Vince Young will not be suspended

In the end, the reports indicating that Titans quarterback Vince Young was unlikely to face a suspension for his strip club altercation this offseason proved correct.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that the league will not suspend Young.  An announcement from the NFL is expected later this week, possibly Thursday.

The news should come as a relief for the Titans, although the decision was not unexpected. 

The Titans open with a home game against Oakland in a game that my Raiders fan friend at swears the Raiders should be favored in.  The news that Young will be available won’t help the chances of the Silver and Black.

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  1. No biggie…he’s not too bright so he’ll get into trouble soon enough…he’s got that “thug” mentality…

  2. I don’t know about the Raiders but last season both them and the Bills almost upset their heavily favored division rivals on opening day (the key word being almost).

  3. So I think I’ve got this now…
    an unprovoked punch to the face = no suspension
    false accusation of sexual assault by an extremely drunk woman who was looking to F&ck = 4-6 game suspension.
    that’s fair =/

  4. Vince Young is like Mike Vick. Neither one can
    keep out of trouble.
    Translation: They can both run, but cannot hide.

  5. I’m not sticking up for Ben R., but it sure seems like Goodell has a couple of “favorites” in vince young and michael vick all of a sudden…….goodell must be afraid of being accused of being racist. ordinarily i would be pissed off about the double standard but i have no doubt that vick and young will find trouble soon enough again.

  6. Good! VY should be ready to hit the field along Chris Johnson in Wk1. Lets just hope they take the loss to Oakland without making excuses on “oh we just had a bad game, every team does at one point” NO! Oakland will be fired up as they were last yr vs SD and send half of SDs team to IR. They lost the lead with 0:25 sec. Left.. and that was with Russell at QB, Morrison at ILB and 2 rookie WRs. That wont be the problem this yr. This new (hue jackson) offense will score TDs (2005-2009 Raiders only FGs) and with a Defense that also got greatly improved will finally be able to rest since no more Russell 3and outs.
    Oakland kept McNabb to just 9pts. Wow!
    Dallas to 6pts until the 2nd half. Now with tons of Sacks on both Romo, McNabb. Most coming by T.Scott #91

  7. Jason Campbell will show Vince Young how a black QB should act on the field and maybe off.
    Vince Young to start, sounds great to me.. The Blitz will be on him alot with this new Raiders Defense. and I bet VY will again have tons of trouble doing anything on a Defense that plays Man-to-Man 99.99% of the time. We all saw how he couldnt do nothing in 2007.
    Nnamdi will shut down – Britt.
    McClain over C.Johnson.
    and finally after yrs of waiting McFadden will finally get a real Offensive Coordinator that will use him as WR,HB,QB like his Arkansas days.

  8. Oh, I get it. Roethlisberger can be ACCUSED of sexualy assault in a totally legal bar. Be fully investigated, to which not a shread of can be found to support the claim. No charges are filed. The DA frees him due to total & complete lack of evidence, and he gets 6 games. Yet, Young forces himself into the back room of a strip club, at 3am, and proceeds to push his way through a crowd and physically assault them on camera. Keep in mind, this is the same dude caught with a loaded, unlicensed weapon in his possesion a year earlier, and yet he gets nothing. How does that work?

  9. GOOD LUCK Vince Young.
    McNabb got sacked 6times vs. Oakland. If Oakland sees you cant beat em through the air against Nnamdi(since only Britt looks like a decent #1 WR b4 he got overweight) then they will stack the box and blitz u all day. Screens to CJ? KO! just look at poor Sproles in wk1 last yr. Raiders LBs are 4.3 fast.
    Raiders 27
    Titans 16
    With Russell
    Raiders 12(all FGs)
    Titans 27 (with oaklands D super tired by halftime)

  10. joe6606 says:
    July 28, 2010 8:28 PM
    So I think I’ve got this now…
    an unprovoked punch to the face = no suspension
    false accusation of sexual assault by an extremely drunk woman who was looking to F&ck = 4-6 game suspension.
    that’s fair =/
    yeah he has been accused of the same thing twice. Starting to become commonplace for Ben to take what others don’t want to give. Ala Peppy La Pou

  11. So Vick, who is suppose to have been given no slack by the commish, is involved in a shooting incident and VY punches a person at a strip club and both escape suspension. Sounds like Goodell is becoming scared of the player community.

  12. (“So Vick, who is suppose to have been given no slack by the commish, is involved in a shooting incident and VY punches a person at a strip club and both escape suspension.”)
    In Young’s case, it’s a first offense type of thing. This is the first time that Young has punched someone or had to be involved with the law, In Vick’s case, i think it’s the lack of proof, but Vick is walking on VERY thin ice. Young wasnt, it’s a first time thing, a dont do it again punishment and talking to is good enough for me.

  13. Why should the low woderlic score people be allowed to use lack of analytic ability to avoid suspension??

  14. Bring it Raider Nation. Come to Titan Town and VY, CJ, and Fish are going to put a “W” Wk 1.

  15. Big Ben gets two crazy chicks that are trying to get his money and make up stuff about him and he gets 6 games. Mike Vick who has had multiple incidents including gambling, dog fighting, and someone getting shot at his party(someone he had a beef with) and doesn’t miss a game. V.Young has had a few incidents himself and is on camera punching someone(looked like a sissy fight) and he gets nothing. So I guess Goodell has to look good for the african american athletes but not the white athletes. I think all three are POS but you need to be fair white or black if your the comish.

