Jets' interest in T.O. now described as "minimal"

Earlier today, ESPN’s Adam Schefter described the Jets’ interest in receiver Terrell Owens at 20 percent.

Now,’s Tim Graham reports that the interest is “minimal.”

Maybe 20 percent is a synonym for minimal.  (We doubt it.)  Or maybe the interest had dropped from 20 percent earlier in the day to a much lower level now.

Or maybe it’s just the smell of ESPN-on-ESPN crime in the late morning/early afternoon.

Meanwhile,’s Rich Cimini lays out five reasons for the Jets to avoid T.O. like a dead fish on hot asphalt.

Cimini thinks that Owens’ personality would damage “an already unsettled chemistry” in the locker room, that the move would add more pressure to quarterback Mark Sanchez, that T.O.’s presence would make training camp even more of a circus, that it would send the wrong message to the three young players who want new contracts, and that Owens is in decline.

Even if Owens is in decline, he would be an upgrade over Jerricho Cotchery for the first quarter of the season, while Santonio Holmes serves a suspension.  But we agree that T.O.’s presence would create a potential mess. 

That said, we also think that coach Rex Ryan believes he can keep the three-ring circus from causing the tent to implode.

35 responses to “Jets' interest in T.O. now described as "minimal"

  1. An upgrade over Cotchery??!! Are you high?! T.O. is so far past his prime, he is slower than ever and has the hands of Brandon Jacobs and coordination of Troy Williamson. Cotchery runs a good crisp route and has the surest hands of anyone in the NFL. I am gonna chalk this up to you staying up too late lat night and probaly drinking too much Florio.

  2. it would atleast make Hard Knocks more watchable if for nothing else than the Superhero Saga of Batman(T.O.) Penguin (Rex Ryan) The Riddler (Dirty Sanchez) Poison Ivy (Holmes) and even the Green Goblin (LT)

  3. WTF!?!?! Cotchery is a excellent slot and 2nd WR. He catches everything.
    He would be an upgrade over Braylon Edwards. Was it a type Florio? You are an expert at those.

  4. What?!?!?!?!? If they take T.O., he’ll be a superstar. The jests have no weaknesses. Just ask any jest fan.

  5. If you think TO is an upgrade over J-Co, you simply haven’t watched any Jet games.
    The Cotch catches everything thrown his way and can snag the ball even in super high traffic. He fights the jam well and runs perfect routes. And he’s quick as hell…not to mention a super high-character figure in the Jets lockerroom who has gone out of his way to tutor future star CB Kyle Wilson.
    TO? Divisive. Slow. Loses concentration.
    Stick to the labor stuff, slugger.

  6. One of the things that keeps bringing me back to PFT is the consistent bashing of the 4 letter network. “…the smell of ESPN-on-ESPN crime..”
    ::Mr. Burns’ fingers together pose::

  7. Whoa. Who says he’d be an upgrade over Cotchery? Check Cotchery’s stats… he’s been a solid receiver for several years. T.O. drops passes, throws tantrums when he isn’t the focus of attention, and causes uproar in the locker room. The Jets would be better off avoiding T.O.

  8. I’m sick of the stupid phrase “ESPN-on-ESPN crime”. It isn’t a crime. It isn’t like a political machine that needs to stay on a singular message. There’s no reason for ESPN to not report on all the stuff their sources get. Cut it out.

  9. The reason why their interest is minimal is due to them ALREADY having a player who has frying pans for hands. Why should they need someone else to drop the ball when Edwards does that enough?
    Unless they need a backup since each “star” would rather be out late drinking than actually at practice or a game. Chances are with two WR d-bags in tow, the jets will be rolling the dice as to who wont show from either A) being on a drama-laden dating show or, B) beating up the friend of [Derek Jeter] in [New York].

  10. Good to see comments pointing out your goof. Any critical analysis would show Cotchery the superior player in 2010. Take some time off from writing and do some appropriate reading or film work.

  11. “T.O would create a potential mess”.
    How does a person create a potential mess? He either creates a mess, or he doesn’t.

  12. Cotchery runs a good crisp route and has the “surest hands of anyone in the NFL?”
    Not even close but thanks for the laugh! Who is cotchery? Just another guy.

  13. I am describing the Jets interest as “Maximum”. Please post another 72 point type headline “Jets Interest in T.O. Now Referred to as ‘Maximum’. Hopefully we can keep this going all day.

