Joe Namath endorses Jets' pursuit of Terrell Owens

Within the past hour or so, we opined that the Jets have leaked their interest in receiver Terrell Owens in order to gauge player, media, and fan reaction.

Already, a fairly well known former player who once wanted to lock lips with a member of the media has made it known that he thinks the fan reaction should be overwhelmingly positive.

Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath, whose Twitter account we have followed despite a previous lack of any entries that were remotely interesting, had this to say about the pursuit of T.O.:  What Jet fan would
NOT want T.O. on the team!

Watch out, Terrell.  It sounds like someone wants to kiss you.

39 responses to “Joe Namath endorses Jets' pursuit of Terrell Owens

  1. Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Terrell Owens, Jerricho Cotchery??? Ya..let’s hope they don’t get Owens cause that’d be lame!

  2. The Jets already have some young cats that can work with Sanchez as he grows. Putting a cancer in the middle of it makes no sense. Send him to Cinncy so him and other cancer can be together.

  3. yall got it all wrong. he is a dry drunk now.
    joe go get lit and forget owens. suzy wants you man!

  4. Spungy says:
    July 27, 2010 10:37 AM
    Rex Ryan is the Penguin. You are going to fall into his trap, Batman!
    ___________________________________classic….that’s good ish Spungy!

  5. After watching that debacle on Monday night football, Joe will always be a creep in my eyes. Of course, I’m not old enough to remember his football days, so you older guys probably disagree with me.

  6. I really dont get why people focus on ‘the cancer’ aspect. Every situation is different, people grow and change etc. TO may always be TO, but asw Andy Reid showed, you can always just tell him to go home and stay there.
    100% worth the risk. Makes any team instantly better.

  7. Braylon Edwards can’t catch, Santonio is out for the beginning of the season, so ya, looks like the jets receivers are still gonna suck with or with out TO

  8. The Jet’s are going to “talk” themselves right out of a Championship this year…

  9. I’m a Redskins fan and don’t know everything about the Jets, but IMHO this would be a great move for the Jets. Everyone knows you don’t mess with a Ryan. This one would eat TO if he got out of line, and that would be after he punched him in the face. And you know it would only be a 1yr deal anyway.
    That D is amazing, and with Braylon, Santonio, a up and coming TE, a good running game and a stout OL, watch out!…as much as I hate to admit it, Rex is right, even if they don’t make this move, the Jets are the team to beat. If they do make the move I think it means SB…

  10. I understand that Joe has been quoted saying,
    “I want to kiss T.O.” Was he drunk? Who knows for sure.

  11. As a Redskins fan also I was really hoping they’d sign him instead of…Joey Galloway? Oh well, hopefully Shanahan knows what he’s got.

  12. Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath……..what joke this guy is in the Hall anyways………worse stats, hands down of any NFL QB that is in the Hall. He’s there for only one reason, he made the statement that the Jets would beat the Colts in the Super Bowl, and they did……….funny thing though, Namath had nothing to do with it……look up his stats for that big game………..Namath sucked as a QB and shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame. His only claim to fame should be dressing up as a girl and being a big time drunk.

  13. Namath career stats……….I stand by my previous post……..he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame:
    Career Stats
    Pass attempts 3,762
    Pass completions 1,886
    Percentage 50.1
    TD-INT 173–220
    Passing yards 27,663
    QB Rating 65.5

  14. As another Redskins fan, I can say with all confidence that the follow equation is true:
    2010 Jets = 2000 Redskins
    Look it up, Jets fans. The similarities are stunning. Your only hope is Sanchez not having a sophomore slump…

  15. If he (Terrell) could keep his mouth closed and just play ball, I’d agree w/ Namath. However, the track record shows that Terrell is just not worth it.

  16. Who cares who that old fool endorses? It carries about as much weight as my non-endorsement. Zero.

  17. Sanchez is 2nd in the league in interceptions. It doesn’t matter who The Jets sign Sanchez isn’t going to get the ball to them anyway

  18. Joe ‘Company Line” Namath – I have never seen an ex-athelete sell his soul for his franchise as much as Joe. He would endorse any move the organization wants, as long as they keep his beer tap open.

  19. I don’t get the “TO is a cancer” aspect either. Every team he has been on improved while he was on the team, and was worse off when he left….
    Taking a one year flier on him would be low risk- high reward because a team could always just send him home for the year. Personally I wish the Niners would sign him again so he could play across from crabtree…
    Barring that, I like cinci- The jets will be hurting in the run game with only having one legit RB- LT is DONE!

  20. Does anyone really care what Joe “the Dueche” Namath thinks, I can tell you the Jet’s don’t.. I’m growing tired of these “Has Beens” barking at the teams like they have a say in the matter. People like Namath, Kelly and others, jsut go away.. Spend time golfing or doing something productive.
    Oh and Namath, have another cocktail you drunk.

  21. Well Namath, T.O. signed with the Bungles (good move) so have another drink and drown your sorrows.

  22. Well, guess T.O. is smarter than we all thought. He signed with a real playoff contender.

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