New Madden game will feature revamped soundtrack

In past years, the Madden franchise featured a soundtrack with new music that appealed to the youthful demographic to which the exclusive NFL video game appeals.

This year, Electronic Arts will focus on replicating the in-stadium experience. 

The full soundtrack appears at the EA website.  Original songs appearing on the game include AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘N’ Roses, Let It Rock from Kevin Rudoff, the Kiss classic Rock and Rock All Nite, and Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train.

The game also includes covers of Rock ‘N’ Roll Part 2 and We Will Rock You.

For the first time, team-specific songs will appear in the game, including Bear Down Chicago Bears, Go Packers Go!, Skol Vikings, and Fly Eagles Fly.

Meanwhile, Florio Jr. continues to pester the hell out of me to demonstrate my modest sports industry juice by scoring for him an advance copy of the game.  EA, Drew Brees, can you help me get Florio Jr. off my back?

59 responses to “New Madden game will feature revamped soundtrack

  1. That’s a pretty lame list of tunes. Hopefully we’ll be able to use our own music like you can with NHL10.

  2. They should focus on making the game more realistic. The gameplay will continue to suck

  3. Play NFL 2k5 then get back to me.
    2k5 destroys any ps3 or 360 madden, yet its 6 years old and on a last generation system.

  4. Well, it’s “Go Pack Go”…so I hope they don’t botch it on their first attempt…Or that would be pathetic.

  5. It must be hard to tell your son that you actually don’t have any juice in the sports world. Which is why you can’t get him an advanced copy. Poor kid.

  6. Good to hear, finally some good music (meaning it was made before most of the Madden fans were born). Nothing worse than the c(rap) and emo and all that stupid stuff they usually have. It’s football for crying out loud, it should be played to nothing but Pantera, Metallica and Slayer

  7. Backbreaker is closer to real football (but has it’s ownl flaws…) Football games NEED on-the-fly physics.

  8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Part 2 – if royalties are being paid to old pervert Gary Glitter then I’m not buying.

  9. pretty lame list of tunes? you must not be a football fan or have ever played the sport. thats the music that gets us all jacked to hit people before the game and has been so for quite some time.

  10. Will the NFL please stop using Rock n Roll anywhere ever. Gary Glitter is a paedophile who has been convicted of abusing children in several countries. If his song is on the new Madden then he’ll be taking a cut of the profits and he will use any money that he makes to do what he has done before, flying to places like Cambodia where he can abuse children.
    This is serious, why is the NFL/EA having ANYTHING to do with helping this scumbag. Florio, send an email to Goodell or something, get this song off the game please.

  11. And will the halftime replays actually show replays for the team I’M playing with??
    I played a game in my franchise last night and was up 28-10 at the half and they should 1-2 of my highlights from the first half and 4-6 from the opposing team. Which as you can tell weren’t much based on the score. This happends every game, its completely stupid.
    Also not to mention, the frickin’ controls on the PS3 take forever to get used to and are annoying compared to PS2. I’ve seen on other blogs and whatever that many people can’t stand the control for the PS3. Its annoying when you use the left stick to go left and your player litteraly does a studer-step and slows down. And what the hell happened to the hit stick for offensive players?? It would be nice if Adrian Peterson could lower his shoulder once in Madden 10.
    However, Skol Vikings being played on the game would be pretty cool.
    Will that stupid ‘I don’t wanna work’ song be played at Lambeau though?

  12. You want to get the little monkey off your back, a N.O. Saint is a good place to start.

  13. “CRM0055 says:
    July 26, 2010 7:06 PM
    NoKoolaidCowboy says:
    July 26, 2010 6:43 PM
    There’s music?
    cowboys suck”
    So does your mom’s gaping vagina, but you don’t see people commenting on that now do you?

  14. madden has always been a great laucnhing pad for bands and songs…new found glory, yellowcard, A.F.I., (hed)pe, chevelle, thrice, etc plus many many more had break out hits come from madden. old music has its place (GnR are unreal), but madden was a great source for new music, and it is a bit sad that that has stopped, at least for a little while.

  15. Are all the song listings the same for the PS2 as the newer consoles? Will there be that same team specific music and stadium sounds? The EA Website doesn’t say much about the PS2 console Madden 11. Just basically a rehash of last year with the addition of a new commentator.
    I’ve never really played Madden with the music on, but I may have to if these songs are on the track. Badass.

  16. Florio Jr. came by his gift for percussion naturally, from time spent with the flatulent grandmother. Wait till he discovers the trombone and the kazoo.

  17. Thankfully it’s not that Green Bay “I don’t wanna work” song. The WORST celebration song in all of sports.
    Imagine that…someone from Green Bay doesn’t want to work.

  18. The soundtrack last year aside from the B.o.B track and the Cypress Hill one was TERRIBLE.
    This sounds like an even worse idea… I hate the cheesy crap that’s played at stadiums. They need to go back to strictly unveiling NEW artists like they used to… like “rockotica” says above. Meshing new with old is incredibly lame. Yet another year in which I will be waiting til I see some reviews and maybe rent it first before I take the plunge.

