Ed Reed takes aim at Mike Preston

Recently, Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston had a message for Ravens safety Ed Reed.

No more whining.”

In response, Reed has an apparent message for Preston. 

No more talking.

“There’s guys like Mike Preston down here who want to report stuff and he can call it whatever he wants,” Reed told WKNR in Cleveland, via SportsRadioInterviews.com.  “Ex-sorry-football player who didn’t make it.”

Told by the host that Reed sounds angry, Reed said, “It is what it is.  He has the pen in his hand and he can write anytime he wants.  I could care less about the guy, but he’s just trying to make a name for himself saying what he wants to say, but he doesn’t understand the business.  He’s never been in this business.  He wanted to make it and he didn’t.  Now he’s just sorry and writing what he wants to write.  You know write the right thing.”

Reed wasn’t finished.

“They’re really nobody,” he said of the media more generally.  “I’m sure they can tell you that I very rarely talk to them because of the things they say and do.  They don’t work the right way some of them.  It’s not everybody in the media, just certain people.  I actually tried to contact Mike Preston this offseason to try and give him all the information, my surgery, everything, the truth of what’s going on.  You take it and they do what they want to do.  It’s no big deal to me.  Those guys don’t motivate me, but I will confront them and talk to them when I know they’re wrong. Just try to write, get an article, and try to make a name off of you.”

Regardless of Reed’s opinions on Preston, Preston isn’t the only guy who has noticed a somewhat bizarre change in Reed, who has morphed into a grumpy old man of late, complaining about a wide range of actual and perceived indignities, possibly as he clumsily comes to terms with his own football mortality.

44 responses to “Ed Reed takes aim at Mike Preston

  1. and of COURSE florio wants to get in the mix so he has to add his bitter 2 cents at the end.
    Reed is spot on here…Im just glad he had the cajones to say what we all think about most of the mediots

  2. Preston while controversial is pretty well respected here in Baltimore. As of late Ed Reed is not so much.

  3. “They’re really nobody,” he said of the media more generally.”
    Can’t argue with a guy that’s a 100% correct. Always cracked me up that the shortest, weakest, slowest, dungeon and dragons playing, High School losers all became sportswriters. Never played, never made the cut, never got a moments notice from all the guys who did play and they spend the rest of their adult lives looking to “even the score”. I’m not saying only ex-NFL players should ever be allowed to discuss football, but, at least, make your High School varsity team so you have SOME idea what it’s like to hit and get hit.

  4. Hey Pudgy Preston – YOU better zip it or Reed’s gonna drive down to the Baltimore Sun, park in a handicapped spot, & smack you w/ his cane!!

  5. I do not know when athletes will learn to avoid public catfighting with the media. It’s a no-win situation unless you can prove malicious misrepresentation. ( Like Shirley Sherrod’s lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart for his edited video that caused her to get dismissed from her USDA job for being racist). Ed Reed seems like he is going through menopause. Give it up for Ed Reed’s comedy routine.

  6. 2/3’s of the earth is covered by water, the other 1/3 is covered by Ed Reed! Eat a dick Mike Preston.

  7. Mike do u want to be the next person on Ed Reeds hit list?
    u do remember what happened when steve smith called u out right?
    Florio just shut your mouth and change your pad.

  8. @BaltimoreSports “pretty well respected”? Wtf are you talking about? He is known to spew crap to get attention and picks fights with certain players which he apparently has suchessfully done with Ed. Not to mention his racist comment last season about Paul Kruger.

  9. If there was ever ANY indicator of the true state of the Baltimore Ravens, this is it.
    Ed Reed WAS a great player, but now, sadly past his prime and on the downhill side. Pretty much sums up what’s happening with that team in general, although their “fans” will never admit it. And the media will never report what is right there, if front of their collective faces. If you turn your head, and don’t look too closely, it’s not really happening…right? Right??
    Keep on whistling past the graveyard, Ravens fans. So sad for you.
    But, on the other hand, don’t you think it’s hilarious that Ed is whining to a CLEVELAND radio station?

  10. BaltimoreSports says:
    Preston while controversial is pretty well respected here in Baltimore.
    Do we read the same Sun?

  11. BaltimoreSports says:
    July 29, 2010 2:25 PM
    Preston while controversial is pretty well respected here in Baltimore. As of late Ed Reed is not so much.
    Either this is Mike Preson commenting or your an idiot. Go to baltimoresun.com and read an article written by Preston, then look at the comment section. It’s riddled with comments about how Preston wrote another awful article. He’s not respected in the slightest way.
    I’d be willing to bet Ed Reed is still respected in B-More; especially more than Preston

  12. @BaltimoreSports
    Preston respected? Please. Just bc he gets on 105.7 every once in a while doesn’t mean he is respected. They just put him on there to have more to talk about. Preston is a clown and anyone who knows anything about sports knows Mike Preston is a CLOWN!

