Eagles lineman: "Majority of locker room was leaning towards Kevin"

The enlightening eight part series “The Deciders” by the Philadelphia Inquirer wrapped up Sunday with a grand finale: the story behind Donovan McNabb’s departure from Philadelphia.

Since I’m writing this post on a bus without enough coffee to write coherently, here’s a list of things I learned from the article.  Lists are easy.

1. The Eagles officially decided to trade McNabb in early March, although the move felt “inevitable” by then.  (Of course Andy Reid was publicly singing another tune.)

2. Unsurprisingly, Reid appeared the most ambivalent about the trade.  “I think either one of these guys are top-quality guys and we can win [this year] with them,” Reid essentially said, according to Banner.  “It wasn’t an easy decision, just a slam dunk, for me,” Reid said.

3. G.M. Howie Roseman and offensive coordinator Marty Morningweg become true Kolb believers after Kolb’s two-game stint as starter.  Both men and owner Jeff Lurie point towards Kolb’s leadership skills.  “His intangibles are off the chart — off the chart,” Lurie said.

4. The locker room was undeniably in favor or Kolb.  Guard Todd Herremans: “The younger players in the locker room kind of wanted to see Kevin take
over and get their own print on the team. As long as Donovan was on the
team, it was going to be his thing, not the young kids taking over.

“We would’ve loved to play
with Donovan another year. But the majority of the locker room was
leaning toward Kevin.”

5. McNabb truly wanted to stay in Philadelphia behind closed doors.  It wasn’t a public posture.  His agent had to lobby to McNabb that a change of scenery could be a good thing, not that “Five” ultimately had a choice. 

6. McNabb’s personal feelings really were taken into account, perhaps the most remarkable part of the entire episode.  This is where agent Fletcher Smith made his money.  Some within the Eagles thought a deal was done with Oakland. The Bills were interested. The Eagles delivered McNabb to a better situation.

It’s an odd way to learn it, but who says there is no loyalty in professional sports?

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  1. Hahaha…and where were the adults? Oh that’s right, it’s Lurie’s team…OK, bye bye and not just to DM…but to success.

  2. “….. owner Jeff Lurie point towards Kolb’s leadership skills. “His intangibles are off the chart — off the chart,” Lurie said.”
    WOW! Kolb sounds like a regular Tim Tebow! What a load of horsecrap. Lurie will see how “off the chart” Kolb’s intangibles are while the Eagles sit at home and watch the playoffs.
    Wonder if Lurie will root for McNabb for old times sake? Or will he just keep crying over and over “What did I do? What did I do?” like Jake LaMotta after he threw the fight in “Raging Bull?”
    Thanks solely to that trade the Redskins will make the playoffs this year and the Eagles won’t.

  3. It is Kolb’s team and once the players realized it last year, everyone knew it was time for McNabb to go. Classy of the Eagles to at least ship him to a mediocre team like Washington, instead of terrible teams like Oakland and Buffalo.
    So even though the Eagles parted with McNabb to get younger and better play out of Kolb, at least they showed him enough respect to not send him to the Siberia of NFL teams.
    That all being said, Kolb will lead the Eagles to the division title this year, and McNabb will struggle in mediocreville.

  4. Wow the kids wanted to make there own history. Stupid me I always thought it was about winning. Being an Eagles fan I really hope this pans out. I’m just sitting back now wondering why the hell does Minnesota wait on a 40 yr old guy. I guess you have to have those intangibles huh T. Jackson!

  5. OMOM….bwahahahaha…you are so funny. Have fun rooting for your team to find the next Franchise QB…it’s gonna be awhile me thinks!

  6. that fact that Mc5 carried that team with minimum offensive help for all those years the 1 yr he get some talent & have 1 of his best statistical seasons showing what’s to come they wanna give it to an unproven Klob!!! This is why Philly will never win! Now he has to start over in Washington again with little off help @ the reciever position 7 doesn’t seem like Mike is even looking to get atleast 1 real reciever. Can’t wait for the Philly fans to start screaming for Vick!!! Go skins!! hahahaha

  7. That’s a pretty good summary of the events but nothing really new about any of it to those of us who were following the story closely (and locally).

  8. The Eagles chose to deliver McNabb to a better situation. The Packers did it with Favre unintentionally.

  9. “4. The locker room was undeniably in favor or Kolb.”
    OF Kolb you mean? Spell check doesn’t catch those…

  10. You have to love comments from Bozos like Citizen Strange and others who are completely clueless about Kevin Kolb. Most have never seen Kolb play yet write overpowering negative opinions. The Eagles made a gutsty decision to trade McNabb because they drafted and successfuly developed Kolb over a three year period. Both QB’s have expiring contracts and a decision was made to go with the guy 10 years younger and rising. McNabb is still very good and only time will tell if the Eagles made the right decision to move on from McNabb.

  11. Gee, you mean it wasn’t only the fans who felt it was time to move on? What a shock…lol.

  12. The more I hear about this the more confidence I have in the Eagles this season. I’m glad Kolb has so many supporters. This seems, to me, pretty much exactly like the Favre/Rodgers ordeal, except that McNabb isn’t a huge drama queen and he handeld it much, much better. Hopefully Kolb can prove the Eagles organization right just as much as Rodgers proved the Packers organization right!

  13. And McNabb is gonna wip there ass’s four the next 5 years for it. Lmfao!!
    says the guy who roots for the Raiders. The worst and most emabarassing team in ALL of football. You should focus on those 4 wins you’re team will have this year. Let me know when they win a “meaningful” game.
    LMAO! Now go troll elsewhere

  14. So let me see if I got this straight…
    McNabb went to WAS instead of OAK because it was a “better situation”. Then Campbell goes from WAS to OAK, and it is a “better situation”
    for him too???
    Hmmm. Righhhhhht!

