Third-round pick gets picked up by the cops

It’s finally happened.  A member of the 2010 draft class has proven that he belongs in the NFL.

By getting arrested.

Rams cornerback Jerome Murphy, the first pick in round three of the draft, was charged with driving without a valid license on Saturday near the USF campus in Tampa, according to Greg Auman of

Murphy was booked and released after posting $250 bond.  He apparently was on campus to participate in a 7-on-7 football camp for high school students.

Though that fact shouldn’t provide diplomatic immunity for, you know, real crimes, arresting a guy for driving without a valid license seems a little harsh.

46 responses to “Third-round pick gets picked up by the cops

  1. Cops in Tampa should find something better to do . Write the guy a ticket and be on your way…….douche bag!!!! I hate cops !!!

  2. You forgot his other crime…DWB…Driving While Black. No way does a white person get arrested for not having a license.

  3. Putting people in jail for a suspended lic. One of the many reasons i left shit hole Tampa in the rearview mirror a few years back. The cops there are ridiculous pricks… No worries Jerome, just pay your giant fine and get the hell out of comunist Tampa.

  4. Why does he not have a valid license? DWI, repeat speeding offender? How many other times has he been cited for driving without a license?
    Tibor (or is the Obama) automatically coming out and saying the cops acted stupid without having even the FIRST clue as the the real story or any background just makes you look like a fool.

  5. I knew it wouldn’t be a Bengal… had it been the title would have been much more creative like: “Bengals draft pick does his best to prove he fits in….” seriously florio… call it even… if your gonna bang on cincy for every brush with the law, bang on everyone. no one likes a rigged game, except belichek and that cunt, nurse ratched.

  6. Tibor your an idiot quit crying and pulling the race card happens everyday here in AZ and I am white and it happend to me

  7. Tibor says:
    July 25, 2010 10:36 AM
    You forgot his other crime…DWB…Drivin g While Black. No way does a white person get arrested for not having a license.
    You tell em Jesse Jackson !
    Reparations!! WE WANT REPERATIONS!!
    Anything free so don’t have to work.
    i got fired cause I’m black!!!(forget the fact i only showed up 1 time for work in the last month)
    I got arrested cause I’m black!!! ( forget the part about me selling crack to kids)
    This is my brand new car( forget the broke off ignition steering column)
    Whitey made me do it!!!!
    The Po Po is coming !!!!!
    Forget the fact I’m creeping around a house at 4:00 am with a crow bar, if the Po Po shows up, claim racial profiling.

  8. Reading the comments makes me laugh.
    A Bucs player gets arrested in Tampa and it’s “scumbag Bucs” and yet the same police arrest a player from another team and its the police at fault.

  9. What do you do if you stop someone without a license? Let them keep driving? It seems like you almost have to book them.

  10. I’m with you, VASeahawk. If you stay on the right side of the law, you have no reason to “hate cops”.
    My nephew was a cop in Tampa. He was on a stakeout at a known crackhouse. A guy snuck up along side of his car and tried to bash his head in with a hammer. So you guys who “hate cops” have no clue what cops go through. Do the job for about a year and then tell me what you think…….
    As for this kid, he had no license, and chances are he had no insurance, either. He hits you and you get injured, who pays for the medical bills?
    He should take responsibility for his actions, period…….

  11. # Tibor says: July 25, 2010 10:36 AM
    You forgot his other crime…DWB…Drivin g While Black. No way does a white person get arrested for not having a license.
    ——————————————————iI’m white and I did.

  12. He’s not getting picked on because he’s black. He’s getting picked on because he’s stupid.
    And can we get something done about the language on these posts? I only hear the c-word used by Mel Gibson.
    Please, you have a right to free speech. You also have the right to remain silent. Just try to keep the horrible words down to ****** or &%*#$.

  13. His license was either expired (Who knows for how long) or he never got a FL License when he was playing there. He was arrested to ensure he would appear for his court date. Expired D/L is an automatic arrest in most states. Tibor and all you other cop haters – B4 u comment on the law, learn the law. Cops do stuff to piss all of us off, but when you r in trouble the 1st person you call is a cop. As my cousin tells me “U can’t have it both ways”. Don’t hate the man and then expect him to help you. Most cop haters are usually law breakers anyway.

  14. onlymyopinionmatters you are an idiot, only a racist bastard would write something like that, I could see if it was funny but it was stupid.

  15. Yeah it must be FL cuz I got pulled over with an expired license (CA) and didnt get arrested, but my car got impounded. hahahah

  16. expired drivers license is one thing, however a DUI after playing basketball with high schoolers? I amsure the teenagers dranka few so that would be distribution of alcohol to a minor! Since he is a rookie no suspension even those he got caught, if no charges 6 games suspension!

  17. There is no question that he did something wrong by driving (knowingly or not) with an invalid license. To suggest that a subsequent arrest is justified IF he has done nothing else wrong is crazy…but we don’t know this to be true or false. 
    I am a black physician living and practicing in Florida. I am not here to preach about how horrible it is to be REGULARLY profiled/ harassed by the police when I am doing nothing more than wearing my suit and driving to work in my modest sedan to go attend to patients of all color who require my care. What pisses me off is when I am looking for insight and intelligent comments about football, and I stumble across posts by people like ‘onlymyopinionmatters’; clearly a racist with no outlet for his anger over who-knows-what! 
    I hope the administrators of this site will prevent this type of crap from being posted in the future. The generalizations and assumptions that this racist a$$hole is making are just shy of Mel Gibson calibre and should not be displayed in this forum…please direct him to 
    Let’s keep it about football now, shall we?!