  13. I live in Baltimore. Mike Preston is an idiot and prints lies 80% of the time, on purpose, to incite drama from fans and players.
    Reed is completely right about him.

  14. Wow! Baltimore is really getting to Ed Reed isn’t it? He used to be the gentlemen among thugs there. Doesn’t he realize that he’s turned dumb off-season banter into a news story that will hurt Ed Reed and help Mr. Preston?
    It’s amazing how when you are unhappy in life you tend to see everything and everyone around you as a threat. I’ve been there in my work life before, and it is only cured with a change of scenery. Could this be the beginning of the end for Ed Reed in Baltimore? That would be a real shame, but it may be what he needs. He’s too young and talented to be hanging things up like Barry Sanders!
    I do think it’s funny how quickly everyone will jump down the throat of the media as a bunch of wannabes and nobodies. Yet here we are in the off-season, begging for any little snippit from them about how great our team will be this year. Oops, Preston says something negative about a fan favorite and all of a sudden he needs to shut up. Who is the real wannabe – those of us criticizing the media during our water cooler breaks, or those guys getting paid to watch football and talk about it all year around?

  15. Pretty had for a NFL player to avoid the media nowadays. Proof?
    Games are put on television by CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network. Last I checked, those were all media venues.
    I respect Ed Reed stepping up and calling Preston out. But I also respect Preston for calling Reed out.
    Seriously, if a high-profile, great athlete like Reed can’t handle someone calling him out in the media, what does that say about him?
    If he really thought Preston was a nobody, why go into the same “piss-poor and evil media” to talk smack about said writer?
    I’m more impressed with a “ex-football player that never made it” stepping up and calling someone out than an NFL player who’s credentials are well known.

  16. Ed Reed is just upset that he knows Mike Preston is correct. Reed is washed up and knows it. STFU and play or retire.

  17. I have to agree with Reed on this one, I am surprised more pro athletes no matter the sport, do this more often. How can someone really critique a guy, unless he has experienced the injury and tried to play at that level?

  18. Why make up drama about T.O and the Bengals? You need real drama and issues? Look no further than the “Superbowl Favorites”…..

  19. @geek – you don’t know what you are talking about so best to STFU. Mike Preston is a perfect example of affirmative action. His writing sucks. He tries to be provocative and “stir it up” all the time. He is mostly vilified in Baltimore except for the sycophants who want to call 105.7 and talk to a real sportswriter. Problem is that he is not a real sportswriter. He is a never was football player for Towson University who can’t pen a good column to save his life. His syntax is terrible. His command of the English language is awful and his insights into football are mundane. Other than that, he is a great guy.
    As far as the moron from Baltimore who thinks that Preston is well respected, he must be one of the sycophants that likes to call 105.7. Most of the Ravens fans I know think he is a douchebag and for good reasons.

  20. as big of a clown as mike preston is, i really do wish that ed would just shut the f up at this point

  21. sad thing is, preston is the only reporter in b-more who actually keeps it real. can’t even imagine if he played in philly how bad he’d be crying. reed is just like every ravens fan i know – spoiled and entitled. keep up the good work, preston.

  22. It’s good to see Ed Reed speak out on a Sports Writer that consistently provides his opinions, rather then factual information.
    Preston is not Journalist. He’s at best, an Op/Ed guy writing about sports. I find his articles consistently worthless and put no merit in them. Most people I know who read the Baltimore Sun, put little stock in what his opinions are. The irony is Mike Preston calling Ed Reed whiney. I just don’t know if that makes him the pot or the kettle.., ?

  23. Burning River: A Steelers fan or what? The Ravens make it further every year with the ‘old guys’ that most teams,enough said on that ridiculous subject. Ravens fans love their team,but,are pretty sensible about them.
    As for Reed,his making statements about the media in general was a mistake. Taking personal issues with specific people is only going to bring him bad publicity and Im betting the team doesnt want any part of that.

