Roy Williams gets last word (we hope) on carrying pads

The Cowboys did their best to squash the Dez Bryant-Roy Williams story on Monday, but a media-enhanced frenzy isn’t over until we say it is.  (After we post this video.)

Writing on ESPNDallas’ chat Tuesday, Tim McMahon said, “The veterans were definitely annoyed. The
impression I got is they weren’t pleased that Bryant wouldn’t just carry
the pads or that Williams talked about it so much.”

Williams continued to talk about it on Monday in a joking manner, saying when the receivers go out to eat, “I’m going to be a little more hungry, a little bit more thirsty.”

Williams has come up with another solution to the problem, though.

“Maybe I’ll get my son to take [the shoulder pads] in for me,” Williams said.  “Maybe someone can learn from that.”


38 responses to “Roy Williams gets last word (we hope) on carrying pads

  1. Better hope your son doesn’t try to toss those shoulder pads back to you. Wouldn’t want the rookie learning to drop like you, too.

  2. The bottom line here is that Roy Williams needs to STFU. The guy’s an overpaid bust. He doesn’t need to be concerned with Bryant “paying his dues”. He needs to be concerned with carrying his own weight, literally and figuratively. Bryant’s going to endear himself to teammates by showing his value on the field. Williams has yet to do that.

  3. Roy’s Son “I was brought here to watch you play.. not to carry your pads!” (as he walks away from him)

  4. Man, the Boys and their fans better hope Austin Miles isn’t a one year wonder. Yes , I know, it’s Miles Austin.

  5. Roy Williams should learn how to be a better NFL wide receiver rather than what Bryant is learning from him. This “hazing” stuff becomes an issue because the coaches have to monitor that the 25 year old veterans do not abuse the practice. I’m sure the coaches have better things to do!

  6. This gets non story of the year award.
    Dez may have been wrong but then again he might not have known that is what rookies do.
    Keep in mind the NCAA has cracked down on hazing in a major way the last few years.
    Although I have supported Roy, and at times and thought he has gotten a bad rap. After all 7 Td’s in season is not that bad? And how many balls does a team have?
    He had ZERO business bringing this up to the media. Without his mouth running this really would a story no one would know anything about.
    As Witten said “We will deal with this in house”
    Roy take notes that is what a “real pro” does.
    Roy you need to learn the words “no comment” and focus on catching the dam ball.

  7. This has already been squashed within the team, so how can you say “You hope” its the last when the last has already been said. You are obviously trying to keep it alive or else you wouldn’t have posted the article.

  8. Isn’t it going to be a little embarrassing when the rookie who replaces you in the starting lineup is supposed to carry your pads? Isn’t it enough to have the Cowboys carry your royal ass by picking up your salary and keeping your rather lame carcass on the team?
    Why in the world pick on Dez … the guy who is projected to replace your fur covered 0-16 styled Detroit Lion paws?
    Anything to keep your starting job … except of course, earning it by actually playing and performing like a starter.
    Detroit ROBBED Jerry when he traded for this hunk of under-achievement.

  9. @ darren
    Romo can and did win a playoff game, next?
    This is getting annoying. The media is cearly trying to keep this going. It is hard to be a Cowboys fan and have to deal with jealousy created stories like this. Oh well, keep it coming.

  10. You mean “quash”, Rosenthal. Not “squash”, for freak’s sake. Although sadly, such poor writing as yours has in some cases caused “quash” to become a secondary meaning for “squash” over the last few years.
    PS: Bryant’s off to a flying start in Dallas.

  11. Dez should say he will carry miles Austin pads and every other veteran receivers pads BUT Roy Williams. Because Roy is and always has been an overated turd.

  12. The best part of the story is that it reminds us of how much Jerry Jones gave up to obtain Roy Williams and that serves as Exhibit A on why the Cowboys need a real GM, not some facelift happy blowhard.

  13. I don’t like Roy, but I’m with him on this issue.
    Dez thinks his poop is so hot he doesn’t have to go through the rituals everyone else has to? please.

