception of this most recent one which the ravens probably expect surge back for camp. Let’s get real, do you believe all of this media fabrication or do you just use blind faith. (Did you see what I just did, I molded the last sentence of my comment in the form of yours, funny huh?)

  34. Sergio should probably invest in some good insurance next time he plans on spending an evening in Austin. Despite being a Longhorns fan, I definitely questioned the assertion that he wasn’t under the influence when he crashed his vehicle into an apartment building last year, but I really don’t know why a guy would say he fell down two flights of stairs if he didn’t. Once flight? Sure. But why two flights? It just seems absurd. Maybe it was a flight of stairs with a 30-degree turn landing?

  35. The Ravens are a class organization. I am sure if he has a drinking or drug issue, the Ravens will do whatever they can to get him the help he needs to overcome this.

  36. @ 7370355q$
    It is your trusted duty to your fellow man to ban what people write if you don’t like it.

  37. Even if I DID fall down 2 flights of stairs I think I would claim it was only 1.
    How do you fall down a flight and around the bend to the next flight? Sounds like a very bad movie scene to me.

  38. @steeltownpride says: July 25, 2010 4:32 PM
    “Still looking solid Ravens lol Keep up the good work towards the Superbowl . Love Steeler fans everywhere .”
    Dear Steeltownpride.
    When our QB starts raping women, and walking around a bar with his schvantz hanging out, then you can talk. Until then, shaddup. Your words are meaningless, and you know it.
    The other 31 NFL Teams

  39. This is great…..All the squealers fans are having a field day with a man who is in the hospital with a serious head injury. Yet, whenever their is a squealer story on this site, they all start screaming about the squealer haters…. look in the mirror jack asses….worst fans in the league…. there must be a squealer fan handbook that tells them all how to act the sameway. Like idiots…….and no, I am not angry…..:)
    On another and more serious note…. condolences and prayers to Bill Cowher and family on the passing of his wife.

  40. Steeltownpride – How’s Ben Ruthlessbanger doin? I haven’t heard about him since he wrote the check to the female golfer that he exposed himself to! He’s really behaving himself! HAHAHAHAHA!
    That moron will shoot himself in the foot again before the end of the 2010 season!

  41. He was ejected from the vehicle he was driving and his momentum carried him down two flights of stairs.

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