  16. Where is the Jemele Hill article on racism this time? White players are perceiving a double standard here….

  17. They asked Mack Brown about VY’s incident in the club, and he said that “they should learn not to do that” talking about putting the horns down. Gotta love Mack!!!

  18. I don’t think the most recent Vick affair is a closed deal. I still think it’s pending.
    This could have been a case of two different groups of people he has old ties to jockeying for his attention, then one lashes out against the other. Vick is a complete IDIOT for hosting that B-day party, but some old friends you can never cut out completely no matter what you do, and he might have been a victim of just such a circumstance.
    Big Ben cruised into night clubs looking for big scores. Sure, the girls might have been willing (partially do to being drunk and under 21), but nevertheless, Roethlisberger had a posse and a systematic approach to whatever night life he was conducting. If it was really THAT easy to frame professional athletes for rape (and there’s probably thousands of occasions of pro athletes getting laid out of wedlock every week), you’d hear about it much more often.
    Fact of the matter is, this is the 2nd time Big Ben found trouble in what? 2 year span? How many other rape accusations have we heard about in the NFL in the past decade? If there have been any, they certainly weren’t high profile players like a 2-time superbowl champ QB. He made himself an immense image liability to the NFL on multiple occasions, suspension well-deserved.
    VY is a turd, this bar fight is a turd thing to do, but bar fights happen. People + alcohol = dumb decisions, especially when reputation is at stake. Bar fights happen ALL. THE. TIME. To athletes, and to everybody. The next time Young gets in any sort of confrontation of any kind, even if it’s proven to have been an exaggerated accusation, I guarantee that he’ll get some minor suspension.

  19. wow…they suspend ben for six games and this guy just gets ignored. Goodell is has a long HARD…yearning for black QB’s

  20. famucancer says:
    July 28, 2010 9:23 PM
    AWM’s are hilarious. LMAO
    Are you 12 years old? Seriously, save the internet acronyms for MySpace.
    (rolling on the floor laughing at your immature semi-literate racist ass)

  21. The strip club owner should have disguised himself as a receiver. VY has trouble hitting those guys.

  22. Racism at its best!
    Ben + no charges =6 games
    Vic + at shooting = zero games
    Young + fighting= zero games
    Benson + arrested = probably no games
    Seahawks LB Leroy Hill + arrested for domestic violence + guilty to marijuana possession = 1 game
    Joey Porter + arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, and assaulting a peace officer = zero game
    If this was turned around and Ben black and others white Sharpton and Jackson would be screaming!!!

  23. famucancer is the biggest racist I’ve seen so far on this site. Yes, I’m white. And no, it’s not “reverse racism”. There is no such thing.

  24. @MikeinTexas:
    Everything in Texas IS bigger – especially the doobies you’re smoking. Chance that a rookie inside linebacker in week 1 will shut down a 2000 yard rusher? zero point zero

  25. You bunch of whining for Ben Roethlisberger crybabies need to get real lives. Vince Young punched out a big MAN. Big Ben tried to stick it to a less-than-large WOMAN, and probably not for the first time. A shame he got caught.
    On the victim scale, Ben chose a weaker victim, and deserved exactly what he got. VY is a good kid, mostly, and not of the permanent thug mentality.
    Better to be a minor-league thug than a full-blown woman-hating nearly uncontrollable minor-league rapist.

  26. We get it steeler fans, you think pig fat ben should be allowed to go free. Every single time someone is mentioned in any negative light, you cry for them to be suspended. “She was DTF!” you scream. When it’s announced that no suspension will be levied, you cry, “Our pig of a quarterback was falsely accused! And he got 6 games!” You cry that it isn’t fair.
    After all, that girl was “DTF”; which everyone knows, a nametag = consent.
    Hint: When being investigated for allegations of sexual assault, one shouldn’t ply an underage girl with alcohol, have a state trooper guard the door, and then whip it out for some Clinton sex.
    But I think Roethlisberger has changed. I mean, he certainly doesn’t think he’s above anyone to take a piss on a prestigous golf course.

  27. Well Ben may be the biggest tard in the NFL. Stop making excuses for Mr. Serial Rapist.

  28. “AWM’s are hilarious. LMAO”
    AWM’s are responsible for most of the creature comforts you are currently enjoying….you’re welcome…..

  29. Raider Nation will be quiet after the Week 1 beat down. Raiders won’t roll out of Titan Town with a victory, no way.

  30. I think a lot of these comments are bias and taking shots at the young black qbs. Everyone wants to baby BIG BEN who raped 2 women and haven’t served 1 day in prison. This is for all the haters, you think u mad now wait until the TITIANS and VINCE YOUNG are crowned SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!

  31. No suspension, but the league has mandated two weeks of compulsory boxing instruction with a certified professional.

  32. “How many other rape accusations have we heard about in the NFL in the past decade?”
    Um, two other players were accused after Ben was in March.
    Brandon Underwood, no suspension.
    Eric Foster, no suspension.
    Ben is the only white guy of the three. And he sits six games.
    Goodell fears being labeled a racist, he’ll never suspend a black player without charges.

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