Jets interest in T.O. risky, but not surprising

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been pushing the idea of the Jets making a run at Terrell Owens.

Here’s what we said
last Tuesday:  “Santonio Holmes will be suspended four games to start the season, and the
Jets currently are in the business of rounding up recognizable names. 
Owens may be willing to take a lot less money if it means playing for a
high-profile team that could help launch an acting career — if he can
find a way into the spotlight with guys like Braylon Edwards and Jason Taylor having similar aspirations.  It’s possible that the Jets are
laying in the weeds until the restrictions of the Final Eight Plan lift
on July 24.”

Though the Jets’ interest apparently is limited for now, it’s not a surprise that the Jets are at least pondering the possibility.  With Holmes gone for the month of September, the Jets could use a replacement in the hopes of kick-starting the season the right way.  Though Holmes’ return would push Owens, Santonio, or Edwards to the bench, the same problem will arise from Week 1 in Cincinnati, where the Bengals would have to decide whether to bench Antonio Bryant, to whom they’re paying $28 million over four years, or one of two guys — Chad Ochocinco or T.O. — who would pout and cry and piss and moan if they don’t get to play as much as they think they should get to play.

Still, the move entails risk for the Jets.  With home-grown draft picks cornerback Darrelle Revis, center Nick Mangold, and linebacker David Harris wanting new deals, handing money that could go to them to another veteran stranger could serve only to increase tensions in a locker room that is already close to blowing up.

That’s why we believe that the news of the team’s interest in Owens has been floated not, as many suspect, by agent Drew Rosenhaus, but by the Jets.  In our view, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum wants to gauge fan, media, and player reaction before going any farther.

And if the reaction is unanimously negative, the flirtation won’t go any farther.

So, basically, Jets fans, it’s time to speak now or forever get your popcorn ready.

34 responses to “Jets interest in T.O. risky, but not surprising

  1. They have jerricho cotchery and brad smith to fill in for holmes. I don’t believe for a min that they would sign T.O.

  2. I hope they do sign him…..the Jets are already a team of misguided egos with excess baggage from the headcoach down, so adding the king of headaches would just make the impending implosion that much bigger come mid season.

  3. Where have we seen these free-agent splurges from the Jets before? Oh yeah, 1993 – they started 8-5, then collapsed to 8-8. 1996 – $70 million on free agent and rookie talent, and they won one game. This is so typical of the Jets and helps explain why they’re a joke.

  4. I have no problem signing TO but they better sign Revis, Mangold, and Harris first. Enough with these high priced big names, lets take care of the young studs we have on our team already.

  5. Apparently the J-E-T-S-Jets-Jets-Jets just want to alienate their own players. As Florio points out, Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold are waiting for contracts. But how come the name Jericho Cotchery hasn’t been mentioned as being alienated as well?
    Cotchery has been a solid player for the past 4 seasons and has essentially been moved back to the slot with the trade for Holmes. But adding Owens sort of means he’s being downgraded to the 4th string or that he’s on the trade market. Am I missing something and Cotchery isn’t that good?
    Or is Tennenbaum taking some cues from Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders in Denver?

  6. Cotchery needs playing time, and being without Holmes for 4 weeks just means you go with the same WRs as last year, which isn’t a big enough deal to bring in TO. If Jerricho Cotchery is their #4 receiver after week 4, the Jets deserve a kick in the ass for wasting one of their best players in a reserve role.
    He’s not the most ‘talented’ of those 4, but is a great team player (unlike TO’s locker room cancer history), great character guy (unlike Holmes’ history of league discipline), and catches anything you throw his way (unlike Braylon’s so far unsuccessful attempts to catch with his facemask). If he played for a passing team, he’d be a household name.

  7. Jets fall from favorite in the AFC to team most likely to collapse with any addition of T egO – so, here’s hoping they do it!!! Sanchez should start “medicating” immediately upon such a move.

  8. Mike Daly says:
    July 27, 2010 10:10 AM
    Where have we seen these free-agent splurges from the Jets before? Oh yeah, 1993 – they started 8-5, then collapsed to 8-8. 1996 – $70 million on free agent and rookie talent, and they won one game. This is so typical of the Jets and helps explain why they’re a joke.
    Hey Dumb -ass where do yo get 70 mil , N.O’Donnell was 25 mil. yeah and your 93′ blast ,they had to play the 3 best teams in NFL the last 3 games hardly a collapse ,Dallas ,Buffalo ,Houston , the 2 superbowl teams and Houston was the #1 seed in the STFUP

