Steelers extend Kevin Colbert five seasons

The trademark stability of the Steelers franchise was rocked by a few players this offseason, but the power structure inside the building will remain constant for a long while.

Just a week after coach Mike Tomlin was awarded a contract extension, the Steelers signed Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert to a five-year extension of his own. Colbert arrived in 2000, and has consistently brought in talent as well as any evaluator in the league. 

“I am very thankful to Art and Mr. Rooney for the opportunity to continue my
career with the Pittsburgh Steelers,” said Colbert. “Our organization will be
faced with many challenges in the coming season and beyond. I look forward to
working with the Rooneys and Coach Tomlin as we pursue our only acceptable goal — a Super Bowl title.”

We applaud the timing and substance of the move. After the offseason the Steelers just had — more on that below — the organization smartly recognized they have the right guys leading the way.  At least off the field.


8 responses to “Steelers extend Kevin Colbert five seasons

  1. Fun Fact: Colbert was running the show for the Lions until 2000, when he was replaced by Matt Millen.

  2. Huuuuuge – sweet to still have KC still running the Sunshine Band for several more years!
    Now let’s extend Woodley for another 4 years minimum – before he plays out this year and, if we’re lucky with the next CBA, we can Franchise him for another season. But then, he’d be gone – and we’d be left hosed at a position the Steelers have enjoyed unparallelled excellence in.
    Reports on Worilds’ shoulder sound like issues that don’t get better – only stay the same or worse (i.e., permanent/chronic).
    Harrison is a monster, but he’s on the wrong side of 30.
    Farrior – though playing inside is even older than Harrison.
    We need Woody to anchor the LB Corps – let’s get ‘er done.

  3. More good news from the Steelers organization. I like stability within an organization. It speaks to uniformity of purpose and direction within the organization.

  4. Thank heavens!!!!!! Never thought Colbert was going anywhere (as a little PFT troublemaker recently speculated). But now that his contract has been extended, that’s one less spoon Mike can use for pot-stirring 😉

  5. Ahhhh more stability in the Steelers organization!!
    I love being a Steeler Fan, no worries about losing a coach just because you had an off season. 🙂 I remember when Cowher had a 6-10 and 7-9 season back to back years, fans were calling for his head. A few seasons later he was hoisting the Lombardi! 🙂

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