Titans replace Pola, who cites lockout as factor in leaving

The Titans just handed Craig Johnson what should be every coach’s dream job: Chris Johnson’s tutor in Tennessee.

The Titans announced the move on Wednesday in the wake of Kennedy Pola’s departure to USC.  Craig Johnson was the Titans quarterbacks coach, but assistant Dowell Loggains was promoted to take over that role.

Pola, meanwhile, spoke to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean about Pola’s decision to leave USC. He defended Lane Kiffin’s actions, but we were especially interested in Pola’s decision-making process.

The new USC offensive coordinator was handed a three-year deal instead of the one-year deal he had in Tennessee.  Pola expressed concern about a possible NFL lockout next summer that could reduce assistants’ salaries next summer by up to 50%.

Don’t be surprised if Pola’s flight to college proves to be harbinger of assistant coaching departures to come in 2011.

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  1. The Titans ownership supports a potential 50% pay cut or worse for Pola in 2010, and they’re crying that USC has enticed Pola to leave? It’s arrogant for them to think they can set someone’s market value; it’s applied arrogance for the Titans to file what amounts to a nuisance suit. And applied arrogance is a good working definition of incompetence.

  2. Finally PFT does a little background investigation after trashing Lane Kiffin, his father, and USC. There is much more to the story than previously reported. This story is about job security and a consistent career path. Fisher never offered that: only a 1 yr deal that could disappear if there is a lockout! At least Childress responded to the USC offer by giving his running back’s coach a big pay raise. What did Fisher do? Nothing but whine in the press, and then sue because his lack of response to keep Pola made him look bad to his boss. The labor impasse will indeed cause similar departures of NFL assis. coaches – not just Pola. A one year deal is a lack of professionalism toward a dedicated assis. coach. I don’t know why Pola would even leave the Jaguars for only a 1 year deal.

  3. Don’t blame him, just like anyone else looking out for more security these days. Tell Jeff Fisher if he would have renewed his contract and guaranteed his pay for the length of it then he would have stayed. But we didn’t hear that in the media now did we.

  4. did it ever occur to any of you that maybe the Titans didn’t consider him to be WORTH a raise? he’s the one who left Jacksonville for a one-year deal in Tennessee and coaching Chris Johnson is not only a cushy job in a sense but could enhance his resume in ways money can’t buy. besides all of that, no one is complaining about the fact that he left, it’s the fact that the Titans were left completely out of the loop and without a RB’s coach on the eve of training camp.
    i’m not sure how i feel about the lawsuit still and in the interest of full disclosure, i am a Titans fan. seriously though, given the background of the Titans organization and the background of Lane Kiffin it’s funny that anyone would chose to pile on the Titans for Kiffin’s sake. even as a USC fan wth has Kiffin ever done for you? most likely he’ll keep his job throughout their probation then be cut lose.
    to the point about coaches running to the college game, please! grow up. if there is a lockout, yeah i could see some guys leaving because they need some income but if a coach were to leave the NFL before or during a season because there might be a lockout, good luck finding another NFL job, like ever.

  5. Greggg says:
    Don’t be surprised if Pola’s flight to college proves to be harbinger of assistant coaching departures to come in 2011.
    Doesn’t matter. Most will come back when the dust settles, except the ones that can’t get re-hired.

  6. It looks like you’ve done your research, and I applaud you. Maybe you should be the guy who writes ALL of the AFC South since ‘that guy’ with the agenda can’t even do the simpliest of tasks and admitting he was wrong about the Jags not being able to survive in Jax. Just sayin’

  7. I think Pola’s decision was to leave Tennessee for USC? I could be wrong. But then the Titans’ lawsuit wouldn’t make much sense.

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