  19. Can we go one article without hearing about Florio Jr. please? I’m sure he’s a great kid but I’m really starting to hate him.

  20. Raiders Theme ? atleast to be played at Raiders home games.. along with MCHammer Oaktown song.

  21. robert ethen says:
    July 26, 2010 9:14 PM
    Florio Jr. came by his gift for percussion naturally, from time spent with the flatulent grandmother. Wait till he discovers the trombone and the kazoo.
    Hahah nice

  22. Skol Vikings!!!!
    Do have to say, those are some pretty unoriginal lame songs that everyone has heard a million times. Might as well put Stairway to Heaven on there.
    They must be hiring for someone to make next years soundtrack by now after this awful attempt. Does anyone know where to apply?

  23. I do have to say that 2K5 was pretty beast, especially the create-a-team feature which is way better that madden’s.

  24. @Karl Cuba
    Ok dude, I am as against pedophilia as the next guy but just because the artist of a song is a pedophile doesn’t mean it is a bad song or the song can’t be enjoyed. If Jimi Hendrix murdered someone would you say that Foxy Lady shouldn’t be used ever again?

  25. Hells Bells by ACDC playing on Raiders Game is classic.
    Anyone else who plays that song is stupid. Hells Bells fits perfectly with the Raiders Image.
    Long live Darth Vader

  26. I like how Madden 10 is the first Madden to use gang tackles. Seems like I saw that on 2k5. And maybe in this Madden, Collinsworth won’t be narrating every freakin play about something. 2k5 was the best football game ever. Madden is a joke. I hate the gameplay, the lack of features that 2k5 had, and the announcers. Will someone tell Collinsworth that Matt Schaub is NOT a rookie?


  28. I agree 2k5 is the best football game ever made. I hope that when EA’s exclusive contract expires, they allow 2Ksports to make a new game so at least there’s some competition driving both companies to make a better game. Madden is alright lately, but I’ve always been a fan of 2k sports!

  29. Funny how Madden 96 was thought of as an awesome game when all the players were the same size, a game in the snow was indicated by a white field and the uniforms looked nothing like the real thing. Now Madden 11 gets ripped for being unrealistic.

  30. @ FrancoHarrisIsTheBiggestPussyInNFLHistory says: July 27, 2010 8:44 AM
    its all about GAMEPLAY.
    also speaking about graphics…..remember the strahan/mcnabb video we saw before the next gen systems came out? what happened to those graphics?
    im telling you, pop in nfl 2k5 on ps2 or regular xbox. youll be flattered how the graphics are just as ‘good’ as madden 10/ncaa 11 yet the GAMEPLAY is so much more realistic than madden 10/11/ncaa 11.
    im 30 years old, gameplay/authenticity comes 1st.
    madden =- use same 5 offensive plays & same 3 defensive plays with exact same shifts.
    when you play 2k5 for ps2/reg xbox (its only 1-2 bucks @ gamestop) then post back and youll be in 100% agreement with me.

  31. Verve says:
    July 26, 2010 9:48 PM
    Thankfully it’s not that Green Bay “I don’t wanna work” song. The WORST celebration song in all of sports.
    Imagine that…someone from Green Bay doesn’t want to work.
    ————————————————– Sorry to break it to you but that “I dont wanna work” song is on the soundtrack and it’s called “Bang the Drum” By Todd Rundgren.

  32. I love everything about the Packers. Born and bred in WI, so yeah, I love “Bang the Drun.” Don’t listen/tune in to Packer games if you don’t like it.
    PS2 Madden > All other console’s Madden.

  33. Hey Ditka
    I’m really glad I was able to be corrected on the title of the worst celebration song in history. I’ll be sure to get it right next time.
    And knowing the singer is even better!
    Thanks!! You’re awesome.

  34. I’ll never understand the NFL 2k5 folks. I thought the game blew back then and you can’t convince me the game has held up well in the last 5 years. Hell I’d rather play Tecmo Super Bowl.
    ‘Hail to the Redskins’ is in the game people, for some odd reason Florio left the most famous NFL fight song off the list in this article.

  35. Normally, I’m all about “hating” on everything, but come on you losers…Madden is hands down the best video game for football out there…and you know it.

  36. Strick says:
    July 29, 2010 10:45 AM
    “Bah-bump. Ba-Da-Bah-Bump. Go, Pack! Go!”
    Awesome. I was hoping they’d do this.
    It doesn’t take much to entertain Wisconsinites.

  37. As much as I love Bear Down! It doesn’t compare to Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” which is played at Soldier field every Sunday and should definitely be on the game.

  38. for spending almost $60.00 for the game we should be able to set up our own soundtract on madden. they should build in different genre’s of music to satistfy madden. cant wait to get it getting it for the 360 and the wii which one will be better?

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