ESPN saves America from Mike and Mike in Week One

We don’t get to say this enough, so here goes: Thanks, ESPN.

Thank you for realizing after three years that using “Mike and Mike” for the nightcap of Week One’s Monday Night Football doubleheader was like handing football fans a turd sandwich for dessert after one of the most satisfying meals of the year.

USA Today reports that veteran play-by-play man Brad Nessler and Trent Dilfer will work the opening of the remade Arrowhead Stadium when the Chargers face the Chiefs at 10 ET on September 13.

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic’s shtick works on the radio for millions of listeners, but Greenberg was out of his element in an NFL booth.  The duo worked the late game for two years with Mike Ditka and last year with Steve Young.

Like the Raiders with JaMarcus Russell, it took ESPN three years to realize their mistake. And like the Raiders, they will benefit from some addition by subtraction.

56 responses to “ESPN saves America from Mike and Mike in Week One

  1. Now, I wonder how long it will take for them to remove them from the radio.
    For the good of America.

  2. Greenburg is not any better on the radio………But Dilfer & Nessler will suck also……

  3. THANK GOD! Dennis Miler, Tony Cornholio, and Mike and Mike, are not for Monday night football.
    Trent Dilfer will be added to that list right after this broadcast.

  4. Now maybe NBCsports can save us all from “Greg and Mike” (Rosenthal and Florio that is) and get us a couple of writers on here that can do something besides re-tread old storylines, tell us what Brett Favre had for breafast, or consistantly manufacture speculation out of nothing.

  5. Never being awake that late and having no interest in anything that happens to the west of the Missouri River, I have never seen them work.
    In fact, I’m sick of regular Monday night games starting so late so we can wait for the Californians to get home. C’mon earthquake!
    How is that for east coast bias?

  6. It’s employer loyalty, at its finest. ESPN (and the rest of the NFL nation) knew before the kickoff of the first game they announced. Yet, M & M have been hugely successful for ESPN and M & M desperately want to fit in with the diehard NFL nation so they pushed it and pushed it. And ESPN gave ’em 3 years to try and catch on. No dice. They’re as annoying doing games as they are doing their awful show.

  7. Bummer, I was hoping you were going to say there radio and tv show got cancelled…

  8. Does it even matter? Only pro players should call sporting events, sans Emmitt Smith. As a Giants fan I would love never having to hear Joe Buck or Kenny Albert call another game.
    A couple of years ago I was on a cruise and I was watching an Eagles Broncos game. I don’t know what feed my tv was getting but there were no commercials. I could here the announcers talking during the tv timeouts. And the former athlete calling the game, I can’t remember his name, had to explain the rules for coaches challenges during the tv timeouts. So bring back Golic because at least he knows what is going on.

  9. Trent Dilfer isn’t much of an upgrade. I can’t not look at that mole on his face while he’s talking.

  10. It should be Dave Mishkin (Play by Play) and Ray Hudson.
    Look them up on youtube and tell me it wouldn’t be epic.

  11. ohh c’mon guys.. they are not that bad.. Have to remember that they don’t do this on a regular basis. And they are not doing any better with Nessler handling play-by-play.. Dilfer may be a fresh face for us…

  12. Mike Golic is okay but they make such a lame tandem. I’m sure Greenburg is a fine guy but he’s just so wimpy.

  13. Hey Rosenthal, You mindless douchebag. Did the Raiders have anything to do with this story? Then why mention them. Instead of carrying Florio’s jock strap, get your own crappy digs. Like, How many rings do the Chargers have?

  14. badmude911 says: July 26, 2010 10:16 AM
    Hey Rosenthal, You mindless douchebag. Did the Raiders have anything to do with this story?
    Speaking of douchebags:
    They have JT the Brick working for them. That guy makes Mike and Mike look credible.

  15. *Now, I wonder how long it will take for them to remove them from the radio.
    For the good of America.*
    I agree, they are awful!!!! get them off of ESPN, that is usually when I turn it off!!

  16. “…the nightcap of Week One’s Monday Night Football doubleheader was like handing football fans a turd sandwich for dessert after one of the most satisfying meals of the year.”
    A metaphor like this should never grace a high school english paper, let alone the pen of a paid professional writer. Nice professionalism PFT. Greg you get worse by the day slumming at PFT.

  17. I never listened to them broadcast the double header game simply because it was not enough of an interesting match to stay up for. Though what I’ve heard of it was typically bad. Overall, it’s hard to say what a person needs to be a good personality to do the job and people’s opinion on them differ for sure. Though I hope with this Fox finally realize Joe Buck needs to be just kept to baseball.

  18. i can’t believe the uproar. first of all, they know the game. second, there is not that big of a difference between one broadcast team and the next. Who cares?? Are you watching the game to hear them talk or to watch the football game. I don’t even pay attention to who’s calling games, nor do i care.

  19. It’s funny how the radio team of Marv Albert and Boomer Esiason is better than anything on NBC or ESPN primetime broadcasts. Love Westwood One.