  14. C’mon Florio, time to put up a new post that the Jets interest has dropped from minimal to
    tiny- eeny..

  15. Owens is a HUGE upgrde from Cotchery. T.O wont mess up the locker room because its going to be in turmoil with him or without him,

  16. # WhoDeySood5 says: July 27, 2010 12:20 PM
    it would atleast make Hard Knocks more watchable if for nothing else than the Superhero Saga of Batman(T.O.) Penguin (Rex Ryan) The Riddler (Dirty Sanchez) Poison Ivy (Holmes) and even the Green Goblin (LT)
    Nah, Poison Ivy is the other Steeler: Polamalu. Rottenburger is Bane.

  17. The Jets are an 8-8 team 9-7 at best, with or without T.O. The season will prove it. Seriously what have they done that have them going to the Super Bowl, besides getting a gift win by Indy. Mary “Dirty” Sanchez will never be a franchise QB!!!!!!!

  18. “Check Cotchery’s stats… he’s been a solid receiver for several years.”
    I have checked the stats and while Cotchery is a fairly solid receiver, TO would be an upgrade over Cotchery… even comparing last year’s stats when TO didn’t have a solid QB throwing to him.

  19. If I was Ownes, I would pick CIN over Jets and Rams. CIN has a vet QB, Jets are using crappy Mark Sanchez and then the Rams with rookie Bradford, that would not go over very well and that would also just hurt Owens stats.
    Owens pick CIN!!

  20. The Jets are shaping up to be a 12-4 team, people can say what they want, I don’t care. The Jets have the best secondary in the league, arguably the best linebackers, and the best offensive line. What does that translate to? Getting opposing offenses off the field and keeping your offense on the field for 40+ minutes a game. Peyton Manning can win in that situation. At least 25 of the other QBs in the league can’t pull it off when it comes down to crunch time. The rest of them don’t have the big-time WR who can get open on Revis Island. Everybody who thinks the Jets won’t be good can only bash Sanchez, cause the rest of the team looks similar to a Pro-Bowl roster (Revis, Cromartie, Harris, Scott, Jenkins, Leonhard, Mangold, D’Brick, Santonio, the list goes on…). Say what you want… If your team is lucky, maybe they’ll join the Jets in the playoffs.

  21. Glad to see at least a few people have seen Cotchery play. The guy is seemingly underrated by all but Jets fans, who have seen what he can bring to the club.
    If you needed to convert 3rd and 7, would you go to Braylon or to Cotchery? If you choose Braylon, make sure you cover him in double sided tape (including his helmet) and hope for the best. Maybe he catches it and goes 30 yards, maybe he gets hit and drops it. I’ll throw it to Cotchery for a first down knowing he’ll hang on and fight for the yards needed.

  22. T.O. an upgrade over Cotchery???? Are you Nucking Futs? Cotchery catches everything and he can play both in the slot or wide out. Plus the guy is a model citizen.
    Tanny if you are reading this you know where the real Jet fans stand on this issue.

  23. For once I am in agreement with Jets fans. You are not giving Cotchery enough credit. He is one of the most underrated players in the league and this is coming from a Dolphins fan. I might hate the Jets but I do know my teams rivals and I do know which of them deserves respect.

  24. you stat geeks can go kiss my ass. watch a game. you’ll see TO drop a pass on a slant with nobody on him. you’ll see Cotchery catch a ball inches from the turf draped by a d back and making a first down.
    Jets you messed up letting T. Jones go, don’t mess up by signing T.O. let him go to the Bengals so Revis can lock him down (again) on Thanksgiving.

  25. 3 reasons why Jets are probably at the top of T.O.’s list–
    Might be his best shot at getting a ring
    A chance to play in the biggest market
    And most importantly, he’d get to be on Hard Knocks.

  26. Wow, I didn’t even knew the Jets passed the ball last season? I just thought Sanchez threw a crap load of picks and Rex Ryans “all he wanted for Xmass speech” wishes came true and they backed in to playoffs? Anytime they passed the ball I about peed my pants in shock it suprised the teams they played as well. But, I am sure Sanchez is a god(from Jets fans) and you can just ignore the whole 12 Tds and 20 ints he threw with the horrible 63.8 QB rate even as a rookie. Or maybe being 31st in the league in passing for the year.

  27. two thing….
    TO would NOT have been an upgrade over cotchery
    and the use of Jests is still as ridiculous as it first sounded, and you fools make yourselves look even dumber using it still day by day

  28. magicman im not too sure…but i think sanchez was a ROOKIE last year…mayb ill have to look that up just to clarify

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