Sergio Kindle won't be in Baltimore for at least three weeks

Earlier in the offseason (i.e., the day on which the PFT Season Preview magazine was going to print), things looked to be going very, very well for the Ravens.  And so at least one of the PFT scribes who picked Super Bowl teams picked the Ravens and the Cowboys, with Baltimore accomplishing during the first Super Bowl played in Cowboys Stadium a poetic bookend to the last game played in Texas Stadium.

Since then, the Ravens have been taking on a little water.  The arrival of Marc Bulger as the primary backup to Joe Flacco was greeted by the locker room with the same fanfare as a visit from a flatulent mother-in-law, and safety Ed Reed has developed a sudden habit of expressing displeasure with the team.  Now, a rookie linebacker regarded as a steal in round two reportedly will miss several weeks of his first training camp.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Sergio Kindle won’t be permitted to travel to Baltimore for at least three weeks after suffering a head injury on Thursday, supposedly after falling down two flights of stairs.  It’s still unknown when Kindle specifically will be cleared for action. 

Kindle has not yet signed a contract; multiple reports (including one from us) indicate that the Ravens will sign Kindle to a slotted deal later this week.

9 responses to “Sergio Kindle won't be in Baltimore for at least three weeks

  1. Good news is the injuries are not life threatening for Kindle. Bad news is that his brain function and motor co-ordination should return to the level they were before the accident.

  2. “Flatulent mother in law”….LOL, I’ve never heard that expression before.
    Matter of fact the only person who has ever used it to my knowledge is Mike Florio, husband of Mrs. Florio, and son in law of Mrs. Florio’s mom. Bless her soul.

  3. Rub some dirt in it and get out there. By the way they’re loaded and won’t miss him.

  4. OK, did Kindle explain how the fark he managed to fall down two flights of stairs and bust his melon?
    Given his history, I’m inclined to wonder if he was getting his Goose on at the time.

  5. The expected 5% increase of the salary of a person selected in the same slot as the person in the same slot the previous year. Slot being draft position, and position played plays a role too. Tell me if I’m wrong, I kind of winged it…

  6. I’m glad to hear that he is not more seriously hurt.
    And, given his injury-prone nature, odd health problems, behavioral hiccups, and …did I read that he has narcolepsy? …I am glad that the Patriots did not draft this duck. I hope I don’t have to eat those words.
    Get well, Sergio!

  7. Hmm, good thing Newsome and Harbaugh had both said after they drafted him they weren’t expecting him to be a starter this year.
    He’ll be a situational pass-rusher this year and learn the rest on the fly.

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