Terrence Cody passes conditioning test

Ravens defensive tackle Terrence Cody passed the team’s conditioning test on the second try.

Cody, who was held out of the team’s first training camp practice Tuesday because he had failed the test, took it again this morning and passed it, according to teammate Fabian Washington.

“Big Cody passed his conditioning test. Woooooooooooo,” Washington tweeted.

Cody was a great defensive lineman at Alabama, but concerns about his conditioning arose when he showed up to the Senior Bowl at 370 pounds. Those concerns were magnified on Tuesday, but now the team has certified the rookie as ready to go.

57 responses to “Terrence Cody passes conditioning test

  1. Big Cody passed his conditioning test? Or Big Cody “passed” his conditioning test?

  2. Its just a matter of getting all that fat bouncing in the same direction. Once you get that momentum…., there’s no slowing down….., at least for 20 or 30 yards.

  3. I doubt the fatass passed the real conditioning test. The Ravens probably had to make an easier one for him so he could get on the field at some point during the season.

  4. lolol… now that he’s on the team… i bay RAY RAY gonna jump him with a KNIFE!!11!! cause like – ray lewis STABBED someone!11!!!! it was like 10 years ago, but it’s stilll funny!11!!!!!! he stabbed some1!!!! hahaha alolol

  5. He failed this less than 24 hours ago…guess he was being a lazy ass yesterday.

  6. Wow, he must have worked out really hard to improve his conditioning in the 24 hours between failing and passing the test…

  7. Cody’s conditioning test consisted of beating Kobayashi is a hot dog eating contest.

  8. What? He ate 72 hot dogs in 10 min—
    now that’s great conditioning……………..

  9. What a score this guy will be for the ravens. I saw him block 2 kicks in the same game for Bama, for his size he’s got ups. Putting him next to that Nada beast is scary.

  10. He failed the running test.. they didn’t draft him for his speed. It was probably a ploy to light a fire under his ass to get him more conditioned.
    @Lame_PFT_Poster: that was some funny stuff. It always finds its way in every ravens post comments.

  11. He failed yesterday and passed today?
    Someone might want to call a plumber out to the Ravens training camp facility…

  12. Really are people still hung up on Ray Lewis jokes ? Atleast stay on topic.
    This guy is either going to be great or he will be a scrub… I mean really you are “supposed” to be a NFL athleate and cannont do 6 25yrd wind sprints in an aloted time ? come on man!!!! Mt. Cody, you need to pick it up! If you want to play next to Holoti Nagta you better pick up the pace……….Just do not have a heart attack!!

  13. Can you please get me the number to his trainer?
    I need that type of turnaround for a date on Friday.

  14. ThePlainTruth says:
    July 28, 2010 9:53 AM
    Next Great Bust
    Are you making reference to the future HOF bust in Canton?

  15. Again, this site does not do justice to the whole story assuming Cody didn’t pass the test yesterday simply due to his weight. Not the case. Newcomer Walt Harris also failed the test and he’s half the weight of the Cody. It has to do with the test itself and in an interview with Harris on BaltimoreSun.com, he specifically said the test has nothing to do with the shape you’re in or not in, but just knowing the test itself and sometimes just not knowing it and messing up on it can cause a “failure”. Once you learn the test itself, you usually pass it easily, like all the other players did. If the Ravens really felt Cody wasn’t in shape they wouldn’t have let him to do the rookie camp or enter training camp and they wouldn’t have signed him the other day. Yes, he’s a mammoth man and could have weight issues at any point. But this conditioning test failure is not that time. Please explain the whole story and try using a thing called “context”. Thanks

  16. Can’t wait for Nick Mangold to step on this guy’s throat week #1, thats assuming Cody can get his fat ass away from hot dogs and on the field.

  17. Terrance is now upright and breathing without the aid of a respirator, so the trainers will move on to the next phase of his conditioning program.

  18. To all the haters I hope Cody sits next to you on your next cross country fight. Ngata, Cody, Sizzle, Redding, Gregg. Have fun rushing on the ravens with that group in front of Ray and company. Can’t wait till the season starts.

  19. Lame_PFT_Poster: If there were ever a screenname that fits a post… As long as Stabsalot is still in the league, that’s what he’s going to be known for.

  20. The Ravens will have a monster line this season…
    Ngata 340
    Cody 360
    Gregg 315
    Pryce 300
    Behind that wall of fat, Lewis, Suggs, Kindle and Johnson
    Who’s gonna run against this defense?

  21. It was the same tst so he remembered the correct answers this time….or he copied of the guy next to him….Wonderlic phenom….

  22. Yes, because so much changes in one day *eye roll*. The medical staff and tests in the NFL are a joke but we already knew that.

