Jay Glazer, Darryl Johnston to moonlight at NFLN

The cast of characters at NFL Network is once again expanding, via the addition of a man who is a genuine character.

Jay Glazer of FOX will be expanding his media universe via appearances on NFLN.

Both Glazer and game analyst Darryl Johnston will be added to the network’s studio show, Total Access.  John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal broke the news, Twitter-style, and Brooks of SportsByBrooks.com obtained confirmation directly from Glazer.

Glazer told Brooks that FOX’s information man will appear on NFLN “periodically during the season, though it’ll be sporadic.  FOX is still my main gig and focus.  I’ll be doing more with [NFL Network] in the offseason.”

Glazer’s job duties won’t overlap with the two networks.

“It’ll be different than what I do at FOX,” Glazer said.  “I’ll be there to provide a different take on things.  Some additional insight and personality.  I won’t be there to break news.”

We’ve been in communication with Glazer on this issue (in other words, I just woke his ass up via a barrage of text messages), and Glazer stressed that he won’t be breaking news at NFLN.

“That’s Jason LaCanfora’s gig,” Glazer said via text.

It’s a good move for FOX and for NFLN, and especially for Glazer.  In the offseason, Glazer tends to disappear from view, due in part to the fact that FOX doesn’t have the television platform needed to keep him in the spotlight.  Through NFLN, Glazer can build a higher profile (especially after NFLN works out a deal with Time Warner, which we continue to hear is coming), and his higher profile will then help FOX.

6 responses to “Jay Glazer, Darryl Johnston to moonlight at NFLN

  1. especially after NFLN works out a deal with Time Warner, which we continue to hear is coming
    Tell me more…Red Zone Channel going to show up as well??

  2. Glazer is the real deal…he’s been around for awhile now. IIRC his first related witings were with Adam Caplan and Steve Cohen back in the late 1990’s-early 2000’s.
    NFL Network will be popping their shorts over Glazer’s MMA work with players – I fully expect Glazer to be a fixture over there within a year.
    LaConfrenchie had better have naked pics of Rich Eisen on a tricycle with a midget, if he wants to stick around now that the man is in town…

  3. I like what Eric Winston said about Glazer regarding the Cushing situation: “Wow! With friends like Jay Glazer who needs enemies! He used Cush to pump up his service and then when Cush hits a bump in the road, he wants nothing to do with him. Sad to see just another guy out there for personal gain and could care less about the people he works with.”

  4. Glazer lost previous moonlighting jobs because of the glare reflecting from that massive dome.

  5. I’m also interested in more info regarding NFLN and Time Warner. This is the first I’ve heard of recent progress in negotiations, and would greatly appreciate any further info.

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