Dez Bryant says he didn't know about tradition

We should have known that Roy Williams’ comments wouldn’t have the last word about Dez Bryant not carrying his pads.

After all, Bryant needed to speak on the matter before we could begin to forget this mini-controversy with actual football news starting to pick up around the country.

Bryant said on Tuesday that he didn’t know that rookies carrying the pads of veterans after practice was a long-standing ritual.  (Hmmm.) 

“I told Roy, if I knew that situation was going to turn out this big he could have walked in with his tights on,” Bryant said.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen and the Cowboys got an extra helper for all the difficult pads-carrying responsibilities.  Jerry Jones’ grandson helped Williams take off his pads today and he carried Dez Bryant’s pads. 

We’ll be back later this afternoon with breaking news on what pads Terrence Cody carried off the field in Baltimore.

84 responses to “Dez Bryant says he didn't know about tradition

  1. please, he didnt know? Really? Has he never seen ONE episode of hard knocks, ever seen an interview with a rookie? i remember when sean taylor was taped to the goal post and lavar hit him in the face with a shaving cream pie. it was on the local news!!
    dez bryant is full of shit and just trying to save face because he looks like a diva punk.

  2. he didn’t know that rookies have to do things like this? Makes you wonder what else this guy doesn’t know about the NFL. Good thing the Cowboys will let him make 10,000 mistakes before they do anything about it. It’s the best on the job training program in the world!

  3. This article has pushed my interest in this subject to the who cares territory.

  4. Who cares if it’s BS? The story is tired already, and it’s a decent backpedal. As long as the team accepts it and moves on, then so can the rest of us.

  5. its reporters like you who give these players over-deserved attention over something so minute

  6. If I was Dez I’d start carrying Miles Austin’s pads.
    Roy Williams will be gone from Dallas soon anyways.

  7. Did Bryant or someone have a gun to your head FORCING you to write this? Of course not. You are just a hypocrite and looking for clicks.
    Go buy another “g” for your name.

  8. I wonder if Dez would have carried Bradie James pads if he asked him too originally? I have a feeling the reason he didnt carry them was partially that he just didnt know about the tradition and the other part of him doesnt respect the guy who asked him to carry them. Its a guy hes directly competing against for playing time, and who was brought in because of said players failures on the field. It’s been interesting hearing the players announce just as much displeasure towards Roy Williams for complaining as Dez Bryant not doing it.

  9. How could he know about Tradition? He was too busy being ineligible and not finishing college.

  10. What A pujnk A$$ BS artist. I can’t wait till he’s caught in a motel room with cocaine and hookers just like some other former cowboy players. they think they are a real first class organization. They have been one of the thuggiest terams in the nfl the last 10-15 years. Way to go facelift Jerry.

  11. He didn’t know he had to carry Roy’s maxi-pads? It is only on Roy’s heavy flow days!

  12. They’re not going to make cody carry any pads. They don’t want him to get winded on his way to the chow line.

  13. wow this guy is in practic 3 days and its already in the news all 3 days. The collapse will be here sooner than anyone thought

  14. wow… some of these comments are a bit on the ignorant side.
    i’m never been a dez bryant defender, mostly for the reason that i think he’s a bit on the slow side (mentally).
    but some of you assume that this kid is lying because he should’ve seen this stuff on HBO or on the news. is it possible this kid doesn’t have HBO or doesn’t watch the news? he didn’t exactly have a perfect childhood.
    i actually believe dez bryant here. i really think he’s that clueless.

  15. So at worst he is a diva who will cause the team to implode by mid-season.
    At best he is the biggest dumbass in the world of sports.
    Wait, maybe I had the “at worst” and “at best” reversed.

  16. He’s not that clueless. I’m sure he took part in hazing during his college days.

  17. Maybe he should talk to Dwayne Bowe. He had to carry Eddie Kennisons pads and was duct taped to the goal post. Maybe Dez should have focused on winning in College rather then meeting with Pro Scouts and Pro Players. And none of these advisors ever explained how the game of football works? I work in a cubicle and know more then Dez.
    Dezinity Child Please.

