Shawn Crable release points out weak 2008 Patriots draft

Shawn Crable ran out of chances before he ever hit the field.

A third-round pick of the Patriots in 2008, the converted outside linebacker never played a single snap for New England because of injuries.  The Michigan product talked a good game this offseason, but he wasn’t physically ready for training camp this week and the Patriots grew tired of waiting, releasing him on Wednesday.

Crable spent his first two seasons on injured reserve. Considering the timing of the release, we expect one of the Belichick disciples to at least kick Crable’s tires during training camp.

The release highlights what has been a disappointing 2008 draft class for New England outside of Jerod Mayo.  As Albert Breer of the Boston Globe points out, it’s entirely possible that come Week One only Mayo and reserve cornerback Johnathan Wilhite will remain from the team’s seven man draft class, which included four picks in the first three rounds.

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  1. Chris Mortenson reports that Tom Brady is unhappy.
    John Clayton reported upon seeing TB drive out of Gillette Stadium he was not smiling.
    Sources at ESPN attribute to Brady’s facial expression directly related to his displeasure of his contract.
    Mortenson reports that Brady may not show for pratice tomorrow.
    PFT will have an in depth report soon.

  2. Typical Pat fan looking for an excuse: blame it on Pioli . You might be the last Pat fan to not realize that Belichick has always had final say on all draft choices. Pioli assisted in gathering and distilling the scouting intel. Many Pat fans have slowly realized that Belichick drafts were often hit or miss. His 2nd round choices in particular were often weak. He did his best with 3rd round and later.

  3. Yes I am the LAST Pats fan not to realize Belichick has the final say.
    Thanks Nick for enlightening a “typical Pat fan”
    I am glad to hear from someone inside the Pats draft room !

  4. And yet, most of the talking heads in the sports media will always rave about not only how well New England drafts, but how well they manipulate the draft to their own ends.
    That’s a pretty tired talking point, do you think we could retire it for the 2011 draft and beyond? They have bad drafts just like everybody else.

  5. Not to make excuses for a team who hasn’t finished worst then tied for their division lead in ten years but……….. Don’t you think that maybe when you have a veteran roster coming off an 18 win season you’d be a little more likely to take some chances in the draft.

  6. Kush says:
    July 28, 2010 8:17 PM
    Matt Walsh is an idiot!
    Welcome to 2007. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

  7. Crable was ridiculous…never saw the field in 2+ years. Literally was NEVER healthy. Still, by not playing at all he still has had a better career than Vernon Gholston.

  8. The quality of the Pats drafts has taken a huge downhill swing since Belicheat’s dad died (who was a respected authority on drafting). Aside from Asante Samuel, their secondary picks have been horrid to say the least for quite a while.

  9. I know i’m late and probably nobody will read this…but is it possible that Thomas Dimitroff, not Pioli, was the man that made it work in New England’s personnel department?
    2008 Pats – Gone
    2008 Falcons – See Below:
    Matt Ryan – Pro Bowl Caliber QB
    Sam Baker – Top Quartile Starting LT
    Curtis Lofton – Starting MLB
    Harry Douglas – Solid slot WR
    Thomas DeCoud – Starting Safety
    Kroy Bierman – Starting DE poised for a breakout
    Not a bad foundation to get 5 of your 22 starters in one draft alone…let alone a franchise QB.

  10. @ thehoodedone:
    What does it mean to take “chances” in a draft??? So you are suggesting that a previous record gave BB the green light to suck? Because the way I see it, who in their right mind would look at two players that could be drafted and say, “This guy over here has potential and a lot of up side, but this guy really doesn’t, but lets take a CHANCE on him anyway.”
    That’s just dumb dude…

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