  20. Perhaps we could get Florio and gregg R doing the games…………that would be professionalism in the booth, right there…

  21. At least Mike & Mike don’t use “football” as an adjective in every sentence like Dilfer and constantly state the obvious…, i.e.:
    “When you talk about Philip Rivers, you talk about a guy who can escape the football rush, make a football move, and deliver the football pass to the football receiver. He’s not just a great quarterback, he’s a football player on a great football team. Football football ball.”

  22. Mike and Mike are the worst thing on the radio, PERIOD. I would rather have dental work done, I find it less painful than listening to them.

  23. Golic is a very good analyst – he was excellent when doing college games as well. Greenberg is not a play-by-play guy, he’s just not. He’s a former beat reporter whose job it is to give his opinion and be funny most of the time. You need a Pat Summerall or Dick Enberg type to do the play by play.

  24. @ZombieRevolution
    That’s not a metaphor.
    On the main topic, though, agreed. Mike and Mike suck. Their banter feels so forced…like watching a sitcom after it’s jumped the shark…
    Plus they find reasons to talk about baseball when any other pro sport is more relevant.

  25. Greeny wants to go to Jets home opener so he declined to do MNF! ESPN won’t report this. Golic will be shooting up with roids, giving beer to his kids and Notre Dame kids 20 years and younger that weekend. Mike and Mike, Cowturd, Van Pelt, 1st and ten, PTI all talk about the same thing and all say the same and sgree most of the time. Its in the script!

  26. @8man: that’s not funny. I had friends die in the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. Grow up. What’s wrong with you.

  27. tre1572 says:
    July 26, 2010 10:38 AM
    Why do you mindless sheep read this blog if you hate it so much?
    Because it’s full of internet tough guys who have to cut on someone cause their life is pitiful. I take Florio’s site is for what its worth: mostly a rumor site with some info. He’s obviously doing something right if he has this many followers.

  28. M&M are pretty bad, but at least they aren’t putting Colin Cowherd on any broadcasts. Talk about Grade-A Douchebags.

  29. I actually agree with Florio.
    I can’t even listen to them on the radio for five minutes. They’re just a couple of bland, unoriginal company line toting empty suits. I have no idea how they generate any ratings. I’d rather listen to the lite FM morning DJ’s who have a target audience of ugly old chicks with cats. It’s generally more interesting.

  30. what no metro-sexual doing football coverage??? mike and mike are good for an hour now, golic forgets where he came from in c-town, and still plays he his a great jock, he wouldnt hold a jock in todays game.

  31. Golic was surprisingly good in that role. They should try him out on some college games. Greenberg, however, was so far out of his element, it was painful.

  32. The problem wasn’t Mike and Mike, it was the garbage double header games they were given to do. You have Greeny with no football experience that caters to the casual fan, Golic caters to the been there done that awhile back so I have a valid opinion group and Ditka who is a legend and isn’t afraid to call things as he sees them. That’s an entertaining crew! Great combination and it was not the same with Steve Young. Give Mike and Mike a game people actually have an interest in, throw Ditka in the booth with them and it will be a damn good broadcast.

  33. Great.
    I look forward to hearing Trent Dilfer call every stupid pass an “absolute dime.”

  34. They need to throw in some token whore that just looks good…it can’t be any worse than what Mike and Mike have to say.

  35. Greenberg’s a douche. I was a contestant on a gameshow and he was the host (the short-lived “Duel.” We got into two fights. I wish they would have aired that. He was an absolute a-hole to meet. Hitting on the female contestants, constantly clicking his pen; f him.

  36. Now if they can just replace them in the AM drive-time slot, it would feel like Christmas in July.
    How many years does the public need to suffer through the endless droughning on about how much the fat one eats and how geeky the other one is. How this schtick has lasted this long without the general public conducting a mass suidicide at 7 30 AM, I will never know.

  37. One of the worst moments in radio history was when I went to tune into my LOCAL morning drive show only to learn that the local station 104.3 the Fan, had sold out to air these two bumbling idiots. It was a tragic and devastating day.
    Greenboob: “blah blah blah”
    Golic (canned and awkwardly stepping onto the last “blah by Greenboob): “YEP!”
    Greenboob: “blah blah blah”
    Golic (canned again): “Mmmm Hmmm”
    Greenboob: “Without a doubt… blah blah blah!”
    Golic: “Wait (has no idea what Green really just said) you’ve got to be kidding me!”
    And why does Greenberg sound like Inspector Gadget? He has the most annoying voice on the air… couple that with the most annoying point of view on the air (Cowterd) and my AM drive now consists of non-sports related talk radio… I’m listening to goddamn politics now for chrissake! That’s how bad ESPN has ruined Denver sports radio.
    (Put Namath and Kolber on the sidelines and just run the stadium crowd feed otherwise, that’ll do just fine)

  38. Saying Dilfer is an improvement is like saying that turd sandwich would be better w/mayo.

  39. It’s been awhile since KC had a home Monday night game. Albeit, it is the “2nd Monday Night” game.
    My guess is that the NFL decided they better do it the first week of the season because they don’t want to risk a blackout later in the year.

  40. How do you most of you KNOW Dilfer will suck? Has he ever broadcasted on tv before? And with that said, does anyone else think Dilfer only even has a job with ESPN because he still gets no credit for winning the Superbowl? LOL

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