Mike Neal agrees to terms with Packers

Originally expected to mostly sit as a rookie, second round Packers defensive end Mike Neal may have a bigger role than anticipated following Johnny Jolly’s year-long suspension.

Neal will be at training camp on time to get work started.   Neal announced on Monday that he agreed to terms just four minutes after Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee asked Neal about his status on Twitter.

Expect reporters around the country to suddenly start copying Wilde’s approach.

A penetrating tackle in college at Purdue with occasionally inconsistent effort, Neal will move to 3-4 end in Green Bay.

21 responses to “Mike Neal agrees to terms with Packers

  1. Way to go Jason Wilde. Say hi to Chuck for me!
    If Neal is anything better than Justin Harrell, I’ll be happy!

  2. Tackle or end, whatever, he’ll still sit on the turf as well as he’ll sit on the bench. Set him up, knock him down.

  3. robert ethen says:
    July 26, 2010 5:34 PM
    Neal will have a big set of orange coveralls to fill.
    Zing!!!!! Truth hurts!
    But Jolly STILL is not in jail or been brought to trial for over 2 years. OK, maybe brought to trial but it’s always been postponed because of one thing or the other.
    Just keep Jolly away from the Purple Drank (or whatever it’s called now).

  4. calling mike neal is “occasionally inconsistent” is like calling mike mccarthy “a bit husky” or ted thompson “just in touch with his feminine side”. come on, quit with the understatement.

  5. Yeah theres the help. Packers oughta just pack it in. No way the North is really anybodys but those Vikings. The Pack is so far away from what they were in the day, it is really sad.

  6. The “inconsistent motor” rap on Neal from college is a clear example of what happens when people scout tape, and not games. Yes, if you just watch plays, you will see Neal not giving full effort on some of them. But if you watched entire Purdue Boilermakers games last year (something that relatively few people did, I gather), you’ll notice that he pretty much never came out and played 100+ snaps a game.
    I don’t think there’s a human being in the world who can give 100% effort for 100% of the defensive snaps in a football game at 300+ lbs. That’s why NFL teams regularly rotate defensive linemen, those big guys get tired after a while.

  7. The Vikings will hoist the newly named Bill Belichick Championship Trophy this season!

  8. calling mike neal ‘occasionally inconsistent’ is like calling NoGravyForSconnies ‘a little bit of a jackass’.

  9. Interesting that some indoor teams like the Colts and vikings have only gotten around to signing 7th round picks.
    Meanwhile outdoor teams the Packers are working on finalizing their 1st round pick.
    The outdoor Bears were done by Memorial Day weekend.
    Good organizations get the job doneand are improving all the time.
    Poorly run teams can’t afford to sign draft picks, have no QB under contract for next season, and have no stadium for the season after that when their NFL welfare gets cut off.

  10. Hey Jimmy,
    Now the Packers can book their tickets to the Superbowl. This rookie, Neal, can now sit next to Rodgers and they can watch the SB from about the 45 yard line if they but the good tickets.

  11. Nice work Wilde. Although Homer is bringing out at little pompous hot air from you on air; we still respect you.

  12. Pervy *Harvin says:
    July 26, 2010 8:57 PM
    The Vikings will hoist the newly named Bill Belichick Championship Trophy this season!
    The only thing the Vikings are going to hoist is Chilly’s bloomers on the plane back from New Orleans after his “game plan” results in another beat down by the Saints Sept. 9th.
    Take it like a ……er….man Childo.

  13. Another signee quietly joining the ranks….the story of the tortoise and the hare comes to mind.

  14. Ted Thompson was said to have been very upset after the draft about this guy.
    Seems he thought his name was Mike Kneel.

  15. “The Pack is so far away from what they were in the day, it is really sad.”
    Dude last time I checked, the Packers finished only one game behind the Vikings in the standings last season. If I recall, that isn’t very far.

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