  24. # Kaz says: July 29, 2010 2:59 PM
    Why make up drama about T.O and the Bengals? You need real drama and issues? Look no further than the “Superbowl Favorites”…..
    your team hasn’t won a playoff game in twenty years! (too easy)

  25. unreal, the moment ed get back on the field make the interception take it back for a pick 6 you so called fan idiots will be kissing his jock, outsiders will always hate but who really give a funk about mikey preston, are you kidding what kind of joke is he a black guy who tried to command the english language but he’s got some much ghetto in him it really a joke omg people get real preston and florio are 2 peas in a pod, let not get it twisted. ed a soon to be HOF and maybe he’s having his moment like ray lewis last year when he hadn’t sign but when lewis put the hit on sproils all ways forgiven. reed is special, preston hates on all the white players including coach harbaugh, flacco, rex when he was here, preston a undercover biggot.

  26. This is what sports writers do…..they voice their OPINION, with a spattering of facts thrown in once in a while. And as a Ravens fan, Preston’s right. Ed needs to stop crying to the media and either work it out with the coach and front office or retire.
    As the old saying goes, “shit or get off the pot” Ed.

  27. I’m someone who doesn’t have a dog in the fight and could not care less about either person. While i don’t have a clue about the sportswriter i’ve heard Reed whining about everything for a while. He wants another big check and they don’t give those to people on the injury list. Thus he is not happy–

  28. I hate the whole “he’s trying to make a name for himself” cliche that athletes have been throwing around about writers.
    When the reality is more like, “he’s just trying to make a living as a writer, you know, like, do his job. I just wish he wouldn’t take pot shots at athletes who only like being touted by the media.”
    Look, I think the media makes way too much of everything, but that’s what they’re paid to do, and evidently the fans want it. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for millionaires who were told to quit whining.
    Its one thing to dig around in, or screw with someone’s off-field life strictly b/c they’re a big name– it’s another to call a guy soft. Gimmie a break….and I happen to love Ed Reed.

  29. So I guess this means Ed Reed won’t stop whining. Ed is just a broke down and whiny shell of his former self.

  30. BaltimoreSports- Preston isn’t respected….AT ALL. The guy ISNT ALLOWED IN THE RAVENS LOCKER ROOM- that should tell you how much “respect” he has. Everyone hates him and he’s a racist (calling out Paul Kruger only because he is white). And to the idiots who say Reed is a “shell” of his former self (49ersrevenge, and others) why dont you actually WATCH HIM PLAY before commenting. He was injured the WHOLE year last year, and STILL had more forced fumbles than ANYONE in the league last year. Oh, and he also tied Polamalu’s (most overrated player in the league) career INT average (per season) despite being hurt. Oh, and in the playoffs he picked off Tom Brady and then Peyton Manning- and would have picked off Peyton TWICE if not for a completely rigged call. Oh yeah, and he picked off Peyton in the regular season as well, which Bill Belichick called “the defensive play of the year.” Idiots.

  31. Burning river is a scorned jealous browns fan, if I remember correctly ray Lewis and reed are the only starters on defense over 30, so idk where this talk about the defense aging is coming from.

  32. I’m a huge Ravens fan but at the same time nobody can say anything objective about the Ravens in this town without the fans calling it negative. I read Preston all the time and the fans want the writer to be a homer and never say anything bad about the team. You can’t talk bad about Harbaugh despite the fact that he can’t be trusted with timeouts or the red challenge flag. You can’t talk bad about Mattison or Cam Cameron despite the fact that the offense had no identity and changed from week to week like it was chronically bi-polar. Mattison finally figured it out by the end of the year. This team isn’t perfect and for the fans to act like they are is just plain stupid. There was plenty to criticize WRs couldn’t get open, CBs got toasted, coach can’t manage the game, kicker stunk, and all of these people know this. In fact they were lighting up the blogs like they were writing about the Orioles.

  33. Maybe Ed has that concussion brain deterioration that causes Ben to have sex in nasty restrooms.

  34. Preston is a fat,miserable,punk!!! He was on “Monday Morning Quarterback” toward the end of last season,talking about Paul Kruger.He said,the only reason Kruger was getting attention and gaining a following around Baltimore is, because he is a “white guy”!
    I’m glad Ed Reed spoke up,there is far too much “political correctness”,distorting society,today.You can’t turn on the television without hearing a coach or athlete saying,”I’m Sorry”!!! Kudos to you,Ed! Just get well,we need ya!