  18. THIS JUST IN…Dez Bryant cut a fart in practice….ROY WILLIAMS upset!!!!
    PFT jumped the shark!!!!

  19. Since it is the Cowboys organization Jones will figure out a way to make this idiot look like a hero. I don’t really care if they win even one game this year.

  20. If you didn’t know then you are an idiot because EVERYBODY knows about hazing…DUMBASS…

  21. @ Dez Bryant – Good move I would of done the same thing.
    @ Roy Williams and all other vets – Come on now get over this you are all adults and should not be messing around like that anyway. Plus to other player that might be taking your starting job like Bryant is going to do on Williams.

  22. Hazing is ridiculous at the pro level and I don’t blame him for not carrying Williams pads. He came to play football not college games.

  23. maybe he’s been under a rock all these years…. you know, one of his mom rocks…

  24. Dez should not be asked to carry anything. He should be strapped to the goal post and left to his own superstar devices to break free.
    There’s a new self annointed T.O. in town, congrats Dallas!!!! Yeeee haawwww

  25. Dez knew damn well it was a tradition for rookies to pay their dues. He just feels he’s too good to have to go thru that sh*t. I cant wait for the Niner to see them in the Playoffs and Willis knock his damn helmet off! haha

  26. BULLSHT, someone who has played the game at the level he has should know all about tradition. Either he is lying or if he is telling the truth than he does not know anything about the history of the game or the love of the game and that can not be good.

  27. The actual quote from ESPN was “I didn’t know nothing about no tradition.” So there you have it. If Dez didn’t know nothing about no tradition then he aint did nothing wrong. Good pick Dallas.

  28. All this bitching is making Favre’s indecisiveness look good. If the kid doesn’t want to carry your stupid pads piss off.

  29. Dez needs to get a dog so he has someone to pin the blame on in these situations.

  30. Oh COME ON!! I’m sure he and others did that and worse to freshmen in college. What a buffoon.

  31. Traditions are usually stupid as is this one. I hate the Cowboys but honestly if you think this is a big deal you’re an idiot. Roy is completely capable of carrying his own pads.
    Show me where in his contract it says he has to carry others pads and then we’ll talk.

  32. when will we know his wonderlic tst results? Lets start the over at Vince Young. I’m taking the under.

  33. Now, Now. You’re all entitled to your opinions and I can respect that. This proves that the young man is growing…and learning humility. We aren’t all blessed to be brought up in your perfect worlds!!! Perfect in everyway…Augggg! Come on…give the young man a break…he’s showing some humility!!! At least if you want to go as far as to call it a mistake, I for one do not… a teachable moment, yes…Learn and move on, whateve, he’s a young man…what’s our excuse!

  34. dez bryant…nah, more like Duh Bryant or Dizzy Bryant…or just Brett Farve for short because this dude is going to be a heel wearing diva!
    Get used to the excuses Dallas because you are going to hear a lot of, “I didn’t know….”

  35. what a non story..
    who cares… if the vets don’t like it, light him up cleanly coming across the middle…
    it’s not high school or college, you can’t be making one of the highest paid prospects do stupid stuff..

  36. If you’ve ever heard Dez talk you should know…he is that dumb.
    The real question we should be asking: Why does Roy want Dez to carry his pads? Does he feel like he’ll drop them if he carries them himself?

  37. @DallasNiner
    How do you know to show up to work on time? Some things you just know. Hazing of rookies happen at high school.
    Traditions are there for a reason. You obviously have not played team sports at any significant level.
    And for those saying Dizzy is showing humility…you do realize he is giving an answer that almost everyone sees as BS…meaning he thinks you are an idiot and will accept such a lame excuse. ie…you have sucker written on your forehead. But you will learn, because Dizzy will go to the well of EXCUSES over and over and over again. That’s just what divas do…it’s everybody else’s fault but Dizzys…sound like TO. Enjoy!

  38. BS. Bryant didnt wanted to carry Williams pads because he knows/feels the competition between the 2 of them. And that wouldve made him look like the B@tch to Roy.
    The Media has been saying it all along Dez will eventually be Roys’ replacement. and thats why there is Heat..