  23. For all the “FAT” jokes on here, just let me say he is not the first 350-400 lber for the NFL, anyone remember William “The Refrigerator? Anyone?? He is not only wide but Cody is tall and you can’t really assess his size on the field by watching on TV. There was times at UA where the strength coaches had to get at him about weight but make no mistake that young man can move that weight and quickly a lot of the time. Ask Colt McCoy the long horns QB, his #1 concern in the BCS championship was avoiding Mount Cody, he admitted that on an ESPN interview before the BCS championship.
    Big Guys in this game is nothing new, so for all of the ones making comments like he is an anomaly, where the hell have you been the last 40 years cause the game has always had big linemen!!!!!

  24. I realize its really cool for all these morons to make stupid jokes about Terrence Cody. But why hasnt anyone told us what the test is? Is it the same test that skill guys do? Are there different elements Its easy to ‘fail’ a conditioning test if you havent trained specifically for that test.

  25. # theycallme_iPod says:
    Who’s gonna run against this defense?
    The Browns, for one.
    Kindle won’t be there. As for the rest of the “fat” up front…
    No-huddle offense > Ravens defense
    Better have the oxygen ready…

  26. Legends abound about Buffalo T. Cody. Once he ate 4 fully grown Hatfields for breakfast.

  27. I love me some haters.
    I was suprised he failed the test the first time since he showed up at a good weight, until I heard what the test was and who else failed. Harbs is old school. There are no fat guys on his team that can not at least run. Nagta is a smooth 340. Buddy Lee has almost no body fat even at 315, the belly is rolls of abs or something. Guys like Mckinney and Talavou last year just looked big, not fat. Harbs summer practice is run at a pace that could give fat guys watching heart troubles. It reminds me more of the soccer players who were running around us during my HS 2 a days than what we were doing.
    Bottom line the big guy was a beast when he was fat. the one thing you can trust the Ravens staff to do is strength and conditioning, and if Cody passed teh first test, he should be fine, and not have to run that much ever in a game.

  28. stop taking up for this fat a$$ he’ll be making more money than all of you in one year doing half the amount of work. Honestly for those of you who are defending him be realistic and realize that he’s going to be a lazy mofo who will make just a few plays and pocket big bucks in the process.

  29. “Terrence Cody passes conditioning test”
    Woah! When did Cody eat the conditioning test?

  30. Oncet Buffalo Cody came upon a group of Redskins. He kilt em, skint em, fried em and et them. Right there on the spot.

  31. Balt fans: Like Leo Dicap in the final scene of Inception, you are dreaming if you think that fat boy will ever contribute.
    He is a “wannabe” Shawn Rodgers at best!!!!!

  32. Did they lower the standards for the test like every other test in this country?

  33. Yeah, he was so lazy in college, blocking all those field goals. Nick Saban loves playing lazy players. People assaulting his character on here have probably never read an interview with someone who knows him talking about him, let alone read an interview with him or met him. But, yeah, he’s so big, he must be lazy, right?

  34. @ Burning River :
    When was the last time the “turds” “Ran” on anyone ? Your team will be 3 – 13 again this year lol. I cannot believe you even admidted to being a turds fan…..

  35. People are very prejudice. It shows the character of a lot of these fans. If you know ANYTHING about football, you would know the impact he is capable of making. He is extremely athletic for his size, (349 lbs). I hope everyone keeps hating, because I’m taking notes lol. Everyone acts like Kindle or even Cody are essential for our success this season. We were successful without them last year, and only added other talents. Then Ed Reed. We were the 2nd ranked defense against the pass last year. Do some research before you crack old fat jokes with little meaning behind the player. Listen to one, just one of his interviews. He is no Albert Haynesworth.

  36. 2nd ranked against the pass in the second half of the season*** That was without three starters in the secondary

  37. How the hell does he not get knocked out when running? Those man boobs have got to weigh 50lbs each and when he’s running they bounce up and BOOM lights out.

  38. According to ESPN.com, he had to run 25 yards down and back (for all u math wizzes, thats 50 yards) 3 TIMES, with you 70 SECOND BREAK IN BETWEEN!! How fat and out of shape do you have to be to not pass that test until the 3RD TIME???!!
    Congrats Ravens, you got yourself quite a steal!

  39. jamaltimore says:
    July 28, 2010 11:13 AM
    To all the haters I hope Cody sits next to you on your next cross country fight. Ngata, Cody, Sizzle, Redding, Gregg. Have fun rushing on the ravens with that group in front of Ray and company. Can’t wait till the season starts.
    Dude are you serious?? You’ve had the same team for 5 years, where’s that gotten you?? You couldnt even stop JOE ADDAI last year. Your boy Ray Ray is still lookin for his jock strap!!!
    Assume the position once again…you’re the Colts’ bitches!!

  40. Anyone else get the feeling that lame_pft_poster probably works the cash register at 7-11?
    I’ll admit, if this happened to someone on another team, I’d probably laugh too. With that being said, you don’t need to run 50 yards to play DT in the NFL, much less do so in July.

  41. O.k. so Mt. Cody passes his test and Haynesworth doesn’t? Seems the Redskins are trying to teach someone a lesson; AFTER they paid him over 30 million in guaranteed money. BRAINIACS. Glad they are in our division.

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