  18. ICEWALKER – i was quoting a movie.. and not a mel gibson flick… the “C-word” didn’t make the list of the 7 dirtiest words anyway…lighten up a little bit, you don’t make the rules for everyone.

  19. And most cops are megalomaniacs, and liars. They are encouraged to lie, and to falsify evidence. They are not in that business because of any profound desire to “protect” and “serve”. They need to feel superior and lord it over everyone else, whom they see as “beneath” them. By the way, check out the statistics on cops being charged with spousal abuse and child abuse. You may be surprised, but probably not, as your opinion outweighs all facts and I am sure you can find an excuse for this behavior.

  20. cowboys1 says:
    July 25, 2010 11:34 AM
    onlymyopinionmatt ers you are an idiot, only a racist bastard would write something like that, I could see if it was funny but it was stupid.
    I am no more racist than Tibor.
    And when you call someone a bas+ard, look in the mirror next time, cause your daddy is not the man your mama claimed all these years. PUNK!

  21. Driving without a license. Wow. He probably forgot to get it renewed, as opposed to never having one. I get close everytime. Big Deal.

  22. yeah onlymyopinionmatters is clearly a heavy crack addict , i continue to see dumb shit you write on here, that you think is funny , but actually makes no sense . Lay off the blow buddy.

  23. im black and i hate when black people say that shit. Sometimes it dose happen where you do have an idiot cop who pulls you over cause he plain and simply dose not like black people, or Muslim people, or any body that plain and simply dose not have the same skin color as him, especially in the south. It still happens on a regular basis,but to use it as and excuse for all of your problems is a a little bit asinine

  24. Blunts:
    I know you have experience with crack and drugs. Go toke on another blunt, and fry your brain some more.

  25. I’m a Rams fan, but if they just give the guy a ticket for driving without a license and don’t arrest him, then he would still have to drive without a license to get to where he was going. That’s why they had to arrest him.

  26. I agree with texline most cops are bullies and think everyone should bow down to them. I’ve been assaulted by them twice and both times they charged me to cover their assaults, by the way I’m white. In one instance the same cops later beat a black football player to death. I know all cops aren’t that way but the majority are!

  27. eh, needs drugs & prostitutes..
    otherwise this is nothing..shoot I did more to warrant an arrest last night than this guy
    /lets self out

  28. All of you sound like a bunch of post-menopausal old women, or is that what you are.

  29. He was arrested because it’s Tampa, plain and simple. It’s all about the revenue. Come on vacation, leave on probation.

  30. “I’m a Rams fan, but if they just give the guy a ticket for driving without a license and don’t arrest him, then he would still have to drive without a license to get to where he was going. That’s why they had to arrest him.”
    Ok, first off do you think he suddenly forgot how to drive when his license expired? Was he a dangerous driver all of a sudden? It’s not like he didn’t have insurance.
    Second, did you know he could have just had his car towed and not been arrested? Would have solved the same problem.
    What a waste of resources. stupid BS like this is why cops get a bad reputation whether most of them deserve it or not. CATCH REAL CRIMINALS. Don’t give speeding tickets to some guy going 6mph over the limit or arrest someone who had his freaking license expire.

  31. Not a doctor? Seriously? Is this meant to be some sort of a jab? So in your expert opinion ‘Thingamajig’ how is a doctor to sound? Enlighten me.
    Goodness, I can’t believe that this ridiculous discussion has come to this.

  32. Why should he not be arrested? The same thing happened to me once, and if I had not had the money to post bail I would have stayed the night I’m sure. It’s not racial profiling, it’s called the law.

  33. @doctor_NO27 says:
    i don’t think you are a real doctor as well. This is a football site. You should get off your front porch and make something of yourself instead of sitting at your computer starting fights at unk tom.

  34. First off the cop had no clue the kid did not have a DL he had to do something else to get his butt pulled over.
    So why did he get pulled over and do not tell me becuase he is black that line is so over done.
    So he did something to get pulled over and then the cops found out he did not have a DL and got busted to fen bad get your paper work to DMV like us mer mortals and you do not have this issue

  35. Tired of you keyboard tough guys talking sh!t hiding behind the safety of your PC.
    @armpats: eat a dick! How’s that? Will that get me keyboard cred like you’ve got? Computer slang won’t make you any blacker, and attacking your own people for no reason is doing nothing to help the situation. Bitch!

  36. doctor_NO27 says: July 25, 2010 6:41 PM @armpats: eat a dick! How’s that?
    lol I knew you were not a Dr. Uncle Tom. Keep being the white mans lackey. I respect my race. You should be ashamed to be black uncle tommy boy

  37. Anytime something like this happens, 100% guarantee someone plays the race card. Bottom line is if the guy had a valid license (and you know whether you do or not) this probably would have been a non-story. On campus the campus police hassle everyone, for going a mile or two faster than the limit, it’s just how campus police are, and race has nothing to do with it. He did SOMETHING no matter how minor to get pulled over. If he’d had a license he’d have been on his way. Of course he was arrested, because it’s pretty standard to take a person driving without a license (and most like no insurance if you don’t have a license) to jail. You can’t just let them drive on their way. They might be lacking a license for any number of reasons, such as multiple DUI arrests, being an illegal alien, etc. Both of which are also crimes, and reason to be detained by the police. Its not as if they are going to toss the guy in jail for 5 years, he’s going to be detained for a day at most, and go to court. Why is this even such a hot discussion?

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