Conflicting reports emerge on whether Haynesworth passed conditioning test

The Redskins have required defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to pass a conditioning test before he’ll be allowed to practice with the team.  Though it’s a routine requirement, the fact that there’s nothing routine about Haynesworth’s relationship with the team makes it newsworthy. 

And since a conditioning test requires as much “want to” as physical ability, the question of whether Haynesworth can pass the test could provide strong evidence as to whether he is willing to do whatever he must in order to truly be part of the team.

Given the inherently wacky nature of the entire situation, it should come as no surprise that the initial indications as to whether Haynesworth passed the conditioning test are in conflict.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Haynesworth passed the first part of the test but failed the second, meaning that he probably won’t be permitted to take part in team drills.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that Haynesworth “killed it” during the test.  That said, Reid explains that he’s waiting for confirmation.

We’re told that there’s a sense in the Haynesworth camp that coach Mike Shanahan would find a way to fail Haynesworth, regardless of how he performs.

Either way, stay tuned.

42 responses to “Conflicting reports emerge on whether Haynesworth passed conditioning test

  1. Part one of test: Show up. Part two of test: Don’t be wearing a dirty diaper you fat baby.

  2. If Shanahan is dumb enough to have Haynesworth not pass his physical out of spite then he needs to be prepared for a whole season of a disgruntled player & Fat Al may have been justified in being wary of the snake Shanahan. A couple of egomaniac A-holes.

  3. Conflicting reports emerge on whether Haynesworth passed gas during the conditioning test.

  4. The real truth is, the test is not over yet. Albert is over half way through the marathon, and slightly behind pace to make the 2 1/2 hour time limit that Shanahan set.

  5. Conflicting reports emerge on whether Haynesworth passed away during the conditioning test.
    – reported by Terry Bradshaw from the great beyond –

  6. Don’t take Glazer’s comments too seriously. He has a lousy view from inside that Gatorade jug he smuggled himself into the faciltiy in.

  7. We’re told that there’s a sense in the Haynesworth camp that coach Mike Shanahan would find a way to fail Haynesworth, regardless of how he performs.
    you are so full of it. I have never heard that…not even an inkling of that being true. beat this haynesworth horse!!

  8. OJ “killed it” once, allegedly.
    Also, in between ‘two a days’, Haynesworth will be autographing cheeseburger wrappers at the Ashburn Farm McDonald’s.

  9. This is what happens when you don’t do your due diligence and are so eager to sign someone you don’t bother to find out he’s a P.O.S. Mr Snyder.

  10. Jason Reid reports “he killed it”, what or who did Albert fall on top of. It’s my understanding that a CSI unit from Loudoun County is on the way to Redskin Park.

  11. OMG, I would not doubt if the tests have been over for hours and everything is fine. These douchebag sports reporters jump all over each other to be the first part to report something. I dont get it,

  12. Fat Albert failed? Un-possible!
    His belly always crosses the finish line 5 seconds before his head does, so I’m sure it’s just some sort of measurement error.

  13. I picture a jelly delly doughnut in lieu of the rabbit on the rail and Haynesworth waddling after it like the veritable greyhound (or maybe grey whale).

  14. ShaNahan will fail him so if he really wants to play on this team and prove to his teamates that he is there to help the team he is going to be in the best shape of his life. With shanahan at coach and not Zorn your not going to be laying on the field after every play your going to be in the best shape possible. He’ll of a move Shanahan I’ll give it to you.

  15. PFT also did a story last month saying he lost weight so he could possibly play DE instead of NT.
    Therefore at a lesser weight I would think he got thru it with no trouble…

  16. Conflicting reports emerge on whether Haynesworth passed crib notes during the conditioning test.

  17. 1st part of the test: show up – check
    2nd part of the test: 10 situps – fail
    They should have dangled a bologna sandwich over his head and he would have passed the 2nd part. You live and learn.

  18. Reports are he passed the 1st half, and WALKED the 2nd, meaning he did not pass it. Fat Albert you Bum. Another great signing by Snyder…

  19. does this mean that if he fails all the tests he can’t go on “dancing with the stars”?

  20. Chris russell said he passed the test. Jay Glazier was wrong he needs to stop reporting stuff that aren’t true.

  21. boysroll, i enjoy reading your stupid comments. however, i do not understand why you always end your post with lol or lmao. you are not funny, you are not saying anything funny. i have said it before that is how my teenage daughter talks to her friends. so please help me understand. are you a teenage girl? that would explain alot.

  22. Boys roll your cowboys org is a joke champ. Your wide outs don’t even know the rules of being a rookie.. Tell Dez to stop going to the strip club and paying his mother to watch her dance u chump.

  23. wait…here it comes,…..Conflicting reports on the size of doucheMike Florio uses….Adam Schefter confirm

  24. Who gives a rats arse? Its all posturing.
    At the end of the day he will play.
    Cmon season. Enough already with the Farve and Albert show and the Dez wont carry my pads crapola. Its all pretty boring from here.

  25. I thought he passed everything? I heard he tore it up… Obviously I am missing something here.. I am just confused again when reading PFT.

  26. Jason Reid of the Washington Post is reporting that Albert Haynesworth passed the first part of the test but he had to take a bathroom break and when he returned he couldn’t complete the second part. My guess he will take it later today and passit. Remember it took Terrence Cody 3 times to pass his test.

  27. Shanahan will not target Haynesworth but he also won’t get treated with any special treatment. You fail, you fail…and with that…a big friggin HAIL!!

  28. I’m pretty sure that Haynesworth’s contract brings the total of contracts that Snyder’s wasted on flop free agents to over a BILLION dollars since he bought the team. When will the NFL step in and force this embarrassment to sell the team?

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