  39. “i remember when sean taylor was taped to the goal post and lavar hit him in the face with a shaving cream pie. it was on the local news!! ”
    Hey Mike, your local news in DC is not local news in the TX/OK area. How would have Dez or anybody else there seen it???
    Now I’m not saying Dez didn’t know about it, but that is a terrible example. And there is a chance he didn’t know about it. Hell, I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 1976 and I didn’t know about the linemen shaving the rookies’ heads until I saw it on HBO a few years back.
    But hey, it’s a Cowboys’ story and I know how you have to chime in with your hate everytime another one is posted. So enjoy yourself. Only 7 more weeks before the Dallas Cowboys knock the wind out of your sails.

  40. Well, i’m hoping there is a reason my comment wasn’t posted. Even though I attempted like 25 min ago. Especially since all I did was state good things about dez and the cowboys, pretty sure i didnt even use any type of foul language. Maybe its a hater thing.

  41. I totally believe Dez. I mean, this is the guy who signed an endorsement deal with Under Armour and didn’t know that he actually had to wear UA gear. I can’t wait to find out next what Dez doesn’t know.
    Hey, maybe Deion can pitch Spike TV on a reality show called “What Dez Doesn’t Know.” That’s gotta be better than that other gem of a reality show that featured The Playmaker.

  42. to those of you saying that because you dont live in DC that the sean taylor thing doesnt count you are both idiots. you know what i meant by that and EVERY team hazes and EVERY team makes their rookies do something.
    Parcells made your rookies get him water during the breaks and none of them got to wear stars on their helmets until they actually made the team.
    i swear you cant teach a cowbum fan a damn thing. you guys are all too influenced by the Deion/Irvin era to understand intelligence.

  43. Only pads I carry are mine. Screw all of this rookie crap. What is it 1940? Hip hip hoorah. Tradition, phooey. Go to practice to practice not to be hazed.
    When he wins a few games for them they can carry his gear back to the locker room. Grow up.

  44. Wtf do you think Michael Irvin would have done to him if he had been the one to tell Dez to take carry his pads.
    I’m just saying…

  45. Bill Walsh never allowed hazing of any kind in his camps.
    Maybe if some of these teams were more adult and business like in camp instead of partaking in childish rituals they might have as much success as Walsh had.

  46. BigMike you can cry about it all you want but the truth is you flat out fear this kid. You know your DB’s will not be able to keep up with our 3 and 4 wr sets.
    I doubt you felt Haynesworth did anything wrong as well. Corect? You can screw a team out of over 40 million but you better pick up those pads right?
    Face it when its come to true “headcases” The Redskins have had many more of those of late.

  47. “We talkin’ about practice.”
    Oh, sorry. Wrong sport, wrong prima donna.

  48. You Cowgirl fans better hope to God that this kid turns out to be a star, because if he doesn’t you’ll be eating CROW. This kid hasn’t caught 1 pass in the NFL and you guys and the media keep blowing him up, kinda reminds me of KING James, yeah right. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. One thing is for sure, the SKINS are going to punch you chumps right in the mouth the first game of the season.

  49. Tradition Bullshit all NFl players are prostitutes that play for whoever pays them. leave the raa raing at school

  50. Shark839 says:
    July 27, 2010 4:13 PM
    BigMike you can cry about it all you want but the truth is you flat out fear this kid. You know your DB’s will not be able to keep up with our 3 and 4 wr sets
    I fear a rookie who hasnt even played one professional snap on the field yet? you watch too much BSPN for your own good if you think Im worried about a rookie who has barely put on his own pads.

  51. any one who has ever seen any football knows about these types of traditions!!! i’m calling BS

  52. Bigmike
    If you did not fear him so much this would not be that big of a deal to you. Pads? Really?
    like i have said you have been trying to tear this kid down all off-season. And Pads is the best you can come up with?
    If you did not look so sad this would almost look funny.
    Why not wait until he does not live up to the contract he signed, refuse to do what his coaches want him to do. Or dress up like a Women, and blast his coaches in media. Or even throw a drink in a womans face along with many other charges before you bash the kid?
    Maybe you can get your feet wet by bashing your own? Haynesworth, Portis, Johnson?

