Shanahan: If Haynesworth won't cooperate, we'll go on without him

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said last week that he expects defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to do whatever the Redskins’ coaching staff tells him to do, whether that means playing nose tackle, defensive end or free safety.

But what if Haynesworth is uncooperative with the coaches when training camp opens?

In an interview that aired Sunday on ESPNews, Ed Werder asked Shanahan if he’s optimistic that Haynesworth will be cooperative with playing in the 3-4 scheme that the Redskins are installing.

“We’ll find out,” Shanahan answered. “We know how talented he is, we know what he’s done in the past, and I’m looking from the positive side that he comes in and does what he’s supposed to do. If not, we’ll go ahead without him.”

Shanahan has stated emphatically that Haynesworth will not be traded. But Shanahan’s comments to Werder suggest that the Redskins don’t think Haynesworth is a player they need to keep, especially if he’s not interested in doing what Shanahan and the staff tell him to do.

42 responses to “Shanahan: If Haynesworth won't cooperate, we'll go on without him

  1. hes paid well and should be willling to do anything to help get the job done. if i told my boss i didnt want 2 do anything hed tell me to go home too.

  2. If he’s cut, traded, or plays like he did last season for Washington, this will unquestionably be the biggest FA signing bust of all time.
    I know, I know, in other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.
    When will Napoleon learn?

  3. if the skins are going to pay AH no matter what then they should boot him out of all facilities. If there is no football then they won’t have to pay him during the stoppage and he can’t be a negative influence on any players.

  4. Its unfortunate cause Al has the ability to be the best D-lineman in the league in the 3-4 or 4-3. I am optimistic that Coach Shanahan and the rest of the coaching staff will get him onboard. They should plant his locker right next to Chris Cooleys, maybe that way Al can see first hand what it means and what it takes to be a true Redskin!!!

  5. Is anyone worth keeping if they won’t take directions directly related to football?

  6. I agree if Mike Shanahan wants big Al to clean toilets he should do it too without complaining.Big Al is one of the best Dlineman in the game and we need him but he is also one of the biggest pains in the butt.

  7. Short of saying cerrato was an epic failure and that Haynesworth is not his guy, what else can he say? Yea, Ed were really hoping he shows up in shape and eager to play beause were screwed if he doesn’t. We’d be lucky to get a 4th round pick for his sorry ass.

  8. Shanahan has been around enough, and been successful enough, to know how much rope to let these guys have. He doesn’t have to put up with that crap. Haynesworth’s best days are behind him…he needs the job more than the job needs him. GET BACK TO WORK FAT ASS!

  9. He’ll be traded to the Titans before the regular season begins. You heard it here first.

  10. “He’ll be traded……..”
    Dream on. Not even the Lions are hard up enough to waste a pick, a player, or a buck on this loser.

  11. “We’d be lucky to get a dozen donuts for his sorry ass.”
    @Orakpwnd, fixed your statement.
    If he won’t cooperate for the kind of money he’s been paid then noone will give up anything for his fat ass.

  12. Trade him to Oakland!
    The Raiders would sport a DLine with Seymour, HAynesworth, and John HEnderson. Pretty tough DLine..

  13. AH is not being traded.he will come into camp and he will do what Mike Shanahan and Jim Haslett tells him to do if he doesn’t then he will be suspended it’s as simple as that.

  14. swervinmervin …
    Dude John Henderson is just another guy.
    Jax released him for a reason.

  15. If he doesn’t cooperate with Shanahan and play wherever he’s asked to play, he’ll be traded to the Seahawks. The Hawks already play a 4-3 defense and they need a dominating tackle on defense. Also, Pete Carroll has mentioned recently that he’d be great to have on the team if he were available. You heard it here first. The Skins will trade Haynesworth to the Hawks for a 4th round pick in next years draft. Go Hawks!

  16. Forgo the money. Trade him to Oakland for the best you can get. Just sticking it to him and showing others what will happen to you (see how #5 was NOT traded to the Raiders) if you act like an A$$ hole should make Danny feel a little bit better about being so financially violated.

  17. he will have to, skins
    they could have gone 4-12 without him last year.
    ever hear of charles comiskey?

  18. Albert will come and play his ass off – that’s what Shanahan expects and that’s what he’ll get. Hail!!

  19. I agree Skins 1970. If AH does not cooperate, this will turn into a Keyshawn and TO type of suspension.

  20. these articles are stupid.. you havent said anything new about the skins in a long time.. same old info new headin

  21. waste of money….another colossal waste of Dan Snyder’s money….epic idiocy since he bought the team….

  22. Is there a mentally unable to perform list they could put him on? If he does not cooperate then stop paying him. Do not cut him and do not trade him. Retain his rights and show him that the Redskins control whether or not he plays another down in the NFL. He’s been paid most of the money already and Snyder hasn’t cared too much about wasting money…

  23. way to go weseal boy wonder. what a cluster of an org this sinking ship is.
    Hail you suckas as you finish in last again. Same old story….hype it up preseason and fail when it counts.
    You foreskins should revolt and find a way to get weasel boy out so you have a chance…LMFAO.

  24. I am not a ‘Skins fan, but this issue has repercussions for the entire league. If and when a player is allowed to collect huge sums of money and then dictate to a team and its coaching staff what he will and will not do, you might as well fold up the league. The inmates will then be running the asylum, and NO business can operate that way.
    The League MUST make a stand on this, and back the Redskins if they decide to send him home, stop paying him, and pursue every nickel they can get back from him.

  25. looks like shanny learned a little bit from AJ Smith, don’t take no player crap, they work for you.

  26. Its good to hear Coach Shanahan remove Albert’s perception of leverage.
    What Coach really said was, “Your future is up to you Fat Boy. We’ll be just fine with or without you and your agent. Your last Coach was a pussy and put up with your crap. I will kick your fat ass so hard you’ll turn inside out.”
    The ball is in your court Fat Albert. Can you play after second down this year or be laying down suckin wind like last year?
    Hope that WashPost writer reads this!

  27. I think the only way Haynesworth gets traded is if the Redskins manage to find someone as gullible as, well, Daniel Snyder.

  28. The NFLPA should be on his ass.. I can promise you Haynesworth will cause changes in the way contracts are written and subsequently the NFL will allow contract language to protect teams from this type of situation in the future…

  29. Clayton –
    Yeah, pro bowl DTs at the age of 30 without history of major injury turn into bums over night.
    The Raiders were saying the samething you are saying now about HEnderson when they got rid of Randy Moss. Chargers said it when they got rid of Rodney HArrison. Bengals said it when they got rid of Corey Dillion. Chiefs said it about Rich Gannon. Baltimore said it about Priest Holmes.
    The list could go on and on.
    Bottom line is that HEnderson is playing on a one year deal. He may not be all pro anymore, but I promise you that he wont be just another guy this coming season.

  30. they should make him stay at home and watch games on TV…end his career by not allowing him to play for the next few years…that would be worth the money in my opinion

  31. swervinmervin-
    Why is John Henderson even brought up? The Raiders wern’t good last year when they got destroyed by the Redskins and the Redskins sucked. John Henderson is not like he was 3-5 years ago. Infact he is just another guy, I think he is more of a lockeroom guy. Hes on a one year deal because NO ONE would sign him for more.

  32. I love it
    Make him play through his crying and REALLY annoy him
    If he sits out, he can be fined out the wazoooo

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