Lane Kiffin: "I feel very good, after a conversation with Jeff Fisher"

USC head coach Lane Kiffin is being sued by the Tennessee Titans after hiring away one of their assistants, Kennedy Pola. It’s a fascinating case on a number of levels, including the fact that Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is a USC alumnus who has always been supportive of the USC football program.

But while the lawsuit would seem to suggest that Fisher no longer views the Trojans program so favorably, Kiffin claims that he and Fisher are cool with each other.

“I don’t picture it as Jeff suing us,” Kiffin said today on ESPN. “It is a lawsuit, so I can’t comment very much on it. I feel very good, after a conversation with Jeff Fisher, that he now understands exactly what took place and I think he feels better about it.”

Asked whether he thinks there’s any significance to the fact that the Tennessee Titans are suing him just months after he spurned the University of Tennessee to take the USC job, Kiffin declined to answer.

“It’s a lawsuit,” Kiffin said. “I can’t comment on it.”

20 responses to “Lane Kiffin: "I feel very good, after a conversation with Jeff Fisher"

  1. He won’t comment because it’s a lwasuit. Yay!!! Lane Violation finally followed a rule!!!!

  2. USC is gonna be sorry they hired Lane after all is said and done. He has created controversy wherever he went.

  3. I can guarantee you that Fisher is held in a much higher regard in both pro and college circles than Kiffin can ever hope to be.
    Kiffin is too dumb to realize that Fisher could hold sway over him getting a new position in the future if he chose to. Not that he necessarily would, but he could.
    Bonehead move by Kiffin.

  4. He better win at USC because this guy is burning bridges faster than the Iraqi army in full retreat.
    As arrogant as he is now, what is this guy gonna be like if he actually wins something at some point?

  5. How long before Kiffin is labled a certified clown???
    Has he shown ANYONE he can coach?

  6. This is a typical comment by Lance. I can just see that ugly mug of his while he’s saying it.
    This mofo is an overgrown baby.

  7. Jeff Fischer is going to be sorry he is a part of the lawsuit against King Kiffen.
    After this season Fischer will not be coach of the Titans anymore, and King Kiffen will put out word to blackball pansie Fischer.
    Do not mess with Kiffen

  8. This guy is a turd. A big fat smelly turd. Everyone in Tennesse knows it and the people in Southern California are going to know it very soon. A turd. The worlds largest turd! Now I’m just liking saying the word turd.

  9. I’m not a fan of USC but seriously I feel bad for players under him because I have a feeling it’s going to be a losing program under Lane NCAA sanctions or not. The man has no class and really shouldn’t be holding any prominent job in the NFL or NCAA.

  10. NashvilleSeahawk, if Fisher is held in such high regard, then why are so many of his players eager to leave when they get the chance? The lawsuit demonstrates what a two-faced guy Fisher is. He wants to embarrass USC because he was embarrassed by Pola. Pola told Fisher last Friday that he had been contacted by USC regarding the OC position. The Vikings immediately gave their running backs coach a raise to keep him from taking the USC job. Fisher did nothing, and Pola accepted the USC offer on Saturday. The job offer was a coordinator promotion that Fisher couldn’t match. But he looks bad for the way he let Pola leave, so now he has to make a big stink about it.

  11. This is a battle of a guy with all the class in the world, and pig vomit.
    Just when you though Kiffin couldn’t lower his image any more, he opens his mouth…again.
    Beady eyed, slack jawed, mumbling mealy mouthed little weasel.

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