  53. I don’t blame him why should he carry Roy’s pads….Roy sucks,now I could understand if it was Miles Austin….

  54. So Dez didn’t know about the pad carrying but he did know he and the other rookies had to pay for meals…

  55. BigMikeSkinsFan says- if you think Im worried about a rookie who has barely put on his own pads.
    Are you reporting that Dez Bryant had trouble putting on his own pads? This could be the nex big story.
    And yes, you are scared. Why else would you be wasting your time talking about the Cowboys? No one talks about the Deadskins cause no one is scared of them. Oh, and no one outside of Washington gives a crap about them.
    But you find time to devote to the Cowboys, helping ever so slightly their reason for being the most talked about franchise in football.

  56. Bigmike
    If you did not fear him so much this would not be that big of a deal to you. Pads? Really?
    its because the kid is making a big deal out of it. YOUR team is making the headlines, I am just commenting on them while I sit at work and wait for 5PM.
    if anything blame YOUR team.

  57. if anything blame YOUR team.
    You’re right. The Dallas Cowboys control the media.
    It’s a big deal because it’s the Dallas Cowboys and people like yourself will take the time to read a Cowboys story before you read a story on your own team
    The media is just feeding you what you want. Keep eating the grass, cow. Just keep eating that blue grass.

  58. jjared, who are you talking to? if you arent smart enough to know that BSPN has a bias towards a team (#4 on the power rankings) that has won ONE playoff game in 15 years then you are dumber then you look.
    ive read all the stories about my team on here and if you were smart enough to look there before commenting you would have seen that i have commented too.
    nobody outside of DC cares about the Skins? Funny, I live in San Diego. Now what you got smart guy?
    Im talking about the Cowbums because its a joke just like the fact that you probably believe they will win the super bowl too.

  59. “15 years then you are dumber then you look. ”
    Can you see me?
    “if you were smart enough to look there before commenting you would have seen that i have commented too. ”
    Never said you didn’t. Just said that you’d go to the Cowboys article first.
    “nobody outside of DC cares about the Skins? Funny, I live in San Diego. Now what you got smart guy?”
    I’m refering to non Redskins fans, “smart guy.”
    “Im talking about the Cowbums because its a joke just like the fact that you probably believe they will win the super bowl too.”
    You read the about the Cowboys because you can’t keep yourself from trying to make fun of them. You enjoy reading more about the Cowboys (negative or positive) more than you do your own team and it shows.
    I don’t believe they will win the Super Bowl. I never believe ANYONE will win the Super Bowl because no one can predict the future. Do i think they have a good shot? Sure do. Vegas is about as non-bias as you can get as far as who is the favorites, the Cowboys are up there with the top teams.
    Why don’t you just fess up. You secretly are a Cowboys fan. You love to see what they are doing. You like to read about them. Just break down and become a fan already.
    You won’t see me commenting on Redskins articles. You know why? Because i’m not a fan of their team. I don’t feel the urge to comment on anything Redskins related like you do on Cowboys articles.

  60. if you arent smart enough to know that BSPN has a bias towards a team
    And i KNOW they have a coverage bias on the Cowboys. And people like yourself perpetuate the situation. You’re not a fan of the Cowboys but i see your name on tons of Cowboys articles. It’s because of of non-Cowboys fans like yourself that ESPN covers them more. You’ve got to be able to see that. They are a lighting rod, and you, closet Cowboys fan or not, are drawn to them.
    Like i said. They are feeding you what you want.

  61. Didn’t know?!
    What a flaming crock of S &%# that is.
    Rookies always carry the pads: in the NFL, College, High School. and even in youth football.
    He’s just a punk kid who thinks he’s better than every body else. Every safety in the league is drooling at the thought of helping him along with his NFL education LOL!
    Where’s Tatum now that we really NEED him!

  62. @ OldSkoolRules
    Showing up for work on time is part of my job him carrying other peoples pads is in no way implied by his contract or his work/practice schedule. His coach didn’t tell him to carry his pads his co worker who is not his boss did.
    I’m able to think for myself unlike most of you guys which is why I think most traditions are stupid. If you can’t qualify something you do with a better reason then “That’s how it’s always been” then it’s a stupid tradition. Which is the case here.

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