  9. I HATE THE JETS…they are like an annoying younger brother of that kid down the street who you hate

  10. Mike Daly
    Please return when you get a clue ok? Name me all the free agent signings the Jets have made this year that compares with 1993? Taylor and LT? They are backups and part time additions for limited dollars. Where are the rest? Have you heard of the Final 8 rule mentioned in the article? They weren’t allowed to sign free agents this year unless they lost one and the salaries had to match.
    1993 they signed Ronnie Lott, Leonard Marshall…a bunch of over the hill players to play significant roles. The players the Jets acquired this year that are starting players are all under 30 years old and in their prime and in need of a big year to secure their next huge contract. LT and Taylor once again are not signifcant players on this team and they are the only free agents. Holmes and Cromartie are trades and like I said are young and on the last year of their contracts.
    Stop regurgitating tired old arguments that aren’t even factual.
    As for T.O., I think its just the Jets raising the price that a competitor like the Bengals must pay. I wouldn’t sign him and I don’t believe they will.
    Jets haters, keep talking now because come September you’ll all disappear.

  11. Garcia – permanent backup status, McNabb – committing career suicide in Washington, Romo – overrated, Bills qb’s – HA!, Sanchez – ???

  12. Cotchery is locked in at 2 or 3 slot so no worries there.
    BTW Dolphins suck, 4 arrests, an 8 game suspension nullified by retirement and a hit and run wide receiver.

  13. @ Recent:
    I think you said it quite well.
    And Florio brought up a great point, how are guys like Mangold, Revis and Harris supposed to feel when the Jets say they can’t pay them, but then the team brings in T.O. for $5 million when the Jets don’t really need him (Edwards, Cotchery, Holmes, Smith & Clown-Dog (I’m still hoping for good things out of 87)).

  14. I am sick of hearing about the Jets. I am not a fan of anyone in the AFC East, but Dolphins win this division. No one talks about them because the Patriots are around and the Jets have done so much this offseason. Dolphins are by far the best AFC team no one talks about. Their young secondary and QB have a year of experience under them, Ronnie Brown is back, they signed a star WR, and they signed a star LB. Pennington will also be around to help Henne mature even more. No one seems to remember this team won the division 2 years ago. Don’t be surprised when the Dolphins are on top of the division at the end of the season and everyone is done talking about the Jets and the Pats.

  15. Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith and Braylon Edwards are not the WR’s the team needs. The Jets are old with some of their new acqusitions. Taylor at LB and LT at running back. They are in decline from last season because of those new players who can no longer perform as they once did……so why not get Owens and go further into decline. Great move for Mike Tannenbaum, the best do or die GM in the business. (sarcasm)

  16. Here – let me start my own speculation-without-basis-blog:
    Every NFL team is interested in Terrell Owens (there – I just saved you all 30 days of meaningless speculation).

  17. You do realize just because someone at ESPN said the Jets are interested in TO doesn’t make it true? The track record of the ESPN “experts” aren’t exactly top notch. So can we wait till it happens before we bash them?
    The report says a 20% chance the Jets sign him. I’m no mathematician but that seems like pretty good odds that they won’t sign the guy.

  18. Sign Him and Fast wets!! There are many more PSL’s to sell and TO will fit right in with all your other over the hill has beens.
    Desperate and stupid franchise reeks once again.

  19. Bills fan here. All this is, is Owens agent creating some fire and to get some leverage to try to get ANY team to sign him. Now the Jets are interested, right after the Rams said no. Even if Cincy signs him, they need another team to create to image of a market for him so they can get more money. Rosenloser probably sold snake oil in a past life

  20. “handing money that could go to them to another veteran stranger could serve only to increase tensions in a locker room that is already close to blowing up.”
    Really Florio? Close to blowing up? Says who? SomeFans? Marino13? Stop speculating you hack, and back up your posts with substance!

  21. Jets went all the way to the AFC championship. Dolphins did not come close: they truly suck! Patriots got beat at home against a Bengals team that the Jets destroyed in Cincy. Patriots suck too.

  22. @Jimee Johnson
    Aren’t you embarrassed for all the screw-ups you have in your short post? 1. the jests lucked into the playoffs — even your coach wrote them off after week 15. 2. If the Fins suck so bad, you should be embarrassed that they swept your jests. 3. The patriots got beat by the Ravens. 4. The patriots haved owned this division for the last decade and completely slaughtered your jest in their second game, so again, aren’t you embarrassed that two teams that “suck” completely annihilated your team?

  23. I would have never thought so many fans of other teams would be so terrified of the Jets this year but all you have to do is read through these posts to see that they are.
    Personally I would love for them to sign TO and have him play the first 4 weeks. They could always find a reason to release him later.

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