Maurice Clarett moves ahead with a second chance at life

Maurice Clarett, the 2005 third-round draft pick of the Denver Broncos who never played a down in the NFL, is going back to college after being released from prison.

Clarett has enrolled as a student at Ohio State, where he was a star running back for one season but became a notorious figure for his fight with the NCAA and his repeated off-field problems.

“This is a surreal feeling to be back at Ohio State in such a supportive environment,” Clarett said in a statement. “I have looked forward to being back in school and I’m doing my best to fit in with other students. I don’t want to be distraction or nuisance to the football team or to students on campus.”

Even though the Broncos cut him before he ever played in a regular-season game, Clarett is a significant figure in NFL history. The league’s stance that players must be three years out of high school before they can play in the NFL was bolstered when Clarett sued the league and lost.

When Clarett finally got his chance at football, he blew it by showing up out of shape and showing a complete disregard for the instruction of the Broncos’ coaching staff, and his life took an ugly turn when he was imprisoned for robbery and weapons charges.

But now Clarett is free and in school again. Although Clarett isn’t eligible to play in the NCAA and almost certainly won’t get another chance at the NFL, at age 26 he’s trying to turn his life around.

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  1. At least he’s doing better than Vick who, with a lot of spare time on his hands, never thought of using his time to get a degree while waiting to get back in the NFL.
    I do hope he becomes a productive member of society.

  2. Throw a birthday party for yourself, have somebody get shot, that’s the logical next step for getting back into the NFL.

  3. He’s been a POS up to now, hopefully he means what he says and will become a productive member of society.
    Time will tell…

  4. Just wondering when the first drooling idiot moron will make a reference to Clarett and the Raiders–________________—–Damn, I guess that would be me .

  5. I wish him the best. It would be a great story if he was able to come out of this with his degree and becomes a respected member of society. Finishing his education is an important step. Again, I wish him the best.

  6. Interesting turn of events… I wish him luck. He threw away any chance at an NFL career but it seems maybe at least he can be a productive member of society.

  7. first, jimmy, he needs to run a dogfighting ring and get busted for that too. dont put the cart before the horse.

  8. Good for him. I hope he gets his life together and realizes that he is getting his 2nd chance and disassociates himself from all the ‘friends’ he had in the past (which, now that he is broke and not in line for NFL stardom, shouldn’t be hard).

  9. I’ll bet that going back to Ohio State is like coming back from the Twilight Zone. I mean, going to class, doing the work and not being some BMOC- that must feel really strange.

  10. I don’t know if he’s going to finish school, his history would indicate that he won’t, but I give credit to anyone making an attempt.
    I wish him the best in becoming an Ohio State graduate and a contributing member of society. If he turns this around, he can be a great spokesman for the “Don’t let this happen to you” crowd. The kid has a story, a very unique one, and if he could help save a few kids from the same mistake, then it might help him redeem himself.

  11. His only chance to play professional football is in cities like Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton , Saskatchewan, etc

  12. If he’s truly reformed, and obtains his degree, that would be a great story. Best of luck to him in the future.

  13. I thought some guys were out for his head, at least the ones that fronted him all that cash that he could never pay back.. well at least he’s alive still. Best of luck.

  14. I hope he knows that the professors aren’t going to be strong armed by the athletic director to push him through classes now. He is actually going to have to work and pay for it. I’m suprised that a respected University would allow a convicted fellon to enroll. He should transfer to the U, I hear they give out full rides to convicts.

  15. Sorry, I happen to think that if Vick and a few other clowns can keep a career going in the NFL after some of the crap they pulled, why doesn’t Maurice get another shot?

  16. I am rooting for him ! Stay clean study hard, work out hard and MAYBE if the heads screwed on straight ,in 2 years give the UFL a shot

  17. I can’t help but think that Clarett is attending the wrong school now as a student. Getting out of Columbus and totally away from the High Street night life would be a great idea.
    You can obviously still get in trouble at Bowling Green, Kent State, Wright State and Ohio U, but it’s also a lot easier to steer clear of it at those schools as well.
    Hope the guy makes well this time around. But I’d like his chances more if he were at another school.

  18. Good for Maurice. I hope he stays on the right path and is able to turn his life around. So far it seems he’s made the best possible choice he could have made and I hope it works out for him.

  19. Kidding aside, he’s not going to the AFL. The AFL has no place for a true RB, and he’s just not big enough to be an AFL fullback (I think the average for an AFL FB this year was in the 280-290 range). The CFL would be tough because of work visa issues in Canada (remember, he’s a felon)…the UFL could work, though.
    If he really wanted to play, there are also a myriad of indoor leagues where the rules are different such that you can run the ball, but I doubt he’s going to do something like that – you never know, though.

  20. There are thousands of REAL students who get turned down for admission to Ohio State each year. Why are they letting this moron and felon take one of those spots?

  21. Hope he can improve his life. This is America, and in America if you work hard you can succeed.

  22. Wait until Ocober when he is involed in somethign bad at OSU! A shooting, drugs or givign beer to minors. Once an uneducated punk, always an uneducated punk! AKA Ryan Leaf!!

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