  35. 1) Unless you live in Baltimore and/or read Mike Preston, you really have no business commenting on this matter.
    2) With the retirement of Jonathan Ogden, Ed Reed became my favorite Raven…I have met him & was very impressed with him…and yet I still think he has definitely undergone some change, and would probably be well served to just rehab and play ball when he can.
    3) That said, anyone who knows anything about Mike Preston knows him to be (to quote Jason Whitlock) a total assclown. Last season while Reed was clearly hurt…and all you Ravens haters who love to point out Reed’s injuries, don’t deny them now – Preston was accusing Reed in the newspaper of being plain lazy. And Reed is factually correct…Preston was a wannabe football player who wasn’t good enough. To most anyone in Baltimore who knows football, he is now a bitter, jealous man who loves nothing more than to stir up controversy, whether or not based on any facts. He appears on a local radio show, and people call him out all the time – and he simply laughs a smug laugh & says…I must be doing my job & selling papers if people want to talk about me. That is his canned response to any and every critique…and they are many and all well deserved. And that’s the bottom line from Baltimore.
    Say what you will about Ed Reed, but not only is he dead on right about this jackass Preston who we have had to suffer with for far too many years…but it must burn him to the core to sacrifice his body on the field like he does, only to have some know-nothing wannabe talk shit about him!

  36. Anything having to do with Ed Reed put aside…
    mike preston is a F-A-G. he never made it. he’s mad he never got the pay that these rookies make even without playing a down. he’s not even a good writer.

  37. @purplepride …
    Noooo, Burning River is not one of ours. I think he wandered in from Cincy.
    I’m not a Ravens fan and haven’t followed closely enough to know whether Reed’s been talking too much. But I do know he’s rehabbing from a real injury and would be further along in his progress if he’d had his surgery sooner instead of staying on the field trying to help his team last year. I know that before his injury he was one of the two best safeties in the league, a hard worker committed to film study, and a guy who didn’t act like an ass or whine about nonexistent injuries. And I know the quotes Florio posted don’t sound like whining–they sound like a proud player with a legitimate medical issue who’s rightly irritated about a never-been calling him out to get attention.
    As for the people calling him a shell of his former self … Sure Reed’s older, recovering from injury, and he’s lost a step. Polamalu’s still recovering, too. And I’d still rather have either of these lions at 80 percent than any wet-behind-the-ears cub at 100 percent. If the Ravens don’t want Reed, good grief send him to us. Y’all can keep Preston.

  38. Reed is right:
    99% of all sports ‘journalists’ (they are just fans/washed-up former sorry athletes) that like to play like they are somehow connected to high level sports.
    The best journalist out there have little to no sports background.
    There is nothing worse than a sub, sub, sub-par athlete breaking down their sport.
    Some that come to mind:
    Football: Sean Salisbury, Merril Hodge, Ron Jawarski, Matt Millen, Joe Theismann, Trent Dilfer, Tim Hassellbeck.
    Actually good: I don’t mind Ron Pitts, Kevin Harlan, Troy Aikman, or Al Michels.
    Basketball: Doug Collins, Bill Walton, Dick Vitale, Jon Barry, Eric Snow, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber.
    Actually good: The TNT crew of Ernie, Charles, and Kenny. I also like Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson as a duo, but they need a play-by-play guy at ALL times.
    Soccer: Alexi Lalas, John Harkes, Eric Wynalda and Julie Foudy. The World Cup this year was embarrassing. All-time great Jurgen Klinsman of Germany was holding back his laughter on most of Lalas’ diatribe.
    Actually good: Tommy Smyth is a good color guy, but the best play-by-play guys are anyone outside of US or UK (We import their style on the pitch and off it, not a good fit).

  39. Purplepride and deb..
    Burnig river is a Browns fan. You two are morans. Burning River and you two cant catch the hint. Stick to watching figure skating. Shitsburgh smells funny and Bmore is a ghetto. Irsay in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Chuck Knoll was form OHIO.

  40. BaltimoreSports says:
    July 29, 2010 2:25 PM
    Preston while controversial is pretty well respected here in Baltimore. As of late Ed Reed is not so much.
    You’re more of an idiot than Mike Preston and that’s a tall task. Congrats.

  41. @scottlarock78 …
    Oh … so not knowing the fan affiliation of every idiot on the board makes me a “moran”? Not sure what that is, but I probably missed the hints in Burning River’s post because I actually know a couple of literate Browns fans.
    Sorry, I don’t live in Pittsburgh. And if purplepride is from Baltimore, I bet he could think of a more appropriate place for Irsay to go than the Hall of Fame. Yes, Chuck Noll is from Ohio and Bill Cowher played for the Browns … but they won their Super Bowls for us.
    Hope you weren’t driving last night.
    Go Steelers!

  42. Preston is far from respected. He is simply read and listened to because Baltimore has very few quality sports reporters.
    Florio… low shot @ the end of the article. I thought you were better than that.

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