  15. What this shows is that you guys didn’t know what the hell was going on. Nice of you to throw this up, though.
    It also goes to show that I didn’t know what I was talking about when they did, indeed, trade DNabb.
    Saying all that, not sure how we get a different feel for the same article?
    “Reid appeared the most ambivalent about the trade.”
    “G.M. Howie Roseman and offensive coordinator Marty Morningweg become true Kolb believers after Kolb’s two-game stint as starter.”
    The intagibles they talked about came about watching practice and preseason games. The 2 games over 300 gave them game tape to analyze his decision making with “live bullets.”
    Reid being ambivalent is a bit exaggerated. He talks to whether he feels they can win ball games with either of these guys. They next analyzed who had more marketability and how many years and at what level of play these guys had left. Feeling that DNabb has 2 or 3 years of high level of play, depending on other factors, and Kolb having 10. DNabb being able to bring in better offers and finally analyzing whether they could, in the end, keep all 3 for this season and what effect it would have on the locker room and what would happen at the end of the season.
    They are very thorough analyzing from all angles. PFT “writers” should stop trying to figure them out, you’re not smart enough…… or, at least, wait til you’re off a bus…

  16. @Opie
    “DNabb being able to bring in better offers”
    Are you saying the offers from other teams for McNabb would have been better than the offers for Kolb? If you are, what do you base that on? Because I don’t think that is true based upon what Atlanta received for Matt Schaub.

  17. Yeah WASH is so much of a better situation than OAK or BUF.
    You need a brain transplant. WASH sucks ass.

  18. The kiss of death for Kolb’s future…an endorsement from the most clueless offensive mind in the NFL, Marty Morningweg

  19. Ha.
    The red flag, of course, is Lurie.
    Whenever Lurie starts babbling about guys or their plusses being “off the charts,” I see Jeffy venturing off the planet.
    Ibid. Hoying, Bobby.

  20. This is a huge gamble. He had ONE good game against the putrid KC Chiefs. Yes, he threw for over 300 yds against the Saints, but the Eagles got waxed and he tossed 3 ints. Did you guys forget how badly he fell apart in the second half?
    He may turn out to be a great QB, but there isn’t a whole lot of evidence at the pro level that this will happen.

  21. its hilarious how good people think mcnabb is…he really is awful and the redskins will make it obvious. not that we didnt, but we managed to make him look good intermittently. the redskins are perpetual suck, and mcnabb is not gonna do anything to change that.

  22. A majority of the locker room was leaning towards…the walls in order to keep their house of cards from imploding!

  23. Agent did NOTHING… McNabb threatened to retire if traded to Oakland and Eagles felt he had done so much for them they would give him a break–ala Bledsoe–and trade him to rival since they felt they could beat Skins regardless. Bruce Allen and Shanny are notoriously poor talent evaluators which is why they trade for vets.

  24. Actions speak louder than words. Whatever Reid et al say publicly, trading a guy to a division rival especially when you know the guy will be their starter and is a QB and you don’t even get a single 1st rounder for the guy…it is absolutely positively an indictment of the guy’s skill level and possibly even more than that (LR/leadership issues?)
    Then again I have never thought DM was that great to begin with either as a leader or a QB.

  25. Donovan has sheer football talent…he accomplished some very impressive feats(often with awful weapons) while never actually fitting a west coast style offense whatsoever. Kolb is already a better fit than Mcnabb ever was in our offensive scheme, and with speedsters maclin and jackson I think we can expect some short-to-medium passes turned into homerun balls simply due to Kolb’s superb accuracy. Remember how good Jason Avant was at catching ankle-high garbage Mcnabb throws? Avant’s got some great hands(I believe some of the best in the league)…he may blossom into a premiere slot weapon with a more accurate QB at the helm. Brent Celek may already be Kolb’s favorite target, and will probably lead the Eagles in receptions. Pro bowl fullback and a nice 1-2 punch in the backfield with both RBs catching the ball well…KOLB HAS SOME SERIOUS WEAPONS. He is being highly underestimated right now and rightfully so…he’s started 2 games. I can guarentee the world now that KK will outperform all expectations…you heard it here fools.

  26. I say this as neither a fan nor hater of the Eagles, that there will be tremendous pressure put on Kolb’s shoulders this year. To get rid of a QB of McNabb’s caliber was a huge decision that hopefully turns out well for both parties. We’ll see if he has the mental toughness and talent as Aaron Rodgers did when the diva Favre’s spot whined and literally cried his way out of Green Bay.

  27. Stop crying about McNabb’s departure!….He couldn’t throw accurately, he couldn’t throw the touch pass!….Those 2 things are a MUST in the West Coast Offense….With the receiver’s Kolb has this year it should be really exciting….We finally have a QB that can run the West Coast Offense like a well tuned machine…..like the great QB’s before him (Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Drew Brees) I expect BIG yardage from these receiver’s & the RB’s too!…Ok the O-Line isn’t that great BUT Kolb has a quick release and accuracy on his side….things that McNabb NEVER had!…This is going to be a High Octane Offense this year…..Remember Air Coryell well welcome to Air Reid…..Now if the D-Line can get more pressure on the QB it will make the secondaries job a whole lot easier…..And we need everyone to stay healthy this year….After we beat Green Bay that first game the league will take notice that the Birds are flying high this year….Look at N.O. their QB is no different from ours…..And they’re Super Bowl Champs…..I like our chances with Kolb…….Go Eagles!!!!!!

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