  14. dez bryant is a puss. I predict every db in the league, including the Cowbows will put this to
    rest when that plow bryant into the ground over and over each time a ball is tossed his way.

  15. If the players would use Jimmy Johnson’s product ExtenZe, they could carry their own pads, even if their hands were full…

  16. Owens wrote “How to be a male diva for dummies”
    Co-wrote… actually just lent his name to it. Too dumb to actually write a book for dummies.

  17. Chapnasty. says: “It is hard to be a Cowboys fan and have to deal with jealousy created stories like this.”
    Yes, we’re all “jealous” of one playoff win in fourteen years. Congratulations! Over the last decade and a half, Dallas has a better postseason record than Detroit. We are all truly impressed!!!
    Once again, I’ll say it your Texan vernacular – “all hat, no cattle”.

  18. It doesn’t matter if this is squashed or not, Dez Bryant clearly doesn’t put the team 1st. He also lost an underarmor deal by wearing Nike products. D.Bryant will be a major headache for the Dallas Cowboys. Yes he has all the talent, but clearly he isn’t that bright and needs to mature some. Football is a team sport. Bryant continues to put himself before his team. Why did he get suspended in college? By being selfish and not thinking his actions through. Roy Williams needs to not talk about this either. I agree with him that Bryant needs to do this, or that like all rookies. It just needs to be done in house, not through the media.

  19. @pacniner…. and williams learned how to stretch for the ball from todd pinkston….? alligator arms himself? watch his hi lites from Detroit… Even joey harrington hated this guy because he gave minimal effort at times when he was clearly bigger than the db

  20. Look, this is a unique situation… Dez was brought in because WIlliams sucks. That’s the facts. So Dez wasn’t asked to carry the pads of just any veteran. He was asked by the guy who he is in direct competition with. Surely Williams’ motivation for asking Dez to carry his pads was born out of his desire to psychologically intimidate the rookie who is trying to take his job.
    And, I might add, WILL take his job. Roy came out of this looking like a scared fool. Bryant’s gonna blow this guy right out of the locker room.

  21. Any person who knocks on a player because he refused to be another players b*&$% has everything backwards. “Tradition” or not. I guarantee that when Dez was being drafted or signed, the great “tradition” of rookie hazing was not included in the history of the team and what they want to accomplish. That’s probably because its not a tradition to anyone other than Veterans who want to take their only chance to push around new players.
    Bottom line is that if Roy had done his job, Dez wouldn’t have been drafted. Plain and simple. So as far as Dez is concerned, why would he carry his pads? He was brought in to close the gap that is left in the lack of production Roy Williams has shown. Dez is showing his respect every day, by allowing Roy a shot at keeping his job.
    And this is coming from a guy who likes and supports rookie hazing. But if someone stands up and says, B.S. What are you gonna do? Nothing.

  22. DeVoodoo:
    Best comment here. Williams is the one making an issue of this, and making an ass of himself in the process. Jerry’s reluctant to admit his mistake in trading for and paying Williams, but if Williams is gonna try to poison the new golden boy Bryant, Williams will be the odd man out.

  23. Dez is gonna be a beast on the field and he is gonna be one of the reasons Roy Williams gets cut . As far as carrying the pads I would have done it even though I do not respect Roy Williams as a pro football player and it would drive me even harder to take his spot. For Roy Williams to take it to the media shows how much of a puss he is. Interesting that Coach did not take sides, it’s just a matter of time before Roy Williams is carrying his playbook to Jerry Jones’s office.

  24. Has Williams earned the level of respect necessary to command that someone carry his pads? How is he any different than a rookie?

  25. I hate Roy Williams as a player but he was in the right on this one. Every person who’s played organized sports has gone through the rituals. I agree that they shouldn’t be personally demeaning and should never have a possibility of causing harm, but this was pretty minimal stuff. The correct thing would have been to carry the pads and then take his job.

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